Luke's girl.

Brooklyn and Luke, have being best friends for years, will love make them stronger or pull them apart? Will it change them for the best or the worst?


1. one

I grabbed my denim bag and threw a pair of shorts and tee into it, I pulled on my white air max and placed my sun glasses onto the bridge of my nose. I grabbed a pen and paper.

Dear mam,

Gone to the beach with some friends, see you later! X


I grabbed my house keys and set out the door, I met up with Hannah and Laura at the beach. I lay my towel on the sand and pulled off my white top to show off my yellow bikini top hitch went well with my tanned Australian skin. I sat on my towel and heard an all to familiar voice, "Only you Brooklyn would get away with white air max and your bikini" I jumped up and turned and jumped into Luke's arms. "Your home!!!" I screeched.

"I'm home girl, and for 3 months!!" He laughed squeezing me, I pulled back, "what? Really?" He nodded. Then I heard a cough, "Guys!" I screamed and pulled them all into a hug. "I have missed you's all so much!". "We haven't missed you" ashton laughed, I playfully smacked his chest. "Why are you always in those god forsaken air max?" Callum asked me as we all pulled away from each other, "I love these shoes!" I defended my shoes, "I think they look damn good on her" Luke laughed. "Thanks Lukey" I smiled at him shyly. We sat down and caught up with each other. Hannah laughed "let's go to the water" "no way!, I only came to get tan" I laughed. "You can't get anymore tanned" Michael laughed, "well you need a god damn tan!" I laughed at him then I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist and I was then over Luke's shoulder. "Luke! God damn it! I'll kill you!!" I screamed kicking off my runners so they wouldn't get wet. Soon I felt the water, "Luuuuuuuuukeeeeee!" I screeched then we were both in the water. "I hate you" I said pouting. "I love you too" he smiled laughing. I jumped up out of the water and ran from him. I made it to the sand before I was tackled to the ground, "Luke get your fat ass off me" I laughed, "I would, but you called me fat ass" he laughed, "Hannnnnaaahhhh!!!" I shouted. She looked up and laughed. She jumped up and ran over, she pulled Luke off me. "Right I'm up" I laughed, I walked over to get where I kicked my shoes off. I grabbed them and ran back to my towel, I dried myself off and took my shorts off to show my second half of my bikini, Michael whistled. "Shut it Clifford" I warned. "I'm starving!" I heard luke complain, "let's go get food so! I laughed pulling my towel around me to change. I quickly changed and threw my wet clothes into the bag. I pulled on my air max and Luke changed and the two of us left to get food. We got into Luke's car, and went to Antonio's chip shop. We got a bag of chips between us and sat outside on the wall. "so Lukey, how are you?" I asked, "same old same old" I raised my eyebrow, "what?" He asked confused. "Any girls?" "Nope, any boys?" "Well you know that Niall fella from one direction isn't to bad" I laughed, "oh really?" "How is he to be around?, because he's hot stuff" "he's cool, I don't think you'd like him" "why is that Hemmings?" I asked eyebrow raised, he shrugged looking abit angry, "jealous Lucas?" "As if" "haha" it went silent for abit, "how's your mom now?" He asked, "she's good" okay, maybe I should explain, Luke's being around for as long as I can remember, he had being my best friend for years, but then he started leaving and I rarely see him, we always keep in touch, but last time he left was hardest because my mom had an accident and was badly hurt, she's mostly recovered now though. "We can go see her if you like?" I said to him, "yeah sure, come on" he got super excited. We walked up to my door, and I opened it. "Hey mom?" I shouted, "in here hunny" I heard from the kitchen I walked forward Luke on my heels. "Hey mom, I picked someone up on the way" I smiled and pulled Luke into the kitchen after me. "LUCAS HEMMINGS!, where have you being? How are you? How was tour? How's your mom? Is she home too?" She asked all these questions while hugging him, "Hey Elena, it was good, I'm good, she's good, she's at home, you should go see her" he smiled pulling back. She smiled "I will" "how are you now Elena?" "Perfectly fine Lucas!" She laughed and soon enough left to go to Luke's house, me and Luke sat down on the couch, soon enough his phone started ringing, "it's Ash" he looked at me then answered, "oh hey Ash, yeah I forgot to ring you to tell you, we went to Brooklyn's I wanted to see her mom" I heard him say, then he spoke again, "yeah I'll catch you's in the morning", I looked at him studying his face, "what are you looking at?" "I don't know I don't study wildlife" I laughed, "oh yeah?" I jumped from the couch knowing he would chase me, I ran straight upstairs to my room, I heard him behind me, I ran into my room and out to the balcony and walked across the bridge to my old tree house. I sat there, soon Luke was beside me, " I can't believe you still have this place" "when I missed you I used to sit out here, it reminds me of you" I smiled sadly, "you must have spent all your time out here" I hit his chest playfully, "we used to spent all our childhood here Lucas" "I know" he looked at me, then grabbed hold of my hand and kneeled in front of me, "I'm not wildlife" he said and I giggled, "your a beautiful jungle cat Lucas!" And then he started tickling me, "stop-p I-tt I-I'm so-or-ry-y" I couldn't control my laughter. Soon enough he stopped and pulled me into a hug, "I have missed you so much Brooklyn!" "You too Lucas" I leaned up and kissed his cheek.

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