Unsaid Feelings

Spencer DeSuza strives to get over her ex Dylan by avoiding the thoughts of him and going out, In the process of one of her outings, she comes across a certain Justin Bieber, With mutual feelings of heartbreak Spencer and Justin have the perfect bond, later turning into best friends. Justin gets Spencer through plenty including her ex boyfriend drama and later feelings of depression but when the charming Justin gets to her she can't help but be drowned with complicated feelings exploding in every direction. Will Spencer control these outraging feelings or will her emotions be better left unsaid?


19. Into The Deep

  I still didn't know what to think. All I wanted this whole time was Justin, to be mine to hold and kiss at any time. But now that I'm given the opportunity I'm hesitant. I still was seeing Kyle occasionally as I actually did have feelings for him. I liked how with him it was new and he had gone through similar problems as me. I liked how I didn't feel so pressured around him. I liked how he made me feel good enough. Justin did the same as well but always as my friend. If I ever dated him, our friendship would be ruined forever where as Kyle was never my friend in the first place. I hated being torn between two guys. Especially when they were both wonderful guys that anyone would be lucky to have. I couldn't keep stringing them both along. I had to make a decision and I had to make it soon. Justin really was perfect. The way his eyes lit up when he saw me, the way his hair fluffed and the way he ran his fingers through it in the morning. I didn't want to be hurt again. I feared that if we broke up, I would be worse than ever. Then I would have no best friend. Some people are worth taking a risk for and he was definitely worth it but I wanted him to be here my whole life. I had to see him. I picked up my phone and called his number from my caller ID, he answered immediatly. "Hello?" -he said with a rushed voice.

"Uh..hey, come see me?" -He sounded alarmed.

"Meet me half way?" -he asked. It was a 2 hour drive so I accepted and hung up. He told me to meet him at a restaurant he had been to with his mom when they were on a road trip. I didn't know how to dress. Normally I never cared about looking good for him but I wanted to for some reason. So I put on my light blue ripped jeans and a white v neck with a grey cardigan that hung past my butt and I curled my hair. I put on a light pink makeup on my eye lids and touched up my eyes with eye liner and mascara. Blush also does a great job so I added that too. I checked my watch and realized that I should leave so I can make it there about the same time as him. I left a note for my aunt and grabbed my bag then I hit the road. 

 It was a peaceful drive as the sun was setting and I was playing an album of all my favorite songs on replay. I reached the restaurant he was talking about and checked the parking lot for his car. It was already there. I checked my watch again. How could he have beat me here? This was closer to me than him. Even by doing my make up, I should have been able to beat him here. I guess he must have sped or something. I walked in the heavy clear doors to meet a man at the counter. 

"Reservation miss?" -I didn't know what I was supposed to say.

"Um, I'm looking for a boy by the name of Justin Bieber."

His eyes widened by the name and he whispered something to the waitress.

"That's her?" -she whispered back pointing at me. What was going on..?

"Follow me," -said the waitress smiling.

Instead of heading to the main dining room she led me the opposite way and we walked through doors that had locks on them. As soon as she opened them she let me walk in and then closed them behind me. Is this some sort of joke? There were flower pedals on the ground in a trail. Oh my... I followed them and it led to one table consisting of my favorite flower, 2 candles and an old picture of Justin and I. But he was no where to be seen. The room was beautiful. There were white lights hung up all around it and the ground was white shiny tiles. There were paintings hung up on some of the walls which sort of looked like me. I walked over to one of them and read the description in the bottom corner. 'The World's Most Beautiful Masterpiece' was it's label. I blushed. "They always said real life was more beautiful than the picture." -Justin's voice sent chills running down my back.

I turned around to see him in a white button up shirt and a blue v neck underneath. He was holding his hand out. I grabbed onto it and he led me to the table.

"This must have cost a fortune and a lot of work." -I said smiling.

"You're worth it." -He said looking me in the eyes as he licked his beautiful lips.

He held both of my hands in his.

"I want you to know wherever you are or who you're with, I will never give up on you. No matter what the circumstances, I will always be there for you. You are my number one priority. And...I love you." -He was blushing and I felt like I had tears forming in my eyes.

"You don't need to say it back. I know that I hurt you, and I shouldn't have hid my feelings for you. It broke my heart to know what happened to you and I thank god everyday for keeping you on this planet. It hurts me so much to know that I could have had you before in a heartbeat. I'm hoping you'll forgive me and I'm willing to just be friends if that's what you want."

He was so sweet. I didn't know what to say. He made me speechless and I just wanted to hug him. There were piano players in the background and it was quite nice to listen to them while eating my favorite dinner that Justin had pre ordered himself. I started to get the point of the room. It was covered with my favorite flowers, it had my favorite candle sent. He had ordered my favorite dinner. The table cover was a shade of light blue which was my favorite color and the piano players were playing versions of my favorite songs. Justin noticed that I was catching on and smirked.

"This whole room is based on your favorite things. I hope that I can be your favorite boy."

It was so cheesy that it was actually adorable. It was getting late and I was getting really tired.

"Hey listen, I know it might be too much but I rented a hotel room if you wanted to have a sleepover like old times. If you don't wanna sleep together I can sleep on the pull out couch but I really don't want you driving this late. It's dangerous. I realized the offer was harmless and accepted. It had been a while since Justin and I had some alone time. We finished our meals and he paid. We went outside.

"Should we both drive?" -I asked.

"It's not that far, I'll drive us there and drive you to get your car in the morning." -he said.

It sounded okay so I jumped in the front of his car and put my feet up onto the dashboard leaning my chair back.

"Careful, if I crashed, your legs would be coming off," -he laughed and smiled.

Justin was a pretty good driver and I trusted him. He put on the radio and I stared at the street lights as we drove by. It was beautiful. We drove up to the hotel and he got out and opened the door for me. It's like he's the only gentleman still alive. He knew exactly where he was going as he already had the key to his room and already had some of his clothes in there.

"I don't have any clothes." I said nervously.

"No big deal, here."

He threw me a grey v neck of his and I went to the bathroom. I slid off my jeans and shirt and put in on. It reached just past my butt. I folded my clothes up and then walked back out. He paused and stared at me.

"What?" -I asked.

"Your beauty is unbelievable. I walked over and leaned against the wall beside where he was unpacking a couple shirts. It seemed like he was already here for a night or two. Which means he was planning this for a while.

"Justin?" -I asked in a quiet voice.

"Yeah?" he said still looking at his clothes as he shoved them into drawers.

"I love you too." -I said.

He immediately froze and then looked up. He grabbed my arms and pushed me against the wall. I could feel his heart beating as his chest was right against mine. We made eye contact for a couple moments and he looked like he wanted something..badly. I felt it was me. He looked at my lips and then touched them with his own. He ran his hands down my body and stopped at my hips. His tongue licked my lip like he was asking for entrance and I gladly let him. My heart was beating faster and faster and his kissing was getting pretty rough. He put his hands onto the back of my thighs and lifted me up wrapping my legs around his waist. Our lips never parted. He walked me over to the bed and threw me down. He crawled on top of me and moved his lips to my neck. His lips sucked my neck and I couldn't help but moan. I could feel him smile as he tugged tighter. God it was like god created him for the pleasure of women. We met lips again and his hands kept tracing the curves of my body. I pulled away for a second.

"Justin..I want to.."

He smirked looking into my eyes deeply and started to pull off my shirt. It was time, I was going to make love to this beautiful boy I have loved all this time. I traced his abs and he was smiling like it tickled. His lips were so soft and warm and I could do this for hours. He then moved his hands to his pants and I knew that it was time. I bit my lip and took a deep breath. It was then that I knew I couldn't be happier than right now with Justin, not only my best friend but my boyfriend.  


Note to the reader: 

Ouf guys, things got pretty intense there. I didn't wanna go too far so I ended it at that. I hope you like my story so far and sorry I haven't updated for a while. It's March break and I was visiting family. I have some ideas of what to do next but if you have anything that you want me to add in, comment and I will try my best to add it in for you. I want to write the things that you guys would like to read. Thank you for reading(:

~Baylee (_BiebersBabe)

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