The 45,000 Foot Drop

Valentina is an unusual girl at the age of nineteen. All her life she's been labeled as the daughter of the mafia or the stripper's daughter. It's true that she is, but no one even knows her real name. She's been so nice to everyone, but they are not kind back. That is, until one boy, one problematic boy, worms his way into her life and refuses to leave. Unaware of what he does to her, he stays as her best friend. She's confused and scared, but worst of all, she's friend-zoned. What will happen when she completely falls, and her worst fear is the drop?


2. Tomorrow?

"Val, you really need to make some friends. I know, people see you as the new kid on the block, but maybe you can change their view of you," Mom said sweetly. She's been urging me to make friends since 1st grade, and I always make up some reason to get around it. I don't want friends, and I don't need friends. 
"I know that you're worried about me, Mom, but you don't need to be. I'll make friends in my own time. Besides, I like you and Dad better anyway," I assured her. 
It was 6:04 in the morning, and I was in the kitchen with my mom in the morning. Sitting on the counter, I made my bowl of Frosted Flakes. After shaking them into my white, glass bowl, I poured in our fat free milk we always got from Giant. I slid off of the counter, my feet making little noise as I made my way over to the silverware drawer. I carried my cereal as well, and silently opened the drawer. 
I heard Mom sigh, which Ripper, our 9-year-old snake, hissed at. Everything angered him, and it really got irritating. 
"Look, Val, I know that kids don't like mine or Dad's work, but that shouldn't affect their outlook on you. You're a different person from us, and-" 
I cut her off before she could say more, "I'm aware. It's not yours or Dad's jobs that make them look at me like I have lobsters crawling out of my ears! I'm different, and they don't like that. Just let it go. If someone wanted to be friends with me, they'd have said something." She opened her mouth, as if to say something, but shut it and kept silent. 
Angrily, I grabbed a spoon and shoved it into my cereal. I have been be late for school if I hadn't hurried.
It was my last year of high school, which I should've finished the year before. I had been held back in 7th grade. 


I arrived at school exactly three minutes before my first class. To get there on time, I literally had to sprint to my locker, shove my backpack in, grab my books, and run to my first class. One of the teacher did yell at me to slow down, but I ignored him. 
My first class was geometry. I don't understand why they make math our first subject, because most kids need time to wake up in the morning before their brains can really think. 
I showed up two minutes late to class, but the teacher wasn't there yet. It was a good thing Mrs, Casim hadn't been there yet, because she would've beaten me with a ruler. It was a common punishment in her class. 
I really wasn't good at math, which sucked because I was always stuck sitting next to some geometry genius. Mrs, Casim would always call on me too, and I think she hated me. What can I say, though? I was a teacher's nightmare. 
To be honest, there was only one kid in the class that was actually good at geometry. He was the only one who did well in class without stealing another poor kid's homework. His name was Ryder Quinn. He was constantly made fun of for being smart, and his homework was always copied. Mostly, it was just the jocks who cheated on homework because their parents won't let them play sports unless they keep their grades up. 
I was one of the very few in school who wasn't a jock or wasn't dating a jock. In fact, boys hated me altogether. Well, they didn't hate me, they feared me. They knew who and what my parents were, and they were scared that I might be something similar. They never actually admitted as to why they wouldn't talk to me, however it was quite obvious. 
"Ok, class, shut up and face front!" Mrs, Casim ordered, stepping into class. I had just taken my seat next to Ryder when she walked in, and I quickly snapped my head to face the board in the front of the classroom. "Today, we will be studying for the test on Friday. This information that we will be reviewing is extremely important, and you will be expected to know everything you learned so far in this semester," she notified us. It was odd, because she usually never told us what was going to be on the test. 
She was silent for a moment, and I took this time to identify, by her facial expression, if she was joking or not. She appeared normal. Her grey-brown hair was falling into her face and looking like a rat died on her head. The wrinkles on her face were prominent, no matter how much make up or how many facelifts she had to hide them. Her lips were painted and stained a reddish purple color, and fixed into a frown. Her back was somewhat arched, guarantying that she'd one day need a cane. Her unhealthily slim body was covered by a throw up green sweater and a tan skirt. She looked like she did everyday, but that did not reflect her generous mood. 
"Now, I want you all to open up to page 466 in your textbooks so we can go over the end of semester test," she announced. I was surprised, and everyone in the class appeared shell shocked. Ryder and Joey were the only ones who didn't seem affected. 
Joey was another "loser" in the school. He and Ryder were inseparable, however, and food was often thrown at them during lunch. 
When we were all on the correct page, Mrs, Casim went over every piece of information we learned this year. It was great because, during class, I never really pay attention and I probably would've failed the test.  


Lunch was usually uneventful, but that was very interesting for me. Typically, I sit alone at the lunch table at the end of the cafeteria. That's where every loser sat, and they all sat together. I was the loner. I didn't always want to be the loner, but I didn't see people jumping out of their way to talk to me. That day was different. 
Joey, who usually sits with Ryder, talked to me. He was walking toward that table, and then he took a sharp turn to the left. That was my table. He set his lunch down and began to talk to me like we were old friends. 
"Wasn't it weird in geometry when she actually went over our test with us?" He asked, his face appearing incredulous. 
"Yeah," I nodded. This was the longest conversation I'd had with someone all year. I kept silent most of the time, and only gave one word answers. This seemed to be enough for him because he barely took time to breathe as he spoke enough for the both of us. 
Eventually, Ryder joined us. He was actually a really kind person, and he was easy to talk to. 
"So," Ryder began, "one time, my friend Bailey-"
"You have friends?" I asked in mock awe. He playfully glared at me, but all three of us laughed. 
"Anyway," Ryder continued, "Bailey was over at my house we Joey and me. We were talking about dolphins when she does a cartwheel off of her chair! This was a few years ago, and to this day, I still have no clue what she was doing." 
I laughed uncontrollably, even though it wasn't that funny. See, I was in one of those moods where everything was funny. It's usually not like that, and I haven't laughed like that in a long time. 
Eventually, the bell signaling the end of lunch rang and we were forced to go to other classes. Just as I was heading off to geography, Joey yelled after me, "See you tomorrow at lunch?" 
I turned to see his hopeful face and called after him, "Definitely!" 


Hey, guys! How's it going? Um.... I felt like writing another chapter so here it is! ;) Please comment and tell me what you think! Feedback is much appreciated! Love you, xoxo


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