You're hired !

He is a gardener and she is one of the most successful women there is.
when their world's clash, how would they react? what would society say to this relationship and what happens when one's dark past comes back to bite one's ass.
Read to be lost in Fay and justin's deep troubles and stories .


6. hello bikini

Fay's p.o.v:

I threw myself on the bed,buried my head in the pillow and groaned several times,todAy was a complete utter disaster,why? oh well,lets see.

1)After I changed I went down stairs bit didn't find justin so u started looking for him then I kept looking every where including the bathroom and let's just say he was calming a friend down and it was huge,he didn't see me but I saw him and I can't get the image out of that dirty mind of mine.

2) I went to the back yard and it was extremely hot that's why I went upstairs wore my white bikini then went down after 2 hours of scrolling throw my Facebook,instagram and so on,i went to the back yard and dived in the pool then I found justin done with his work so I asked him to come and swim for a while if he wants too,the problem is he didn't have anything to swim with so I told him to go to the guest room and get a boxer to swim with it.

You asking why I have a boxer,well brandy always came to my place after she would have 'fun' so she always came wearing a shirt and some boxers then she takes my cloths and tell mum she spent the night with me and forgot to tell her.

What's if she was pregnant? what would she say ? that I raped her!!!!

Scratch that,it came out so wrong.

Anyway he changed to the new boxers and jumped in and we started splashing water and I totally forgot to call Polly,ya know my secretary.

Somehow we ended out of the pool and he jumped on top of me tackling me to the floor while asking me surrender.

And on Q Polly came in,perfect timing poll,ugh.

Then an important question popped in my mind,then I asked Polly about it. "how did she get in the house I'm sure I locked it !!" .

And here's brandy's Q she came in yelling I did.

Damn I need to take the key from her,NOW!!

I pushed justin KFC me then I stood up and that's when Polly covered her eyes and brandy's jaw dropped,did I loose my bikini ??!.

Justin cracked up behind me and said to me the word sexy between fits of laughter.




I looked down but I wasn't naked,the shitty white bikini became transparent because it's wet now.

And again thanks brand!!!!

She got me this a week ago and that's my first time to wear it.

And soon brandy started to laugh too.

I went to my room dressed in a roped and came down,talked to Polly,signed few stuff,apologized and then she went away.

Leaving me to smack brandy playfully.

Justin took a shower and changed.

And I did too,we all,as me ,brandy and Justin of course watched a movie then he went away.

And that's it and it's still 9 pm. can it get any worse ??

My phone beeped.

I pressed the green button.

Me-speak .

Polly-hi,im sorry ma'am but I think you should come work tomorrow because everything is messed up.

Me-ugh fine p x bye !

She laughed and say bye miss Fay.

Me-polly,call me fay,we are the same age and I feel old when you say miss or ma'am .

She say okay and laughed and we hung up .


My phone beeped again.a text hmm.

Justin-hi :)


Justin-you looked hot today with the white but not so white bikini xD lol. :p

Me-ehm shut it bieber boy.:P.

Justin-anyway,i wanted to ask you to go to movies tomorrow,if u want :O

Me-SURE thing,see ya bieber ;D xx

Justin-see ya-fayoline hunter .

Me-oh my god who told you my full name? My parents are weird fir giving me two names lol .

Oh my god how did he find out .

Justin - bird told me gotta go xx

Me-okay bye xoxo

Bird? who can be that bird? FUCKING BRANDEENI William !!!!!!!

Oh yeah she has a weird name too lol .

At Least I'll have some fun tomorrow .


I'm so so sorry it's short but I'll update again in several hours because you guys commented I love you and that's why I'll update to more times I'm the next 24 hours I'll love you all I'm sorry I don't update fast but my mom took my phone but I got it back so ,enjoy and please comment and vote,and FOLLOW because I mumble what I want to talk ya .

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