I am one of them. We are called Outcasts. Our name comes from the fact that we are unwanted for what we are. We all have special abilities that make us different from each other and "normal" humans. My ability is heightened sense. That means I can hear, see, taste, feel and smell better than an average human. It's not much of an ability, but it still makes the Mortals want me hung and burned. It's a terrible thought, I know. Sadly, it's all true. // After my friend and I save a boy who didn't deserve saving, because he did try to steal from me, and I did not owe him anything, our lives start changing. Suddenly it's not just my family that's gone, I'm living under a roof again, and I'm actually getting a proper education. It's all because we crossed paths with one family that's happy to help. I am still not sure if our meeting was for the better or the worse. Maybe that's my stubborn, nonadjustable personality speaking, though. // I am an Outcast. I am not welcomed in this world. But this is my story.


1. Author's Note

I'm not a big fan of having Author's Notes in a chapter, even if it is put at the beginning or the end, so I'll just make a different chapter for it here. If you are not interested in what I have to say here, I will not be offended if you continue to the first chapter, Jail, without reading this.

Before you start reading, I'm going to say that I'm still on the fence about whether or not to keep this story in present tense or to change it to past tense. If you have any suggestions about it Id be glad to hear them.

Typos--they happen. My tablet, which is what I usually type on, is strange with its autocorrect. If you see something, please kindly tell me in the comments to PM or however you want to do it. (Note: It likes to change "Zane" into "And" and "Same" a lot. As well as "Sienna" into "Sirens". Those are the two biggest, so if you see those, I am very sorry. Blame autocorrect.)

Also, to anyone was reading this before: No, this author's note was not here before. This AN was added in between the postings of chapters seven and eight since that's when I decided that there were other things I should add about this story, so here we go.

I guess this would be the place to add some warnings, not that there are many. Wattpad has locked this story in at a "PG-13" rating. That's probably because there is cursing and mention of drugs (plus one little seen with selling them, but NO description of use). There is some cursing. I'm not big on cursing myself, so I try not to make it excessive. Since everyone's scale of what words are "bad" is different, I'll say that "hell", "damn", and "crap" are used the most. Every once in a while others are used, but not often. As there is in every story, there is harassment. Most of it is just simple teasing. There's really no sexual content, so if that's not your thing, don't worry. It's not my thing either. I think this is the end of the warnings.

I'll add this before anyone else asks me: No, my inspiration for this story is not The Mortal Instruments. I started writing this before the series because popular and the movie came out and this and that. The title is just a coincidence, if that's what reminds everyone of TMI. I haven't read those books or seen the movie, yet, so if the story itself reminds you of the series, too, that is also coincidence. I am secretly praying that the two are not actually similar in plot or anything, because that would mean this story is going to go to waste... -sigh- I guess I need to find time to check out the series.

If anyone was wondering where my inspiration came from, I'll tell you. I hate to go all Stephanie Meyers on you, but it came to me in a dream about two or three years ago. I barely remember the actual dream now, but I know that the six main characters (Sienna, Valentia, Zane, Alphonse, Marni, and Caleb) were people that I knew in real life. So I originally based the characters off of those people, until their personalities went totally off course...

Anyway, I think that's all. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contect me. This will probably (hopefully) be the only Author's Note, so there won't be any further distractions. I hope that you all enjoy my story. Thank you in advance for reading.

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