Luke's girl.

Brooklyn and Luke, have being best friends for years, will love make them stronger or pull them apart? Will it change them for the best or the worst?


11. eleven

"Babe" I heard and realised I was been shoke, "babe wake up" I heard Luke slur, "fuck off Lucas" I snapped. "Babe, what's wrong" he hiccupped, "you tell me" I muttered. "I don't understand" he said confused, "of course you don't! Cause you had your arms wrapped around another girl at the party!" I shouted, "babe that was nothing" he shouted, I jumped up out of the bed as grabbed my purse from my suitcase. I pulled on a jumper and walked out of the hotel room, "where are you going?" Luke shouted, "to another room, I can't look at you any longer!" I shouted slamming the door. I walked down to reception, "hi, could I please get another room?" "Is there a problem with your room ma'am?" "No I'm just in a fight with the people I'm sharing with" "oh sure, just for tonight then?" "Yes", she gave me a room key and I walked up to Room 46, same corridor as the boys room, I walked in and got into the bed. Soon I heard a knock on the door, I ignored it and fell asleep.

Next morning*

I pulled the blanket off me and walked to the door. I grabbed the key and shut the door, I walked out to see Luke lying on the floor. "What the?" I kicked him a small bit, "Lucas!" I hissed, "baby, I am sorry" he jumped up quickly, "Luke look I'm after having a hard night, please I don't want to hear it" "let me explain" "you have 2 minutes" "look I'm really sorry, I was only talking to her for a minute and she wanted a picture so I put my arm around her and made her laugh for the picture, I'm sorry I would never ever cheat on you Brooklyn! I swear to you" "okay I'm sorry too then" I smiled and pulled him into a hug. He kissed my lips and held my hand as we walked back to our room. "Everyone friends again?" Ashton smiled.

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