All We Know (Jalex)

Alex is your normal popular high school party boy. Great life, fun times and anything he wanted. Jack isn’t so lucky. He has an okay life, but has always been under strict rule, so when these two cross paths at a high school party, both of their life’s take an unexpected turn. This is an Mpreg story.
(Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Jack or Alex. Story line is mine though. Title cred to Paramore.)


3. Chapter Three

-Two Months Later (Sorry for the time lapse)-

I'm pretty sure school is the definition of hell and prison. We are forced to stay here for seven hours every day and we can't leave. The prison guards keep us locked up, and the food is gross as hell. Whoever thought of this 'school-thing' has a really sick mind. I groaned snapping out of my thoughts when Jenna spoke to me. I was in our second hour, and it wasn't fun.

“Hey, are you okay?” Her Australian accent sounded through my ears. I really liked that accent. I swallowed and nodded my head at her. “Are you sure? You’ve been really moody lately.” she asked looking really concerned.

“Yeah, I'm fine. I just feel kinda sick. I think I’m coming down with the flu or something.” I sat my pen down and rested my head against the table.

“Maybe you should go to a doctor if you feel that bad.” she suggested. I thought about calling my doctor, but I didn't wanna bother anyone with something so stupid if it was just the flu.

“I think I just need to go home and get some rest. School has just really been wearing me out lately. And we have all next week off for break so I have time to get better if I’m getting sick”

“Is it the Alex Gaskarth kid that's getting to you at all?” The question caught me off guard. I shook my head. Why would she even think that? “I was just wondering. I see you talking to him sometimes and sometimes you look happy and sometimes you just like very annoyed with him. Are you two friends?”

“Not really.” I thought about it. “We just kind of know each other. He’s in my fourth period writing class, so we had to work together a couple of times on projects or something. I don't know what his deal is. He likes to talk to me and be a normal human but sometimes he just a real asshole, usually in front of his annoying his friends.” I explained to her. She nodded and the bell rang.

No one could get out of that classroom fast enough. But I wasn't really in the mood to sprint out. I put my book and my work in my backpack and put my desk back in the spot that is was supposed to be in, usually me and Jenna pushed our desks together. I was the last one left, and about to leave when my teacher, Mrs. Williams, stopped me. “Hey, Jack. Can I talk to you for a moment?” I nodded and walked over to her desk. “I just wanna ask you something,” she paused. “Are you feeling okay? You’ve been pretty quiet the past couple weeks.”

“Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I’ve just felt a little sick lately.” I told her the same thing that I told Jenna when she asked me.

“Don't you think that you should go to the nurse?” I shook my head.

“No, it's Friday anyway. I’ll just go home and sleep it off. Plus it's break so..” I reassured her.

“Okay.” She said picking her pen up and marking paper. “I guess I’ll see you the week after next then. Don't forget to study for your test when we get back.” I smiled, nodding at her and then I left the room. I pushed my stuff into my tiny locker and attempted to close it. Our lockers were so small, it's not even funny. We barely had enough room for anything in these damn things that the school forced us to carry around all the time.

After about five minutes of fussing with my locker door, I went to the cafeteria and get in line. Rian joined me in line after a few minutes. I don't really know what he was talking about. He kept babbling about Cassadee. Don't get me wrong, she was super nice and really cool, but I just don't wanna hear about her for hours on end. Rian and I got out food and sat at the lunch table in the back. Every once in a while, my eyes would drift over the attractive boy sitting with his ‘popular’ friends. I hated him but at the same time, I was almost drawn to him. Rian nudged me on the shoulder, bringing my attention back to him.

“Stop staring at him. it's a little obvious right now that you're a flaming homo.” I knew he was joking. I never took offense to things like that when he said it. I knew it was all in good fun, but I still felt a little pissed off at the comment.

“Rian stop!” I snapped at him. His and Cassadee's eyes went wide. I was never one to snap at people. I was always the fun-loving, easy-going person.

“What's gotten into you, Miss Sassy Pants? Is it your time of the month?” Rian laughed and I rolled my eyes. Rian turned back to Cassadee and took a bite of my food. About halfway through lunch, my stomach felt really strange. I was getting really nauseous and the smells from everyone’s food wasn't making my stomach feel any better. I covered my mouth with my hand and ran out of the cafeteria to the closest bathroom.

I pushed past the stalls and emptied the contents of my stomach in the ceramic bowl. Great. I sat on my knees over the toilet in case I was going to throw up again. I was breathing really hard and my heart was pounding I had no idea what really made me sick. I felt like I was safe, so I flushed the toilet and walked over to the sinks swishing some water around in my mouth. I splashed my face with some cold water and dried it off. It made me feel really tired. I heard the door open and shut. I turned, looking at Rian. “Dude, you okay? You just ran out of there.”

“I feel really sick.” I mumbled and looked at him. His eyes went sympathetic.

“Did you throw up?” I nodded, holding my stomach. I felt like I was going to again. He came over to me, hugging me for a second. “Come on. I’ll take you too the nurse.” I nodded and walked out with him. Cassadee was behind us as we walked. I talked to the nurse and she said it looked like it was just the flu. She had me lie down on the couch while she called my mom to come pick me up. About halfway through our last class, my mom showed up.

“I am so sorry I couldn't be here earlier. My boss wouldn't let me leave.” She said coming into the room. She came over to me crouching down and feeling my face. “Lets get you home, baby. You don't feel warm but you look awful.” She checked me out at the front desk and took me home. I went right up to my room to lay down. I few hours later around 9:30, Rian called to check up on me and see if I wanted any company since my mom had to got back to work and my dad was on a business trip for the weekend. I talked to my mom about it and she thought that it was a good idea. Rian arrived and came upstairs. I smiled and he sat down in front of me.

“Is everything okay? Do you feel any better?” He asked worriedly.

“Yeah. I'm fine. I actually feel a lot better after the nap. But my muscles feel kind of sore.”

“How long have you felt like this?” He questioned.

“I don't know… about a month, I guess.” I said quietly.

“A month? And you haven't said anything?” I shook my head. “What if you're really, really sick?”

“I'm not, okay? I just need some more sleep.” He rolled his eyes at me but dropped the topic for a while.

He stuck in some movies and we played some video games that he bought the other day. I was actually feeling a lot better. My back kind of hurt, but I think that's just because I've been slouched over for hours. My stomach felt better but I really wanted food. I don't know what, just food. Rian kept giving me really strange looks as I ate. “What?” I questioned him.

“umm… Jack?” I lifted my head looking at him. “Are you pregnant?” That had to be one of the most random questions that he's ever asked me… and he asks a lot of them.

“No.” I said and took another bite. “Why would you even ask something like that?”

“Just… You're really moody, your muscles are sore, you keep getting sick…are you sure?”

“Rian, I'm not pregnant.” I said, putting down my slice of pizza.

“Are you sure? You know, you're not the first guy to get pregnant.”

“I know that, Rian. It's just way less common, but I'm not.” There was kind of an awkward silence after that.

“How would I know?... you know… If I was… pregnant?” after Rian mentioned being pregnant, It really got me thinking. He shrugged. There were not test for guys yet. You actually had to go to a doctor and get looked at to know if you were pregnant. It started to scare me a little. I got up going back in my room and sitting on my bed. Rian came in and sat next to me. I had my hand over my mouth. I almost wanted to cry.

“Jack, do you think you could be pregnant?” he asked me, rubbing my back trying to calm me down a little. I nodded. I choked back sobs. It's not that I was sad…it was more out of fear. “Have you had sex yet?” Rian knew I was a virgin. I never told him that I did actually sleep with Alex. I nodded again. Usually this is the part that your buddy would get up and cheer, and I honestly, wish that was the case this time and it wasn't what I was thinking. “When?” he asked after a few seconds.

“At that party… When… When I went to the room with Alex… We did more than making out.” I was practically crying I was so scared that I might actually have a child growing in me.

“Did you guys use protection?” I shrugged.

“I don't know. I can't remember.” I sobbed again. Rian pulled me to him and rubbed my arms and back.

“Your mom can take you a clinic, or something.” I shook my head. “Why not?”

“My parents can't know, Rian. They will literally kill me if they find out.”

“Jack, you have to tell them.”

“No.” I said, quickly moving from him. “They're really old fashion. They can't even know that I like guys, let alone that I might be pregnant.” I got to wipe my face from the tears. “Ever since people found out guys can get pregnant, it's be severely shunned. Especially by my parents. They hate the idea. They think women should always carry the baby. They even hate gay people.”

“Jack, if you are pregnant, they are going to find out eventually.” I kept shaking my head.

“No, no, no.. NO!” I screamed, hitting the bed.

“Jack, really. Calm down. I’ll ask Cassadee if she can drive us to a clinic tomorrow if you want.” I didn't wanna talk anymore and blow up at him, so I just nodded. “Okay. I’ll give her a call.”

“Please don't tell anyone, but her.” I asked him. I was honestly terrified at this point. He nodded and left to call Cass. I really, really hope I’m not pregnant. I can't deal with this. I'm in high school. I was so scared that this was really happening, my body shook. I'm just… I can’t.

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