All We Know (Jalex)

Alex is your normal popular high school party boy. Great life, fun times and anything he wanted. Jack isn’t so lucky. He has an okay life, but has always been under strict rule, so when these two cross paths at a high school party, both of their life’s take an unexpected turn. This is an Mpreg story.
(Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Jack or Alex. Story line is mine though. Title cred to Paramore.)


10. Chapter Ten

I also updated yesterday.


--24 Weeks--

After the day Alex came crying to me, we did speak much of it. I wanted to give him time. As far as I knew he was always someone that kept cool, calm and collected no matter what the situation was. He stayed over until the next morning. I didn't want him to do or think about doing anything that he would regret. It’s been a couple weeks and it was still kind of bothering me. I really wanted him to talk to me about what was going on and if he really liked me. It was Sunday so he came over to my house since I was starting to get bedridden from the pregnancy.

He came in my room and laid down next me. I was sitting up though. He was on his side facing towards me. I was rubbing my belly listening to some music. Alex sat up and started touching my belly too. I love the way that he smiled when he touched it. I guess if I had to have a baby in high school, I was glad it was with Alex, even if he was a dick at school sometimes. 

“Can I ask you something?” I said, and looked at him. He shrugged, but kept his gaze on the tummy. “Have you had any more contact with your grandma?” He stopped touching me and sat up more putting his hand in his lap. 

“Not really,” she sighed. “I called her a few days ago because I really wanted to talk… But she hung up on me.” I could see him biting the inside of his lip.

“You were really close with her weren't you?” Alex nodded and looked at me. “I'm sorry. It feels like my fault, I knew I shouldn’t have come with you and her to get-”

“Jack,” he said, cutting me off. “It’s nowhere near your fault. That's my baby and I take responsibility for it… Even if that means losing my grandma in the process. It hurts me like crazy, but I would rather live with that than know I have a baby and I can't take care of it.” 

“Thanks.” I said to him and I hugged him. “Can I ask you something else?” he nodded again and wiped his face from the few stray tears that fell. “Where is your dad?” he sighed and looked sad again. “I mean… You don't have to tell me, I was just curious. You seem so into wanting to help me and be a dad… I'm just wondering where you got that from.”

“It’s okay. Um…” he stopped thinking. “When I was thirteen, so only a few years ago, I told my parents that I might like boys.” my eyes widened. “I know, I know. Shocker right? Well, my dad really took that to heart. He absolutely hated the idea of two men being together. He told me he would leave if I continued to think about this sin. So I stayed straight. I tried everything to only think about girls.” I could see him physically shaking. I held his hand telling him it was okay to continue. “A few months later, he caught me kissing my best friend at the time. It was just an experiment, but my dad flipped. My mom got pissed too and they got in this huge fight… He left the next morning and never came back.” he wiped more tears off his cheeks, 

“All because you liked boys?” he nodded, and let out a small sob.

“After that I completely forgot about my past. I stopped think about boys, afraid that I was going to lose my mom too. I got close with my grandma, but I never told her why he left, my mom kept it a secret too.” he stopped, catching his breath. “I guess I just wanna make sure I'm here for the baby because I don't ever wanna leave like my dad did to me.” All I could do was look at him. All of this was shocking to me. “Thats why I use to pick on gay people so much. Not because I hate them, because I didn't wanna face my own truth. I would sneak around with guys when I got drunk, but then I would threaten them not to tell anyone. Then I slept with you and…” He looked at my belly. 

It was silent for a while after that. Everything was finally making sense. He was afraid to be who he was because his dad left. I reassured him that nothing was his fault. His dad was a jerk, but all this also explained why his mom was so accepting of the baby. It was crazy. he pretended to be straight for so long that he started to believe it. This baby was really changing everything. about both of our lives. Around eight that day, Alex had to leave since tomorrow was school, at least it was Friday. 


I walked in the hallways doing the best I could to ignore the snickers of other people in the hallways. Usually I ignored them pretty well, but my hormone were acting all strange making it harder for me to just go on with my day. Alex and I never really talked during school. He wasn't ready for people to know, but as long as he was nice to me at home, I really didn't care. It was around the end of the day and I was always let out early so I can get through the halls with the belly better. I turned the corner and saw Alex standing there with Lisa, I stood behind the wall eavesdropping on their conversation. 

“Lisa, I just don't think that were working anymore.” he said to her. Happiness ran through my body, but I also felt a little weird. He was doing all this for me.

“What? Alex, we’ve been dating for three years. We love each other. We can't just break up.” Lisa tried to argue with him. “I love you, baby.” that actually stung me a little. I looked at Alex’s face. It held a lot of sorrow. I don't know if it was from breaking up with her, or breaking up with her because of me. 

“Lisa, I just can't. I'm so sorry, I love you too, but not in that way. I lost what I felt for you.” he stopped and let go over her hand. This was painful to watch. 

“Babe, please. We can work this out.” she tried to wrap her arms around him and kiss him but he shrugged her off. “Is there someone else?” I could heard the tears in her voice. Alex didn't answer. “There is… Who is she? Do I know here?” Alex shook his head no. Lisa rattled off names but Alex said no to all of them. “Wait… Its that Jack kid isn’t it.” my eyes widened. How the hell would she know? Alex looked up at her with the same expression that I had. “It is. You’re gay.”

“No, no, Lisa It’s not that, I'm not.” He tried to plead with her. 

“It is. I saw the way you looked when I said his name. You like Jack don't you. Is that baby yours?” Lisa started to yell off a bunch of questions. Alex looked completely terrified. 

“Stop!” Alex finally screamed. “I don't like him. Okay, I'm just done with us.” If I'm being honest here, it really hurt for me to hear that he didn't like me after he said he did a couple weeks ago, but he doesn't want people to know. Maybe that is why. Everything was so confusing. Alex walked away after telling her again that it was over between them. 

After a few minutes, another boy from the football team, Jeremy, I think, walked up to Lisa and taped her on the shoulder. She turned around smiling. “Hey,” I heard her say, he bent down and hugged her, but the friendly hug, it was the kind that you give a lover.. “Alex broke up with me.”

“It was about damn time. I was sick of the little faggot.” Jeremy said. I was shaking in fear. This whole time she was cheating on him. Alex basically had his heart ripped out for nothing. I knew how much he cared for her. She completely fucked him over and lied to his face.

“He really is though.” she said back to him. He gave her a confused look. “I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure he’s been sneaking around with the Barakat kid. The one who's pregnant.”

“Is that his baby then? As far as I know, that Barakat kid was always quiet about the whole thing, do you think that's why?” Lisa shrugged.

“I don't know. But her ripped out my heart. Now I'm going to rip out his.”After that I back away. I walked to my locker trying to get my stuff as fast as I could and get out of there. I had no clue what either of them have planned. I took my phone out of my pocket and called Alex to meet me at the front doors to drive us home. I hung up and turned to walk to the front entrance, only being faced with Jeremy and one of his sidekicks. They were way bigger than me and I was scared for my life now.

“So, we heard you're the one that took Alex from Lisa?” I shook my head. 

“No, No. I didn't. I swear.” They got closer and pushed me up against the lockers. “Please, stop. Please don't hurt the baby.” I think I was more scared for the babies life than my own. 

“Is that Gaskarth's child?” I shook my head no again. “Its not a good thing to lie. ya’know.” Jeremy said, clasping his hand around my throat against the locker. It was a struggle for me to breath. I tried choking out for him to stop, but his grip just kept getting tighter. A second later, his fist collided with my jaw and I fell the the ground. I gasped for air and thanks God that I landed on my back and not on my belly. How can someone do this? They can't be that heartless can they? I was soon to find the answer, yes.

I tried to scream for help, but I felt Jeremy’s sidekick put his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. I wrapped one of my arms around my belly, trying to protect it, and the other trying to rip his hand away from me. “This is going to teach you to take boyfriends away.” I tried screaming but nothing was working. He pulled his foot back ready to kick me, I rolled just enough so when his foot collided with me, it didn't hit directly in my stomach. The other boy let face face go and got up. Jeremy grabbed my jaw making me look at him. “Don't ever fuck with Lisa boyfriends again.” he gritted and punched me again. “Don't you dare tell anyone about this.” he said, and ran off with the other. How can he say that when he is one of them?

They walked off and I choked up blood. Everything was sore and felt like I was broken. I was terrified that they might have hurt, or worse, killed the baby. I could make any sounds, my mouth kept filling with blood. “Shit, Jack!” I heard Alex scream and he ran over to me. He put his arm around me, wincing a little. I held my belly and helped me sit up correctly. “shit, shit, shit” he said over and over. “Who the fuck did this too you?” I kept shaking my head and crying. He moved my hair from my face and held it in his hands.

I bell rang and student filled the hallways, many of them stopping and looked at Alex and I. “What? Go. This is not some fucking freak show for you assholes.” He screamed at them and they moved. “We need to get you to a hospital.” he mumbled and pulled me off the ground. He pushed past everyone and took me to the car. I stopped coughing up blood, but I was still in pain afraid of the worse. He took me straight the ER, probably getting a few speeding tickets, and brought me inside. The doctor took me into a small room and gave me a shot of something. My crying stopped and the last thing I saw before blacking out was Alex crying and holding my hand. 


I woke up a few hours later hearing beeping noises. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around me. White walls. I knew I was at the hospital after what happened. I turned my head making a wincing sound. Alex was sitting in the chair asleep with his head resting on his fist. I tried sitting up but wincing harshly at the pain shooting up my back. Alex made a small moaning noise and opened his eyes. He blinked a few time. “Jack? You're awake!” He came over to me hugging me, but not too hard. He helped me sit up. “Fuck,” he breathed. Are you okay?” I nodded and leaned back against the pillows. “I was scared.” he practically sobbed and hugged me again. 

“Jack, you're awake. Good.” A young female doctor came in and wrote on a clipboard. “Are you up to asking me a few questions?” I nodded. “Great. Can you tell me the year?”

“2014” she nodded.

“Do you know how you ended up in the hospital?” I nodded. 

“I was beat up by some people at school.” she wrote some more down and checked my pulse and blood pressure and everything. “Is the baby okay?” I asked, trying not to cry.

“Yes. She is fine. You were hit pretty hard, but not directly in the stomach. You’ll have a few pretty bad bruises, but the baby seemed just fine. You're lucky, you could have came very close to losing that baby.” I sighed happily and hugged Alex who looked just as thrilled. The doctor did some last checks and told me I was okay to go, but wanted me to stay home for a while, I’d have to anyway, I was getting really close to having this baby. Alex called his mom and he stayed over. My parents were happy to see me okay when I walked through the door.

Alex and I laid upstairs. “I'm so happy you're okay.” he said and kissed the back of my neck. I thought the same thing and was happy that Alex was here for be, before I felt myself being pulled into a deep slumber.

Not gonna lie, I cried a little writing this. Please let me know what you think.

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