All We Know (Jalex)

Alex is your normal popular high school party boy. Great life, fun times and anything he wanted. Jack isn’t so lucky. He has an okay life, but has always been under strict rule, so when these two cross paths at a high school party, both of their life’s take an unexpected turn. This is an Mpreg story.
(Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Jack or Alex. Story line is mine though. Title cred to Paramore.)


6. Chapter Six

*Note: I uploaded a chapter late last night too. So read that one first if you haven't yet.*

-17 Weeks-
I am not going to lie here, jacking off this morning was kind of weird. It wasn't unusual for me or or any other 17 year old boy. I guess it was strange because there a baby in my stomach now. It almost felt wrong to do it, but I couldn't help it. There was so much blood pumping through my body, I got hornier a lot faster and more often. Wasn't a bad thing, but it suck how often that it happened. It was Saturday so I wasn't in any real hurry to finish but I finished quickly anyway. Around 10 am I took a shower and went downstairs. Most of the time I stayed in my room to hide the belly. But I was hungry. I went downstairs, grabbed my food and ran back upstairs. My mom tried to stop me but I just kept walking till I shut my door. 

My mom knocked on the door and slowly opened it. “Hey, baby.” I smiled at her took a bit of my food. “Are you okay? You’ve been really secretive and in your room all the time.”
“I'm fine. School it just really stressful.” I simply replied back. 
“Are you sure? I'm just really worried about you.” She came in and sat on my bed. 
“I’m fine.” I said and stood up facing the other way so she couldn't see my belly. I picked up the trash from what I already ate and and threw it away. I had to bend since the trash bin was under my desk. 

“Jack, Are you gaining weight?” My my asked and got up walking over to me. 
“No.” I said and backed away from her. 
“hun,” she said and reaching out to touch my arm. I tried pulling back but she got closer holding my arm. My heart rate was speeding up and I was terrified. I got out of her grip moving from her. “What is that?” she asked point to my stomach. 
“Its nothing, mom. Can you stop.” She pulled up the hem of my shirt, looking at the belly. He eyes were wide and she just kept staring. “Your pregnant? Is that what you’re trying to hide.?” she was getting really angry. 
“I'm so sorry mom.” I was about to cry. 
“Jack, You know how I feel about this kind of thing. Who did this to you? Were you raped? Did someone hurt you?” She was throwing so many questions my way, I started get overwhelmed till the emotions just started to spill out of me. I pushed her away and screamed.

“No! No no no! No one hurt me mom. I got drunk and slept with someone. I'm sorry.” I buried my face into my hand bawling my eyes out just letting everything out of me. My mom came over to me, trying to comfort me, maybe, but I didn't care. I got even farther from her. 
“I can't believe some fag took advantage of you like that!” She growled. I dropped my hands and my jaw. 
“Mom!” I screamed in a high pitched voice. “I'm one of those ‘fags’ .” Her eyes widened. “Mom…” I was crying so hard it was almost hard to breathe. “I'm gay. I'm attracted to boy. I have been since 7th grade. And I pregnant, If that wasn't obvious.” I kept crying and sat on my bed rocking myself trying to calm down.
“Baby, we need to do thing about this. This isn't right. Men don't like other men. Men don't have babies. I can't have a faggot son. What will people think?” I lifted my head. She was unbelievable. 
“This isn't fucking about you or other people!” I screamed at her getting up and getting the jacket on my computer chair. “This is about me! Your son, gay or not! Why can't you just fucking support me? Fuck!”
“Jack, watch your mouth.” She tried scolding me. I groaned and walked out of the room. My mom tried calling me back but I just just kept going slamming the front door on the way out. 

I pulled the jacket over my shoulders and walked down the street to Rian's house. I wiped my face off so it wasn't completely obvious that I was crying. I knocked on the door and rang the doorbell. A few seconds later Rian’s mom came to the door and opened it. “Hi, Jack. Can I help you?” She asked sweetly. She was a nice person. 
“Umm… Is Rian here? I need to talk to him.” My voice was shaky and I held my arms. 
“I'm sorry no. He’s at Cassadee’s almost all the way across town.” I nodded.
“Okay. Thanks.” I said and turned walking back down the street. I thought maybe walking to my friend Zack’s house, but that was even farther. He lived in a whole different district. 

I knew that this was a bad idea. I didn't want to go, but there is no is no way that I am going back home right now. I took a deep breathe breath, walking a couple streets over. It was a little cold out so I zipped the jacket it and hugged my arms around myself. I got to the house I dreaded every coming too. I knocked on the door and an older woman answered. “Hi, can I help you?” She asked. I was a little taken back by the British accent. 
“Yeah, is Alex here? I'm.. A friend.” I said I didn't really know what to say, so I guess friend was the best option. 
“Sure. Go on up. He’s in his room.” She said letting me in. It was a lot warmer than outside. “Alex you have company!” She shouted and I walked upstairs. 

The door was open just a crack so I pushed it open and stood in the doorway. He saw me and motioned for me to come in and take a seat. He was on the phone and looked frustrated. “No, Lisa.” He whisper yelled. I guess that answered my question, who he was on the phone with. It sounded like they were fighting. I could hear Lisa on the other end but I couldn't make out what she was saying. “Whatever. I'm hanging up.” he growled and hung his phone up throwing it on the bed. “bitch.” he gritted through his teeth. 

“If shes is such a bitch, then why do you stay with her?” I asked cautiously, not trying to go over any boundaries. He just shrugged and looked at my belly. “I know. Weird.” He looked at me and shrugged again. 
“What are you doing here?” He questioned and sat down next to me. 
“My mom found out about this, and… We had a really bad fight… And never mind. Maybe I should just go.” He stopped me though. 
“No no. Don't. Stay. You look like a wreck. Plus you have my jacket.” I looked at him confused. “My jacket. You took it the day after we slept together.” I remembered and took it off laying it on his bed. I mumbled a sorry and rest my hand on my belly. It was still small, but it was getting bigger fast. “Why did you and your mom fight?” I took a deep breath.
“She found out I was pregnant and I told her I was gay… She flipped out. I didn't want to stay home and I didn't have anywhere else to go. So I came here.” he mumbled an oh. “Why are you being so nice right now and listening?”
“I don't know. Maybe I'm not a such a bad guy.” I shrugged letting out a heavy breath. 

“I have to tell you something.” I said feeling nervous and shaky again. 
“What is it?” He asked looking worried almost. I took a really deep breath and let it out. 
“umm... The baby it… It’s yours. I lied to you and I'm sorry.” I wanted to cry again. This was a scary thing and having all theres weird hormones didn't make it any better. Alex’s face dropped and he looked scared. I could tell he was biting the inside of his lip to stop it from trembling. 
“My baby?” He questioned. He was about to cry and I knew it. 

Neither of us knew what to say. It was a long silence of us just staying on his bed. “Umm…” he started to talk and his legs were shaking against the bed. “Can.. Can I feel it? Your belly, I mean..” I nodded. He looked hesitant to touch me so I took his hand and put it on my stomach. 
“Here.” I moved his arm and laid back against the bed lifting my shirt up above my belly. He put both of his hands on my belly this time feeling it. I could feel the baby move when he started touching in certain spots. A small smiled showed on his face and it made me smile too. Maybe this could work. After a few moments he removed his hands and I sat up, covering the belly again. 

“Do you have any appointments coming up?” he asked facing towards me better. 
“Yeah. I have one tomorrow as a check up. Just to make sure that everything is okay with the baby and to see if she-or him- is growing right.”
“C-can I come? If you don't want me to that's fine. I just… It’s my baby so I feel like I should be there.” I chuckled a little at him and nodded. 
“Yes. You can come. Id like that, a lot.” I smiled at him. He rested his hand on mine rubbing his thumb across the back. 
“I'm really sorry.” He said looking extremely sad.
“This. I should have used a condom. The one fucking time I don't, and now I'm… Now I’m expecting a baby.” He shook his head and moved the hair from his eyes. “When should I tell my mom?” He asked looking at me. I just shrugged. 
“Up to you. My mom is pissed. I think once the baby is born, she gonna force me to get rid of it and lock me up somewhere.”

“You’re gonna get rid of it?” He asked looking scared like he wanted to keep it. 
“I honestly don't know yet. I wanna keep it, but I have no clue If I can take care of a baby on my own.” He made me face him.
“You won't have too. We can make the decision together. Theres a lot of shit that's gonna happen, but I'm not that big of an asshole.” I nodded. I liked this side of Alex. The caring helpful side. Even if it wasn't really to me, It was him protecting his baby. 
“What about Lisa?” I questioned. That just popped into my head. He was straight with a girlfriend. What was going to happen with them? What's gonna go around school once they find out that my baby is actually his too? It actually really scared me… a lot. He shook his head at the question.
“I don't know. I was probably going to break up with her anyway. We’ve had a lot of issues lately. Maybe this was just the push I needed.” He gave me a light smile and I nodded. “But where does that leave us?” He asked at the end. 
“Just two people having a baby. I guess.” He nodded. “Should we tell your mom?” he nodded and stood up helping me up too. It was slowly getting hard to get up and it really sucked. It made me feel helpless. 

We walked downstairs and stood by the couch. “Hey mom!” Alex shouted. “Can you come here for a second?” A few seconds later Alex’s mom came in the room. 
“Hey honey, how are you and your friend?” She asked.
“good.” Alex mumbled. “But.. I really need to tell you something… but… please… please promise you won't get mad at me.” he begged his mom. 
“I promise. What is it?” Alex and I sat down on the couch and she sat next to Alex. 
“A few months ago… I had a party and me and Jack here got drunk. We.. we um.. slept together.” His mom looked shocked but she let him continue talking. “He’s umm… pregnant… And its mine…” A few tears fell down Alex’s face. His mom pulled his to her chest rubbing his back. I was insanely jealous of him. His mom seemed okay. Unlike my mom who flipped out. 
“Jack, is it?” I nodded. “Can I talk to Alex alone?” I nodded again and left the room going back up to his room. 

I waited for him to come back. I looked around his room. Not snooping though. Just looking from my spot on the bed. His walls were lined with posters, good taste in music. He was CD’s scattered everywhere, a small TV in the corner, A desk and a laptop. He came back in smiling at me. “So?” I questioned. 
“She's disappointed. But I knew that she would be. She told me that she thought she raised me better. But she was okay. She told me that she was going to help in anyway that she could. She was actually happy it wasn't Lisa that got pregnant.” He laughed a little at the end and so did I. “I promise, Jack. I'm not gonna be a douche to you anymore. I want you and the baby to be okay.” I nodded. He bent down and hugged me feeling my belly a little. 

Believe it or not, I was happy that I told him. It made me feel better knowing that him and his mom had my back. I can only imagine what's going to happen when I get home and my mom told my dad. 

Jack finally told him. Yay! I feel like this chapter was really bad… I don't know. Please let me know what you think. Thank you for reading <3

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