Unsaid Feelings

Spencer DeSuza strives to get over her ex Dylan by avoiding the thoughts of him and going out, In the process of one of her outings, she comes across a certain Justin Bieber, With mutual feelings of heartbreak Spencer and Justin have the perfect bond, later turning into best friends. Justin gets Spencer through plenty including her ex boyfriend drama and later feelings of depression but when the charming Justin gets to her she can't help but be drowned with complicated feelings exploding in every direction. Will Spencer control these outraging feelings or will her emotions be better left unsaid?


4. True Colors

   "Promise me that no matter what we go through or anything that may happen, we'll always be here for each other and be best friends."

Justin said looking like a mix between sadness and nervousness.

"Of course Justin-" -I began to say before being interrupted

"Promise me." -He said with a serious tone looking me straight in the eyes.

"I promise Justin." -I leaned in to give him a hug. It wasn't all that great since we were sitting down but I'm sure we'll have other hugs.



Justin and I have really bonded over the past weeks. It started small but now he calls me almost everyday telling me something about his celebrity crush Beyoncé or something else. We hangout about 2-3 times a week since he is taking classes at Toronto University. Justin really is my best friend and I couldn't have asked for anything better. I'm so happy and I hardly ever think about Dylan..not like there's anything to miss. I still see that asshole at school with his new girlfriend Mellissa but I don't care even though he thinks making out with her near my locker will make me sad in any way.

Oh and speak of it.. I closed my locker to see them sucking face about 8 lockers down. "Spencyyy.." -I heard someone call behind me. I turned around to see my girl best friend Brooklyn. "Hey brookie," -I said.

Brooke has gorgeous big blue eyes and blonde hair that's usually in a ponytail everyday. She's a very bubbly person and being around her just spreads a positive vibe.

"Ew, what's with the spit-swap?" -she said sipping her Starbucks coffee.

"Yeah.. he thinks I'll care or something." -I replied rolling my eyes.

"I'll see what I can do."

She walked towards him and fake tripped to throw her Caramel Macchiato onto Mellissa's cheer leading uniform. Brooke is so sweet until it comes to one of those cheerleaders.

"Ooops." -She said with a smirk and turned around to wink at me before heading off to English class.

I love her. I continued walking down the hall and couldn't help but think back and smile that Mellissa now has to leave the lip lock session to go change into the used uniforms. They are absolutely disgusting which is why I feel satisfaction that she has to wear one. Normally I'd think it was more Dylan's fault than Mellissa's but she knew it was going on the whole time and let me feel like I was his only girl. I need this day to be over with considering I have plans with Justin afterwards. One more period.. of Canadian History with the one and only Dylan.


"Coming over?" -Justin asked sweetly over the phone as I struggled to pull up my pants with one hand since the other was occupied with the phone.

"Yes, just let me tell my mom and grab some money for sour patch kids on the way."

Sour patch kids are Justin's most favorite candy and he'll do almost anything for them so I decided I'll bring him some for how much he's done for me.

"YES!" -he sounded excited.

"Okay I gotta clean my basement but see you soon Spence."

He hung up the phone. I went to get some money from my piggy bank I've had since I was 5 and took out $5.

"I'm going to Justin's," -I yelled to my mom as she was getting in the shower.

I grabbed my keys off the counter and proceed to the car. When I pulled up I realized Justin had a huge house. He greeted me at the door and invited me inside. It smelled like cologne and pasta. "I'm just making some dinner in case you're hungry," -he said heading back to the kitchen.

He was wearing a plain white v neck and grey skinny jeans. He also had a necklace with a cross. "You like spaghetti and meatballs?" -he asked me with a sweet smile on his face.

Spaghetti was also one of Justin's favorite foods.

"Who doesn't like spaghetti?" -I replied in confusion.

"It's spaghetti AND meatballs," -he corrected me while placing it into 2 bowls.

Justin placed them at his dining table.

"Anything to drink?.. let me guess pink crush?" -he asked already taking one out.

"You know me so well Justin," -I winked at him.

The dinner was actually surprisingly good and we made our way downstairs. He placed in the DVD of 21 Jump Street knowing that I love Dave Franco and sat down on the couch. We watched most of the movie when he got up to turn it off.

"Can I show you something?" -he asked. 

"Uh..sure," -I responded.

He grabbed a guitar out of the other room and sat down.

"You sing?" I asked.

"I write as well," -he said blushing.

"I don't play for anybody but I wrote you a song."

I was surprised but excited to listen. He started with a few strums on the guitar. At first he looked nervous but as he got into it and it became so natural to him. He started to sing, 

"If I could take away the pain and put a smile on your face
Baby I would, baby I would
If I could make a better way, so you could see a better day
Baby I would, baby I would, I would

Paint a doorway to the sky and hand you the keys,
Let you know that you're always welcomed so that you never leave
Buy you all those fancy things that you only see on tv, yeah
Run away, to our hideaway, we be living the American dream
And i, know it's never gonna be that easy
But I know that it won't hurt us to try.." -he started laughing.

"That's all I have right now but I wanted to show you."

He was good.. amazing actually. He could be a singer if he wanted.

"You're very talented, have you ever considered singing for a living?" -he laughed in response. "Actually I did something called Stratford Idol when I used to live there and I posted my videos to youtube. Some guy named Scooter tried reaching my mom to ask if I'd be interested but she said no. I laughed at the thought that the guy I'm with right now could have been a huge pop star but I'm glad he's here with me now.

"Thank you Justin." -he just smiled in return.

"Back to the movie then?"

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