The 45,000 Foot Drop

Valentina is an unusual girl at the age of nineteen. All her life she's been labeled as the daughter of the mafia or the stripper's daughter. It's true that she is, but no one even knows her real name. She's been so nice to everyone, but they are not kind back. That is, until one boy, one problematic boy, worms his way into her life and refuses to leave. Unaware of what he does to her, he stays as her best friend. She's confused and scared, but worst of all, she's friend-zoned. What will happen when she completely falls, and her worst fear is the drop?


1. In A Nutshell

Hello, my name is Valentina and I have a story. I was born on June 1, 1995. My father is in a mafia, and my mother is a stripper. Most people look down on both of these trades, if you can call it that, but I know more. I inherited both good and bad traits from my parents, as all people do. I have my father's fearlessness. He looks danger directly in the eye every day, and he never blinks. I used to when I was little, as every kid did. My dad didn't want me to be like other kids. Therefore, we'd watch horror movies together, and when is scream, he'd do the thing that I hated most. He'd go to our snake's cage, and reach his own hand in. It's not what most people think of as a punishment, but Ripper, our snake, was not always friendly. He was a Cobra, highly dangerous and unauthorized to own as a pet, yet we did. That's because of my father's fearlessness. In the end, it led to me not being afraid of anything. 
I inherited my mother's creativity. Mom might be a stripper, but she has the most brilliant and creative mind. She comes up with interesting answers to everything, and writes a story about it. The only bad thing about this is that she never gives a fairytales ending. She makes it seem as though there will be one, but she never does. This makes it both different and sad. She used to tell me that there was no safe place in the world, and that the only place that was truly safe was off the ground. She said that, if I were to keep from danger, and I would have to climb the highest mountain in the world, and then fly forty-five thousand feet in the air. I would then be safe. She, then, wrote a story about a boy named Chris who had a hot air balloon. He flew so high in the air with it, and he could see the whole nation. He could see that the land was beautiful, and the world was dotted with wonder. Just as he was about to come down, a wind blew and his balloon ripped. He fell from the sky and died that day, never sharing his knowledge of the beauty of the world. See what I mean about how morbid she is?
I, of course, also inherited their bad characteristics. I have my dad's stubbornness, and my mom's arrogance. There are other things among them, but there is one thing that I did not inherit from anyone. That is my kindness. Mom and Dad love each other and they are kind to one another and me, but no one else. In fact, most people are afraid of them. I am genuinely a kind person, and I wouldn't see anyone hurt. I might be fearless as I was taught, but I am not nearly as quick to violence as my father is. That is my life in a nutshell, and I wouldn't change it for anything. 


What did you guys think? Did you like it? Tell me in the comments please, because I'm kind of nervous for this story. Anyway, I love you guys heaps. Xoxo

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