Spirit Runner

A young girl gets her first horse and might become a racer. But will her cancer slow her down?? Read on to find out...


1. The first day.

Me and my parents are getting a horse!!! My first horse ever!! My dad is a racer he races horses and my mom is a groomer!! I might grow up to be both put together. I might not be aloud to race though because I have a serious disease called Lucidamorthic. Its where I cant process a variety of stuff at one time and I cant think straight. Even every once in a while I faint if to much pressure is put on me. Anyway back to the subject. My dad has 3 horses and my mom has 4. Im have rode them before but I'm finely getting my own horse. One that I can ride any time, (cause I dont go to school) and I dont have to share with my parents. We are in the car and pulling up to the turn into stable. We walked in and I saw a beautiful horse. He was a buckskin with long slim legs and kinda fat. I told my parents I wanted him but they said keep looking so I looked at all the other pretty horses but the buckskin felt like he fit right into my soul. We went up to the front counter to buy him. He was on hold if the owner doesn't call or comes back in 3 days. We can have him. I was really sad and very hopeful that we can have him. He looked like a great horse. He was just my size. I really want him!!! But any way I really want him. 3 days later we went to the store he wasn't there. The store owner told us the address cause the guy was going to give him away to the first person who found his house. We where the first people!!! we got the horse and drove home and I got to sit in the trailer with him. :) That was my first smile I have ever did on paper!! But anyway on the way back I named him. Hid new name is Spirit. And his race name will be Spirit Runner. Ya thats perfect Spirit Runner. The rest of the ride I gave him carrots and brushed him. I was so happy!!

Thanks for reading!! :) This is only my first chapter. If you have any suggestions or ideas i will take them into consideration!! Leave them in the comments!! Thx again Bye!!

-Nicolette C (author)

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