Unsaid Feelings

Spencer DeSuza strives to get over her ex Dylan by avoiding the thoughts of him and going out, In the process of one of her outings, she comes across a certain Justin Bieber, With mutual feelings of heartbreak Spencer and Justin have the perfect bond, later turning into best friends. Justin gets Spencer through plenty including her ex boyfriend drama and later feelings of depression but when the charming Justin gets to her she can't help but be drowned with complicated feelings exploding in every direction. Will Spencer control these outraging feelings or will her emotions be better left unsaid?


17. Walking On Broken Glass

   I stood there. Waiting for Justin to say something but he didn't. He sang, and I made sure to pay attention to the lyrics because he was obviously singing it for a reason.

 "Let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy, he fell in love with his best friend when she's around he feels nothing but joy. But she was already broken, and it made her blind but she could never believe that love would ever treat her right. Did you know that I loved you or were you not aware. Well you're the smile on my face and it ain't going no where. I'm here to make you happy, I'm here to see you smile."

He stopped singing to say the last line.

"I have been wanting to tell you this for a long while."

 The lyrics kept repeating themselves in my head. I thought maybe it was just a song but it completely matched the situation with us being best friends and me being broken and not wanting to love. Why would he be here to sing a song that had nothing to do with me. I walked over to the door afraid to open it. I turned the handle and my eyes met Justin's. They were watery. "Justin..have you been crying? Why are you here?"

I was interrupted by Kyle's return from the bathroom. Justin's expression completely changed. He looked angry or jealous.

"Who are you?" -he said in a stern demanding voice.

I've never seen him like that. Kyle cleared his throat,

"I'm Kyle, her date. Who are you?" -he said looking back at Justin.

"I'm Justin.. her soul mate."

His eyes didn't leave Kyle. DID HE JUST FUCKING CALL ME HIS SOUL MATE?! I had to be dreaming.

"I'll come back later..when you're alone."

Justin turned around and left the door wide open. Kyle was kind of just looking at me waiting to explain. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid. I didn't want to talk about what life was like before but I had no choice now.

"It's a long story." -I said in a high pitch tone.

Kyle just kept staring at me. 

"Okay, sit"

I led him to the couch and told him everything which is absolutely the opposite of what I wanted to do. He was very understanding and when I showed him my arm, he pulled up his sleeve. "Everybody has a bad dream they can't escape. But you eventually wake up."

I saw the scars that marked his arm. I really was starting to like him. He had to go and I missed him the second he left.

I was really starting to like Kyle. A lot. He understood me so much and we had a lot in common. I could tell him anything and it would be okay. It could have ended up good but now Justin was back in the mix. His timing was horrible like literally he couldn't have showed up 6 hours before so I would have never met Kyle or better, he could have not come at all. I keep thinking I'm stupid because Justin was the only thing I wanted for the past weeks and I was still in shock. Justin likes me. He liked me and didn't tell me if his song was accurate. He really wanted me as much as I wanted him and I was angry at him for showing up. He sang for me outside my door, with a written song that summed up our relationship. He probably planned it and to open the door to a different guy must have hurt but how was I supposed to know the boy I secretly loved that I thought forgot about me would show up outside my door serenading me? Why was he here anyways? And why would he pick then to tell me he loved me? I had to figure more out before I could tell what I was supposed to do. The only way I could do that was to see Justin. Really see him. I haven't had a real conversation with him since that night I found out about his girlfriend and I was planning on keeping it that way. But one person can't sing a duet, and it was Justin's turn to sing his verse.

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