Luke's girl.

Brooklyn and Luke, have being best friends for years, will love make them stronger or pull them apart? Will it change them for the best or the worst?


5. five

We walked back to the lake and sat back on the blanket, "I'm sorry" Luke said to me, "it's fine Luke, I'm sorry I overreacted" I smiled, soon the lads were out and walked over to us, "where did you's go?" Ashton asked eyebrows raised, "we had to sort something out" Luke smiled, i smiled back.

We decided to head back into town to meet up with the other girls and so me and Luke could sneak away to talk. We met Hannah, Carter and Laura at the mall. Ashton ran up and pulled Hannah into a hug, "Ewh Ash! Why are you wet?" She squealed, "I was in the lake" he laughed, I should explain, Ashton and Hannah are together, kinda. I laughed and winked at Luke, "Hey guys, it's being a pleasure, but I'm going to head home" I smiled, "but you only got here!" Carter whined, "sorry girl, I'll ring you later" I smiled before turning around, "Hey hold up, I'll give you a lift" I heard Luke say, I stopped and turned and nodded, he ran away from everyone and towards me. I pulled my shoulder bag closer to me as Luke got closer. I felt really nervous and I have no idea why, I shouldn't be he's the same old Luke, I have known for as long as I can remember. "Let's go girl" he smiled as he got to me. We got to the car and I jumped in to the passenger side, he got into the driver side. He started the car, "so m'lady, where we headed?" He smiled at me taking my hand, "I don't mind" I said shyly, as he started to pull out of the car park, hand still in mine. We drove in silence and soon we arrived at my house , I grabbed the door handle and jumped out of the car and ran in to my house, Luke followed. We went up to my room, Luke closed the door and then connected his lips to mine, I wrapped my arms around his neck feeling his hands on my hips. I pulled away, and smiled "so Lucas, what's this?" Motioning us, "Brooklyn Jay, will you do me the honour and be my girlfriend?" My smile spread across my face, "you have no idea, how long I wanted you to ask that" "well what's your answer?" He asked, "yes, of course Lucas!" I smiled and pulled him into a hug. I walked over to my wardrobe and grabbed a baggy T-shirt and a tracksuit bottoms, "turn" I smiled to Luke, he turned around. And I quickly got changed and walked over to were Luke was sitting on my bed, I sat beside him. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail, "I'm exhausted!" I said wiping my eyes, "well get into bed then" he smiled at me, "it's only 5:30 in the day" I moaned. "Will we tell the guys and girls?" He asked and I nodded. "I'll get changed again" I laughed jumping up I changed into a black leggings and a blue crop top and my short denim jacket and my runners "let's go, ring them see where they are" I smiled pulling down my hair so it fell down my back, he pulled out his phone and rang Cal.

We met them at Carter's house, we were sitting in her back garden. I grabbed a drink and sat beside Luke, "so guys, we need to tell you's something" Luke said, "what is it?" Mikey asked, "we're together" I smiled taking Luke's hand in mine, "About time!" Ashton laughed.

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