You're hired !

He is a gardener and she is one of the most successful women there is.
when their world's clash, how would they react? what would society say to this relationship and what happens when one's dark past comes back to bite one's ass.
Read to be lost in Fay and justin's deep troubles and stories .


3. well hello ;))

You've got to be kidding me earl,why are you so late ?!

I took a sip from my coffee waiting for earl to show up.

*ding dong*

I left the coffee on the table and ran to my door opened it ready to ask earl why is he so late? Because I'm gonna be late too .ugh!

"Earl,you know you shouldn't be late beca----" my voice drained when I looked up and saw that it's not earl.

I saw a very good looking guy standing infront of me,he looks 18 maybe 19.

" umm hi sorry I thought you are earl my gardener " I said .

"Don't worry about it and I'm sorry that I am late but I guess you are Miss Fay am I right ?" He said with a smile but late for what ?!

"Yes I'm but who are you? " I raised an eye brow

"I'm justin,I'm here to fill in for earl ,he is my uncle" he said

"But I didn't receive a call from earl about anybody filling in " now I'm confused

"He kinda got in trouble with law last night" he said while scratching the back of

his neck awkwardly .

"Oh,okay anyway yes I'm Fay ,come in" I stepped

aside for him to come in .

"Nice place" he said while looking around .

"Thank you and I'm really late so anymore questions before I go Justin??" I like the name .

"Yeah one more , earl gave me a quick call last night but didn't tell me what should I do " he said with a laugh.

"Yeah sorry it's just I'm in a rush so I forgot,I talked to your uncle about how I want trees planted all around the back yard to give me more privacy around the pool area " I said pointing to the garden while explaining


"You think you can do that?" I asked .

"Sure,I'll work on it" he said while nodding .

"Okay bye you have my phone number on the fridge,call me if you needed to ask about anything and I still have to interview you but when I come back cause I'm seriously late" I said while walking out .

"Yes,ma'am" he said saluting me jokingly . I laughed because no one works for me have the nerve to joke with me .I don't know why but in my work I don't mind keeping it that way .

After all the company will be a mess if I am buddy buddy with every worker plus it will be harder to fire'em.

I walked out and drove to the company ready to see more dumb people giving me more shitty ideas and designs .and most of all,giving me a headache .

When I reached the company I parked then went inside ,everyone who saw me stood up as a sign of respect ,they know I'm not like my father I don't spend money on useless ideas and i don't play nor joke when I'm working .

I walked fast hearing people saying hi ma'am good morning till I reached my office .

"Hi ma'am " My secretary said .

I replied with a simple hi ,gave her my jacket and went rushing to the meeting.

"Sorry I'm late everyone ,and start showing your projects now please " I demanded while sitting down,lacing my fingers together on top of the table to watch what they have for me let's wish it's good cause I'm not in the mood and I'm ready to fire them .


Gosh this the 5th project I see and I want to blow I think they got this shit from Cartoon Network ,I stood up went to the front and got ready to shoot .

" what in hell is wrong with you all ? We are trying to save money but all I'm hearing is let's spend this and spend that,so better come up with something good but still won't cost much,understood?"

I shouted .

They all nodded .

"Good and you are all dismissed " I said calmly but still firmly .

After that the day went as usual .

I went home and found the back yard half done! And it's huge so justin must've done A lot of work and that's what I call hard work people!

I went upstairs , changed to my pj's and went to bed . Drifting to sleep immediately .


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