You're hired !

He is a gardener and she is one of the most successful women there is.
when their world's clash, how would they react? what would society say to this relationship and what happens when one's dark past comes back to bite one's ass.
Read to be lost in Fay and justin's deep troubles and stories .


2. prologue

Fay's pov:

staff meetings,writing checks ,reading reports, and running a high class business is just another regular day for me, reading over one of my employees reports,i wrote some notes to remind him of some things that he left out. sometimes in this job i feel like a teacher , because i have to teach some of these simple minded people that we are trying to save money in state of saving it.

'ugh!!' this report is frustrating me too much . what on earth was he thinking when he wrote this shit ?

i sat myself down i called my secretary 'polly' .

"yes ma'am " she said back . "is tom still here ?" . "no ma'am , he is gone home for day " she said back ."ok,well,when he shows up tomorrow morning can you tell him to come to my office first ?"

"yes ma'am , i will" she said back ."thank you polly".

:"you are welcome ".

i leaned back in my un comfy chair frustrated , i took my hair out of it's bun and i shook my head letting my light brown locks flow down , i ran my hands throw my hair combing throw it couple of times.

*beep beep *

i pressed the green button on my ground phone "yes,polly ?"

"you have miss brandy on line 1 " she said

"ok thank u , why don't you go ahead and go home for the night " i said to polly."thank u ma'am" said polly. " see ya p " i shouted .

i picked up my phone and pressed on the button that said line 1 .

" whatsup b ?"

" hey sissy!" my hyper active sister screamed into the phone ."thanks brand,i have always wanted to be deaf" i said sarcastically .

"sorry i was just calling to ask you ,do you want to go out for dinner with me tonight ?"

my face crunched up,"what happened to the hot doctor you was bragging about yesterday ?' "

i smirked evily because i know the answer i bet he cancelled .

"he cancelled on me " she said and i had the urge to laugh

see.... lmao

i smiled and spoke ,"oh why ?" i was still trying to not laugh after all one of the hardest things is to control your laughter in a serious time .lol

"he said something about last minute surgery, so thats why i called you, so what do you say... dinner ?" she asked again . " oh so i am just your second choice , really thanks b " i said gathering my papers .

"no actually you are my third choice, mum was busy "she said while laughing. i faked a gasp and fought the urge to laugh . again .

"RUDE " i said playfully

"im kidding !" she laughed back."so what do u say ?"

"i am so hungraaaaaay,and i was about to order something, but eating out is better " i said .

"alright,its a date " she said .

"great" i replied

"iu will pick u up at 7;30"

"okay bye "

after i hanged up the phone it is 6;02 i better get going , i grabbed the rest of my papers and i staked them neatly in the drawer. i grabbed my purse,cut of my lights and headed out of the building .

~at home~

i put lotion on my freshly showered body and looked at the mirror and saw my sexy body :P

i then went to putted on my outfit , i decided that my hair needs a break from the buns and ponytail so i left it down .

*iphone noise*

i went to my night stand and saw brandy sent me a text .

brandy:i am outside, hurry up bitch im starving.

i rolled my eyes .

me:im on ma way

i lookedin the mirror and i looked fine

i grabbed my phone and i headed downstairs

i opened my front door and walked to brandy's car . when i got in i was meat by brand texting.

"your always on the phone" i said . "and you are always at work" she shot back .

i hit her slightly " where are we going ?" i asked pulling down the car little mirror and checked my lipgloss.

"i wanted to eat kfc " she said,"are you up for that ?" she asked

"i don't care,i am so hungry that i am up for anything" i said carelessly

"then kfc it is " she said happily.

with brandy driving it took us 15 minutes to get to kfc ,if that was me we would have been here long time ago.

we pulled into kfc parking lot , we got out and made our way into the building .

we sat down, ordered .

"so how was work today ?" b asked .

i sighed " stressful as usual"

"how?" she smirked knowing im about to rant . "okay, i told my employees to start to base for our new shipment project and what do i get ? shit" i ranted.she giggled " i mean how hard it is to start the base of something but all i see ,read and hear, is spend this and spend that .we don't need to spend money to start a damn project,i sore those people think dad is still in charge." i huffed .

"well your a pickle" she smiled.

"i know i am. that's why i can't wait for my vacation days to come in so i can relax and not think about work" i said reminiscing about my vacation.

"a vacation is not what you need sis " brandi started.

"oh then what is it that i need ?" i asked with an eyebrow raised but i already know the answer.

"you need a boyfriend" she said in the duh-tone.

i rolled my eyes .

"you gonna advice me to have a bf while you don't have one ?" i stuck my tong out at her

"at least i am trying to get one !!"

we ate then payed for it and went away , b drove me home i said bye and done my regular routine before i sleep but i kept what brandy said in mind .

i will get a boyfriend just not now,why the rush i am jjust 21 ... and yes i graduated early :)

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