Luke's girl.

Brooklyn and Luke, have being best friends for years, will love make them stronger or pull them apart? Will it change them for the best or the worst?


8. eight

Brooklyn's POV

It's so good to see Luke and the lads, two days ago Calum rang Hannah and I to ask us to come to England, Ashton and Luke were mopping around missing us, I said yes straight away, I packed the minute I hung up. "How long are you here for?" He asked "as long as you are" I smiled, "your joking?" He smiled I shook my head and then he connected his lips to mine, "I swear I love you so much Brooklyn Jay" "You also Lucas" I smiled, it felt amazing to be in Luke's arms again, I held him tight. "Hey I'm not going anywhere baby" he chuckled, "good" I smiled. "We head back to the hotel?" Calum asked, "but this is my first time in England!" I moaned, "you guys head back, I'll show Brooklyn around" Luke smiled, "cool, don't be to late guys" Mikey laughed, "we won't" I smiled as Luke took my hand as we left the arena, it was 10:30 now so it wasn't busy around. We walked under the starry sky, "it's beautiful here" I whispered, "your beautiful" he held my hand tighter. We walked side by side down the street, I took some pictures of the scenery. "So did you really miss me that much?" Luke asked, "I slept in your bed for two days" I stated, "really?" "Yes it smelled like you" I laughed snuggling into his side, "that's super sad" "hey! Your the one who's being mopping around since you left" I laughed, "that's low" he pulled a sad face, "I love you" I laughed, "prove it" he smiled, I placed my hands on both sides of his face and connected my lips to his, "proved?" I asked as I pulled away, "I don't know I think we need to try that again" he laughed connected his lips to mine, we slowly made our way back to the hotel. We walked to the lads room where I was staying with Luke. "Can we watch a movie?" Mikey asked, "you guys watch one, I'm going to go asleep I'm wrecked and jet lagged" I said wiping my eyes I grabbed pyjama shorts and a baggy tee and headed to the bathroom to change. I walked back out, "which is yours Luke?" I asked signalling the beds, "that one" he said pointing towards the bed in the left corner, I walked over and climbed into bed, I wrapped myself in the blanket, and fell asleep.

Luke's POV:

I was so happy Brooklyn was here with me, half way through the movie I got board and walked over to where Brooklyn was sleeping, I pulled off my shirt and took my jeans off, I climbed in beside her and wrapped my arms around her waist, I kissed her shoulder and dozed off to sleep.

"Luke..... Luke......... Lucas!" I opened my eyes to see Brooklyn sitting up in bed, "what's wrong?" "I can't sleep and I have a pounding headache, have you any painkillers?" She whispered, "what time is it?" I asked "5:15 am" "gimme your phone" I said she handed it to me I put the flashlight on and walked to were my suitcase was, I grabbed the painkillers from it and got her a bottle of water from the fridge and walked back to the bed and handed them to her, she took them and I got into bed. She cuddled into me and I wrapped my arms around her. Soon she fell asleep and so did I watching her peaceful face.

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