All We Know (Jalex)

Alex is your normal popular high school party boy. Great life, fun times and anything he wanted. Jack isn’t so lucky. He has an okay life, but has always been under strict rule, so when these two cross paths at a high school party, both of their life’s take an unexpected turn. This is an Mpreg story.
(Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Jack or Alex. Story line is mine though. Title cred to Paramore.)


12. Chapter Twelve - Final

-37 Weeks-

“Jack, just sit the fuck down and I’ll get it for you,” Alex yelled at me from across the room. I really hated that he would do everything for me and not complain. I can do this on my own.

“No!” I shouted back. “I can get it. It’s just a blanket.” Yeah, just a blanket that was on the top shelf of my closet. I tried reaching for it again, but I couldn't reach it. I stopped and turned around looking at Alex. I gave him a cute puppy dog face and poked out my bottom lip. 

“Oh, so now do you want my help?” I nodded, and folded my arms like a child. He got up walking over the the closet and pulling out the small blanket from the shelf. “You're so stubborn.” he chuckled, and led me back to the bed. We moved the paint sample so I could sit down and threw the blanket across my lap. Since there was only about a couple more weeks for the baby to come, we needed to get a move on with the room. We really should have done it sooner, but so much was going on we didn't have time. Both Alex’s mom and my parents let us have the guest rooms so we could be over there and here whenever. They wanted to be apart of the babies life, and we wanted them too.

“I'm thinking purple.” I suggest and point out a pretty, well at least I thought so, purple. Alex scrunched up his nose and shook his head at it. “What?”

“Why do we just do a simple pink. I'm mean, she’s a girl. Aren’t most girls rooms pink?” he had a point, I guess. 

“Yeah I guess. Wouldn't you know? You’ve been in more girls rooms,” he shrugged. “Neither of us are a big fan of pink anyway,” he nodded again. I looked through a couple other colors and found one that was perfect. “Here,” I said, showing him the sample. “Its purple pink. Its a weird mix. We both get what we want.” He took the paper and nodded.

“Yeah, I like it.” he took a deep breath and looked down at all the baby things we had piled around the room. We didn't want a baby shower, but Cassadee insisted. It wasn't large, just our family and a few close friends that actually knew the whole story. Alex still wasn't really ready to tell anyone yet, but that's okay. This is our own little family. We had tons of, probably useless, stuff from clothes, toys, decorations. It was nice though.

“Are you okay?” I asked Alex, he lifted his head up and nodded. “Are you sure?” he looked down playing with his fingers.

“This is just so surreal.” he said at looked at me. “We are really close to having this baby. I'm just kinda freaking out.” I patted the spot next to me and he slid closer to my side.

“I know. Me, too, but you'll be a great daddy. okay?” he shrugged. “You will.” he smiled and kiss my lips softly. I laid my head on his shoulder and we continues to look through more paint for the other nursery at his house, we choose pretty much the same color for the other room. I rested my hand on my belly, rubbing it a little. I felt a kick is side and laughed to myself. 

“What?” Alex asked, cleaning up all the paint samples. I took his hand and put it on the spot where she was kicking. He smiled too. “I can't believe that's ours.” he mumbled, and kissed me again. “Come on. Lets go outside and take a little walk. You’re going to go crazy sitting in this bed.” I really was. I know you're supposed to stay off you feet, but that wasn't me. We put on our jackets and walked outside. It wasn't as cold since it was finally spring, but it was still a little chilly. 

Ale laced his fingers with mine. He had no problem outside of school to me cute with me. We found a sunny spot on the grass and sat down. Alex laid his jacket down so our butts don't get grassy. “Is sitting on the floor even a good thing for a pregnant person?” he chuckled and laughed. 

“Probably not, but I don't care. When are we gonna get free time like this again?” and nodded, understanding. “Do you think we have a name yet? I mean, we can't just have a nameless baby.” he thought for a second and then spoke.

“I really liked Lyric. I thought that was beautiful, and I've never met a girl named Lyric before.” he smiled, playing with the grass on the ground. “Plus, “ he added. “Its a unique name that's not over the top like ‘Apple’ or ‘North West’” both of us laughed at the last part. Who would ever name their baby North? Its not even cleaver. Maybe under different circumstances, that could be cute. 

“Yeah, I really like that too.” I said and smiled. “What about a middle name? She doesn't need one, but I think we should give her one.” he nodded. We both were quiet thinking for a second. “How about…” I started. I always start a sentence, but don't always finish it. “Brooke?” Alex thought and nodded. 

“Thats really pretty. I like it. Lyric Brooke Gaskarth. Has a little ring to it.” he finished chuckling a little to himself. My jaw dropped some and lightly punched his shoulder. “What?” he asked, still laughing.

“Gaskarth? Maybe I want the baby to have my last name.” I argued. 

“But I'm the dad.” he said, pointing to himself.

“Well so am I.” I said back.

“But you're the one that is pregnant, which makes you more of the mom, and I, more of the dad.” he had a point there. I rolled my eyes and sigh. 

“Fine. Lyric Brooke Gaskarth.” I ginned at the name. “It does sound nice.” Alex gave me one of his award winning smiles. He somehow always got his way. “Lets go back. I'm feeling a little sore.” he nodded and helped me up. We were walking back to my house, and about half way there I got an insane sharp pain though my back. “shit.” Alex looked at me.

“Are you okay?” I stayed doubled over for a second and lent back up. I nodded. 

“Yeah. My back just hurt really bad.” 

“Are you sure that you are okay? Do you think its the baby?” He rested his hand on my lower back to keep me walking. 

“I don't know,” I answered. “But I think it’s gone now. Lets just go home.” he nodded again. We finally made it back home and I sat on the couch. I was so out of breath, I don’t think I could make it upstairs. Alex sat next to me and my dad was on the other side of me. I never really see my dad off the couch anymore. My mom was sitting in the other chair reading some book. I was never a reader. 

“You okay, son?” my dad asked me. I nodded. “You look a little pale.”

“I'm fine, really.” I told him holding my stomach. “I'm just out of breath from the walk.” I winced again. I was slowly feeling more pain in my back. I grabbed Alex’s hand, squeezing it tight. I let out a heavy breath. “Okay, I'm really hurting.” I told him and looked around. 

“We should get you to the hospital, just in case.” Alex said, and helped me up. “Can you grab the bag please?” Alex asked my parents. The nodded and Alex took me out to the van. He put me in the back and he got in next to me. The pain was escalating quickly. My parents got in and drove us to the hospital. Alex called his mom on the way so she could meet us there. 

The doctors got me changed and into another one of those paper robes. “Fuck!” I screamed. I had no Idea that this could hurt so bad. Alex looked terrified, he held my hand tight. We couldn't go straight into the operating room, but the doctor was able to give me something for the pain. Not that the drugs actually did anything. With every passing minute, more pain was shot through my body. Yeah, the baby was definitely coming. I was scared that the baby was coming at 37 weeks, but the doctor told me that it was normal for the baby to come a couple weeks before the due date. 

When they finally took me in telling me I was ready, my pain about about a thirteen on a scale of ten. I had heard once that the only thing more painful than childbirth was being burned alive, fuck, I really hoped that wasn't true. I was laying on the tabled and I was completely numb from the waist down, other than the searing pain in my back. Alex stayed near my head as the doctors put the curtain up so I couldn't see them cutting me up. 


At first the baby wasn't crying. I was scared shitless that something was wrong or the baby might have gotten hurt when I was beat up. By the look on Alex’s face, he was feeling the same. The cleaned me up and took me back to the original room I was in. I was sitting up with Alex next to me, never letting go of my hand. Both of my parents and Alex’s mom stayed at the other end of the room giving us space. I really didn't want people near me right now. I was too scared for anyone to be near me except Alex. There was a knock on the door of the room. Everyone looked up and the young doctor from before came in holding a little baby. 

“Did someone order a little girl?” he smiled at us and walked closer. She sat the small baby in my arms, I think I actually felt my heart drop out of my chest. She was honestly the cutest thing I've ever held. She was making little noises, but her eyes weren't completely open yet. I held her in one arm, my other hand resting on her tummy. She was so small and beautiful, I wanted to cry. 

“Shes so gorgeous.” I head Alex say next to me and sat on the bed with one arm around my waist. “We made that.” I looked at him. He had a wide grin plastered on his face and watery eyes. He kissed my real quick. “Lyric Brooke.” he said looking amazed at the small human. Neither Alex or I could stop smiling at her. I think all the pain was definitely worth it. My parents came over and held her, then she was past to Alex’s mom. 

We got to take her home and couple days later after making sure that both Lyric and I were okay. The room wasn't done yet, but we had a crib in my room. I sat on my bed with my back against the wall holding Lyric. Seventeen with a kid and I couldn't have been more happy. Alex left to get some extra things from his house. About an hour later he showed back up with extra bottles and diapers. I got up setting the baby in the crib. Alex sat the stuff on my bed and came over to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his around my waist. He bent his neck to kiss me. 

“I'm happy you're not fat anymore.” he joked. 

“Fat? I was pregnant.” I sat on the bed, pulling him down with me. 

“Yeah, and you were fat.” I shook my head and kissed him. We were in for a long ride. I pushed his chest back so his lips came off mine. “Careful, remember what happened last time?” he chuckled, and kissed me again. 

Yes, this is the final chapter *cries* Some people have asked for a sequel, there may or may not be one. I haven't decided yet. Thank you so much for reading <3​

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