You're hired !

He is a gardener and she is one of the most successful women there is.
when their world's clash, how would they react? what would society say to this relationship and what happens when one's dark past comes back to bite one's ass.
Read to be lost in Fay and justin's deep troubles and stories .


1. important !! :D

The cover is made by my friend @chronicformahone

She says the cover is okay but I think it's great , she is a very nice and funny person so go follow her and now you know who to ask if u want to make a cover .

She didn't even ask 4 anything in return not even credit !!!!!!!

But I had to do it because she DESERVES it !!

And ,

Because she is soo good at making covers .

And again do me a favour and follow her

If u wanted any cover 4 ur book don't hesitate to tell her ,she is so nice

And she works fast!!! she did that one in less than 30 minutes, I think so !!

by telling u this I'm giving u all a gift . Lol

And don't forget to vote and comment for more updates in this book ;)

Stay swaggy <3


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