Luke's girl.

Brooklyn and Luke, have being best friends for years, will love make them stronger or pull them apart? Will it change them for the best or the worst?


4. four

Luke's POV

I woke up to music blaring, I rubbed my eyes to see ashton on the floor and Brooklyn dancing around my bedroom. "What are you doing?" I asked pulling the pillow over my head, "morning Lucas!!!!!" She shouted, then ashton woke up, "what's going on?" He asked sheepishly, "get up both of you's come Calum and Michael are waiting on us!!" She said, Ashton sat up, "where are we going?" Then Michael and Cal were beside her and they were shouting "ROAD TRIP!" I pulled the pillow over my head trying to block them out, then Brooklyn jumped onto the bed, "Lukey!!!! Get up" "I'm going to kill you Brooklyn Jay!" "You have to get up for that Lucas!" She jumped up off the bed and I jumped up after her, "haha got you up!" She laughed, her laugh was beautiful. I walked over to my wardrobe and took out a pair of skinny jeans and a baggy vest, and sent them downstairs

Brooklyn's POV

We waited on Luke downstairs, "So where are we going?" Ashton asked, "it's a secret!" "Tell meee!" "We will when we get there" I smiled rubbing his hair. Luke came into the kitchen with the wine SnapBack turned backwards. Looking hot. What the hell is wrong with me? He's my best friend..

"Hey can you's drop me to my house? I need to change?" Ashton asked, "sure thing Ash" I smiled before we jumped into the car, Michael was driving, Cal was beside him in the front, I sat in the back between Luke and Ash, I put on my sunglasses and placed my head on Luke's shoulder, "you okay girl?" He asked "yeah" I smiled up at him, I could feel him playing with my hair, soon enough we pulled up to Ashton's, he jumped out, and ran into his house, "where are we even going?" I heard Luke ask, "it's a secret Lucas!" "No I don't like secrets!" "That's the point" I smiled. Soon Ashton was back in beside me, "let's go so" I laughed and we set off to my favourite place in the world.

The car ride consisted of singing, screaming, laughing, the usual. We arrived, Luke looked at me, I smiled. Luke jumped out of the car, I followed, "it's still beautiful!" He smiled, "hasn't changed" Ashton laughed. "just because you guys left, I wasn't going to let our place go to the dogs" "ooh that burned girl!" Mikey laughed, "I love you's though" I laughed walking over to the boot and grabbing the picnic basket, and walking over to the grass beside the lake, and spread the blanket, and took a seat. "Come on so!!" I shouted over to them, they came over and sat down. I grabbed the sandwiches that had they're names on them an tossed them to all of them. I took out my own and bit into it, "so tell me Brooklyn, why did you do this nice loving thing for us rowdy boys" Ashton laughed, "because I love you all and missed you so much" "your to cute" Calum laughed taking a bite out of his sandwich. Luke was being really quiet, it worried me.

We spoke abit more, Michael Cal and Ash, decided to go for a swim, then there was only me and Luke left sitting on the grass. "What's wrong?" I asked him, "nothing", "Luke" "nothing leave it will you there is nothing wrong with me!!"he snapped at me and turned his head away from me, I stood up and turned to walk away from him, before the tears spilled from my eyes. I jumped and ran away as fast as my feet could carry me, "BROOKLYN!" I heard Ashton call after me, I didn't stop I ran into the Forrest, I ran for another minute or so, them sat down at a tree, and cried. Why was he being like this? I tried to be nice, I was only trying to help them settle back in to Australia, he's just being an ass.

"Brooklyn" I heard Luke from behind me, I wiped my tears, "go away" I hissed "I'm sorry" "what the hell Luke? What's wrong with you? I tried to be a good friend bringing you here? The place we always spent our time, your just being a dick, and you kissed me last night and then you barely talk to me to-" I was cut off my Luke's lips crushed to mine. Soon he pulled away, and wiped the tears that had fell seconds ago. "I am sorry, I just wanted to spend a day with you without the lads and this is the last place we were before we left and you cried that whole day, I don't want to see you crying ever, and what you said about us leaving, do you know how hard that was? Your my best friend and I love you so much, it broke my heart to leave you, I'm sorry and I love you" he smiled, I smiled, and pulled his face to mine, I kissed him letting my tongue fall into his mouth. When we broke this kiss, "I love you too Lucas" I smiled.

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