Have you ever seen someone who just catches your attention and captivates your senses in every and any way possible? What happens when you become obsessed with them, finding yourself captivated by them, not ever being able to have them leave your mind. Most call that Obsession... But I think it's just an addiction.


1. Chapter 1

>Please Read A/N at the end! Thanks and enjoy!

(Violet's POV)

- The adrenaline was rushing through me, and my heart began pumping at a mile a minuet. The late afternoon summer breeze blowing throughout my hair. The dark navy blue sky with only the stars as light to illuminate our surroundings. The smell of booze and cigarette smoke filled the air intoxicating my senses with its delightful liberating smell.

The sound of tree leaves rustling in the background was meanly just a faint natural effect that added to the joys sounds coming from the music on the stage above us.

The music blared... Everyone letting loose. Letting the music be their muse.


I remember when I first laid eyes on him. It wasn't his hair nor his eyes that caught my attention, it was simply the way he stood protectively next to her over shadowing her trying to intimidate anyone that came near or attempted to converse with the small brunette.

She looked more like his accessory rather than his lover. She was much like a lap dog that's just there to make people believe you aren't alone or much less insane when you try and speak to yourself. Kind of like a source of sanity. Someone you use to try and convince yourself that you are not alone.

I didn't know what it was about him but he had already captivated my mind and I'd immediately began to try too figure him out.

How could such a captivating man like him be so insecure and feel the need to deprive his girl from the world when he'd already gotten her?

Why did he feel the need to try and make her appear much smaller than she really was. I didn't understand.

But just from watching him these past moments with her I began to wonder what drove his obsession towards her. His need as though to keep her hidden.

His presence towards her showing off the possessive control he had regained towards her...


I realized I'd been watching him to long when he began to turn around as though he sensed that he was being watched. I quickly slipped out of my trance and turned back towards the show as the band sang their final song.

I kept replaying thoughts of him in my head. His image captivating my every thought. I didn't understand why I was making such a fuse about him. Heck I didn't even know his name.

My mind started coming up with possibilities, and I'd settled on calling him 'Mathew' until I could figure out his identity. (Look at A/N.)

I know I must've probably look like a creep just thinking of him and stealing glances here and there, but I was curious. Never had I seen such a man who's presence so captivating could spark a reaction deep within me.

The concert ended much to my dismay and I quickly realized I'd probably never see 'Mathew' again.

I turned around to glance at him one last time before I left, but when my eyes finally reached him he'd already been looking back, his eyes holding mines almost in a trance.

The moment ended to soon when his lover tugged at his wrist signaling to him that she was ready to go, and I quickly found myself fuming and sighing as I made my way towards my car. My mind finally coming to the conclusion that night was over and my sudden interest with 'Mathew' had to end.


The whole ride home I kept him in my thoughts wondering what he was like. I'd started envying the brunette and quickly began thinking she was not good enough for him.

I'd spent the whole ride home judging her based off of what i saw of her tonight. I'd come to conclusion that I didn't like her.

Maybe it was simply because she was with him while I was left to drown within my own thoughts and sorrow, But something in my mind just knew that there was something off about them. They're both puzzle pieces.. But each piece belonged to another game.

But who was I to judge.

It's not like I'll ever see that boy. The ravishing boy with those chestnut hazel brown curls and glistening green gaze.

I laid in bed and stared at the ceiling watching the ceiling fan spin around and around wondering what had happened tonight that poisoned my thoughts.

How could a random stranger that I hadn't even spoken one word towards be able to take over me making me loose my own personal will power.

I didn't understand any of this and it was driving me mad! Had my mind just picked a random guy to try in fill the ever growing black whole that's taken place inside just where my heart should be. I quickly pushed those thoughts aside excusing my behavior tonight with the excuse that I had been completely wasted. But even I couldn't truly believe that.

I'd only had one drink.



> Hello! So basically this is kind of my first story. Sorry if this chapter sucks I promise it will get better but this is an important chapter because it sets the tone of the story so it had to be added! Chapter 2 will be better promise! Also! Please leave a comment! I really want to know what you all think! I don't even care if it's mean saying the story sucks ha! But yes comment! And thank you for reading!

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> (So basically yes this is a Harry fic so don't let the fact that she calls him Mathew in this chapter throw you off. It explains that she calls him Mathew because she doesn't know his name yet so yeah!)

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