You're hired !

He is a gardener and she is one of the most successful women there is.
when their world's clash, how would they react? what would society say to this relationship and what happens when one's dark past comes back to bite one's ass.
Read to be lost in Fay and justin's deep troubles and stories .


4. u r fun !!


I woke up thinking about that so I jumped out of bed,done my usual morning routine then went to the kitchen,after 10 minutes of searching for good food,i decided on ordering pizza and I seriously need to go grocery shopping .

Bright side is today is off !! woohoo!

I was about to order pizza when the door bell rang .

I opened the door And saw the same guy from yesterday,what was his name ? yeah justin.

Me-hi Justin,come in .

Justin came in while mumbling a hi .

Me-follow me.

He nodded then followed me to the back hard I say down on a chair then he sat in the other,i was looking at the pool,maybe a swim is a good idea it's so hot here.

Justin scoffed.

Me-sorry I zoned out,i was thinking it's so hot and that a swim is a good idea .

He laughed.

Me- well I didn't interview you yesterday,do you mind I ask you some questions ?

Justin- no,not at all.

I nodded then pulled my notepad from

My bag and a pen.

Me- full name ?

J-justin drew bieber.



Me-yeah right * rolled my eyes *

J-do i look older?

Me-nop you look 18 maybe 19 years old !!!

J- oh my gosh thank you !!

Me-don't mention it .

He smiled.

Me-umm,are you in college ?

J- yeah,architecture,i want to be an engineer !

Me-that's awesome .

J- I should graduate after 5 months .

Me-that's great and I went to medicine school,graduated early,if I wasn't focusing on my dad's company I would be a surgeon .

J-if you don't mind me asking,how old are you ?

Me-I don't mind and 21.

I smiled.

Me-one more question,ejat kind of pizza is your favorite ?


Me- me too but with out mushroom if they put vegetables .

J- mushroom is disgusting

He made a disgusted face .

I laughed then told him to complete his work then I ordered pizza.pepperoni of course.

I heard the door bell again I opened it and I was greeted by the pizza smell everywhere,yum.

I payed him then took the pizza and left it on the kitchen counter .

Me-JUSTIN. ( I yelled )


Me-come and take a---wow!

What the hell there is purple lavender everywhere.

J-i know you asked for white flowers but I think lavender looks better,hope you are not mad .

He scratched the back if his nick awkwardly.

Me-you know when I asked for white flowers ? I take that back, and I'm not mad !are u kidding?it looks awesome plus purple is my second favorite color.

J-what's the first ?

Me-blue,and come on in you need a break,you work fast and hard !

He smiled the yoom if his gloves and came after me.

His stomach grumbled when we reached the kitchen.

I giggled then we sat down .

He didn't move.


J- yeah ?

Me-eat! but can you get us drinks from the fridge ? I will take a sprite .

He nodded,then opened the fridge and got two sprites. and a lemon .

Me -what are you doing with the lemon ?

J-wait ! ( he smirked)

I nodded and watched him slice the lemon and putted some in each one of the glasses the he poured the sprite.

"And done" he said smiling in triumph.

Oh my god that lemon added a lot to the flavor .

"Thank you very much sir". I playfully bowed.

"You are Not like what they say about you at all " he said

"Who is they and what they say about me ?" I said giggling.

"They are people and they say if anyone who works for you joked or something you fire them and that you work all the time" he said shrugging .

I nodded then I thought to play with him for a while.

"What do you mean ? That I'm mean ? Heartless ? Stupid bitch who fires people for no reason?" I said acting mad while I tried to not laugh.

His face became pale.

"I didn't mean it that way plus you need to chill" he said seriously getting mad himself.

Wow,he is not afraid of me...........I like that .

I bursted out laughing and I managed to choke the word "gotcha" out between my fits of laughter.

He was shocked for a while then he started laughing .

"You are too too far from what is said about you,YOU ARE FUN!" he says still chuckling.

"Oh yeah? You are fun too" I said .

We ate while we cracked few jokes and soon we were done eating I washed the dishes and justin dried them.

"I think I should get back to work I still have a lot to do" he sighed .

I smiled,"today is off,do you mind if I helped?" I asked.

He smiled gratefully then said ,"no not at all be my guest"

I followed him,he showed me what to do when we started working,after 5 hours of working we were done then we went in the boys drank juice then I said goodbye to justin and he went home.

I changed into m pj's then layer down closing my eyes while thinking that he really works hard,too hard ,way harder than his uncle ever did,maybe I should give him a raise but he didn't even ask about the salary,maybe his uncle told him but he's got a raise coming his way this month.

I pressed on the music icon on my iphone then mmm yeah by Austin Mahone started playing and I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier till I drifted to sleep.


Hi guys I wish you like this chapter I tried making it somewhat long but I promise I'll try to make it longer and I'm sorry I wasn't updating for a while I kinda was focusing on my other jb fanfic exchanging fire and my drama "miss judged" but if I reached my goal I'll update on the same day so vote comment and follow .

Goal :😆😆😆😆😆



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