All We Know (Jalex)

Alex is your normal popular high school party boy. Great life, fun times and anything he wanted. Jack isn’t so lucky. He has an okay life, but has always been under strict rule, so when these two cross paths at a high school party, both of their life’s take an unexpected turn. This is an Mpreg story.
(Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Jack or Alex. Story line is mine though. Title cred to Paramore.)


11. Chapter Eleven

--My second update today--

--34 Weeks--

Alex stayed completely by my side. He barely spent any time at home anymore. The doctor told him to look out for me, and that he did. I didn't go to school very much at this point, I took a couple online classes and Alex brought me home a lot of other work and took it back to school a couple days later. I didn't want to be held back just because I was having a baby, I think I was even getting ahead in my classes since I had so much time to just do work. 

Every time I went to do anything, there was someone right there to help me out. I liked being helped, but at the same time I didn't want them too. I was perfectly capable of doing it on my own. Everything was sore, thought. My back hurt, my ankles, even my arms and neck were causing me pain. I was a little miserable. The only thing that really maybe me happy was when Alex and I were just sitting feeling the tiny little kicks of the baby. It was truly fascinating that a human was growing inside me, It made it pretty worth the pain.

“Have you thought about names for the baby yet?” Alex asked me out of the blue. I shrugged and shook my head going back to some of my work. 

“I thought we could do it. Like… together.” I thought maybe I said something stupid that I finally said it out loud, but he smiled and me and nodded. 

“Yeah, Id like that.” he continued smiling. “Do you have any ideas for her?” I thought for a second. I didn't really have much only what Jenna has suggested in math a couple of times. 

“I thought maybe Abigail, or Jordan. I even think Lyric. I really like that, since were both really into music and its a pretty unique name.” he nodded.

“I like that too. I don't have anything at all. I couldn't even name toys when I was younger.” and chuckled and kissed the smooth skin of my belly. “How have things been with your mom?” he asked, sitting up.

“Good, actually.” I answered. “Shes gotten a lot more accepting. ever since I came back from the hospital, she always comes in to make sure I'm okay when you're not here. I guess it was like a wake up call for her.” Alex smiled at me. His eyes flicked to my lips then back to my eyes. It was like he wanted to kiss me, or maybe I was just being delusional because I really wanted to kiss him. My feelings never went away, if anything, they got stronger. The longer I was with him, the more my heart became his, I would do anything for him.

“Hey, I gotta go to school. I’ll see you when I get back. Rian said he wanted to come over since I needed to be at school and your parents aren't here.” I nodded. It would be nice to see Rian again. Alex left and about two hours later Rian walked through my bedroom door.

“Hey, prego,” he joked and sat on the bed. “How is everything? We haven't talked in a while.”

“Good. The baby is okay, shes healthy, I'm happy for the most part, Alex is… More amazing than I thought he would be.” I gushed about Alex a lot whenever I got the chance too. “How are things with Cassadee?”

“Great. I don't think I could ask for a better girlfriend, to be honest.” he smiled brightly. I had that look of love and admiration in his eyes for her, I always saw it back, too. “Do you think you would be up for a walk? Its spring and pretty outside.” I thought for a second, but I've been in this bed so long, a walk would hurt anything. I nodded and Rian handed me my coat.We went outside and started walking to the park. It is nice outside. 

We made a bunch of mindless chatter, just making up for a lot of the time that we missed together. Sometimes I think that Rian and I were a little bit too open with each other, but that was all part of the fun. I like just walking and getting fresh air. “Have you told Alex that you're completely head of heels with him?” I looked at Rian with my jaw dropped. “What? Its obvious.” he casually.

“No, I haven't told him, because I'm not.” he laughed at me and pushed my shoulder a little. 

“Yes, you are. You are always talking about him. I know that's his baby and everything, but you're totally in love with him.” Who was I kidding? Yes, I was in love with Alex. No matter how much I told myself that What I was feeling was just because I was having his baby, I could never get him out of my mind. 

“Fine. Fine. I love him. But no, he doesn't know, so don't you fucking tell him.” he smiled at me and teased for for the next 45 minutes to the park. When we got there I heard some kind of pleading in a girls voice. I looked around and by the swings I saw Alex and Lisa standing there. I thought maybe she was just being annoying. I taped Rian on the shoulder and pointed to them, he didn't say anything, Just watched. 

“No, Lisa. I told you were through. I found out about Jeremy later. There is no way in hell that I'm getting back together, and you severely hurt Jack. He ended up in the hospital. How the fuck are you okay with that?” I smiled on the inside that he was standing up for me. 

“Please, Alex. I love you.” wow, she was crazy.

“I like someone else.” Lisa started to talk but I couldn't hear what she was saying. The were bickering back and for fo a few minutes until Lisa lent up and pressed her lips against his. Her hands went around his neck and pulled him closer. My heart felt like it was just ripped out of my chest. My hand covered my mouth and I started to walk in the their direction. Rian called my name and a turned. Rian got the attention of Alex and he pulled away from the small girl. “Jack!” he screamed and ran after me. 

I couldn't run like this and it sucked. All I wanted to do was run away and hid, but the most I could do was a fast wobble. Alex reached me, stopping me in my tracks and putting his hands on my shoulders. “Jack,” his breath was heavy. “What did you see?” I can't believe he was asking me that. 

“What did I see? I saw you fucking kiss her! Thats what!” I screamed at him and pushed past him trying to walk a little faster. he walked to me again. 

“Jack, I swear to God that that wasn't what it looked like.”

“Oh really!? Because It looked like you just made out with your ex-girlfriend. Fuck!” I screamed and laced my fingers in my hair. “I knew you could be a dick, but why, Alex? She fucking hurt me, she hurt you. I knew I never had a chance with you, but do you know how bad that hurt? watching you kiss your fucking ex?” I could stop screaming. I was practically sobbing. Alex stepped closer and tried to wrap his arms around me. 

“Get off of him.” Rian jumped in and pulled me away, walking back to my house. 

“Jack please!!” he screamed after me. I just kept walking until I reached my house again. We got there and Rian helped me up the stairs. I backed up to the corner of my bed and started sobbing again. I thought I could trust him. I asked Rian to leave and he did. I just needed time for me now.

I knew that I never had a chance with him, but I thought he was a good person. or at least good enough not to hurt me, would he have even told me about this if I wasn't there to see it myself? It hurt worse knowing that he probably wouldn't have. My door opened and Alex poked his head in. “Go away.” I gritted through my teeth. As always, he didn't listen and he came in anyway.

“Please, Jack. Just hear me out.” he begged me. 

“I don't want to fucking hear it, Alex.” I screamed at him. “You're such a fucking asshole. I thought I could trust you, yet you turn around and made out with your ex. The same fucking ex that sent two football players after me and almost killed our baby!” I was full of so much anger right now, Alex just sat there. He took it all. He took every name, scream, and hit I threw at him. When I was done, I saw his face. It was full of sadness and regret. “Why?” I asked him more calmly. He choked back a sob and shook his head. 

“She’s been trying to fuck with me almost everyday for the past few weeks. I met up with her to tell her to stop and she kissed me…” his lips were quivering, but I still had no clue if I should believe him. “Jack, I like you. Like, a lot. More than I've ever like anyone and I would never want to hurt you or our baby.” He grabbed my hands and held them tight. “Jack I swear on everything in my life, I didn't kiss here and I never met to hurt you.” My expression softened. 

“Do you promise?” I asked him. He nodded quickly. I nodded, too. he wrapped his arms around me. “I'm sorry.” I told him, hugging him back. We stopped for a few minutes. “Do you really like me?” I finally asked him. He said it twice now, but neither time did I think it was true. He nodded.

“Yes. I a lot.” I could tell in his eyes that he was telling the truth. He was so certain on keeping this whole thing a secret, why would he make that up? Be lent in and pressed his lips to mine. I hesitated, but kissed him back. “I really, really like you Jack. I would never hurt you on purpose.” I put one of my hands on his cheek and brought him back to my lips, he wasted no time kissing me back. I was still pissed at him, but at the same time I loved him too much to care. I was a love-struck boy, probably moving too fast, but I didn't care one bit. 


The next few days were actually pretty amazing. Alex tried to make up for what happened with everything that he did. I asked him if he could grab me water and he came back with water, pop and three kinds of chips, but I think that was mainly for him. I really liked his random kisses he gave me. We talked most of everything out, but we have time. I learned that he had an amazing singing voice and wanted to take classes at during college, but he said that wasn't going to happen anymore.

“Why not?” I asked him. He was so talented, I have no doubt that he could get in if he really wanted to. Being Alex, he just shrugged and went back to singing to my belly. I rolled my eyes at him. “Tell me. Why won't you go anymore?” he sat back and kissed me. 

“Because I'm not good enough.” I gave him a less than impressed look. “I don't have the money,” he continued. “We’re having a baby, Jack. I can just leave you.” I smiled at him and brought him back to kiss him. 

“Alex, you're fucking amazing. You can get it. I could go with you, not to the school, but what ever state you want. I can finish my classes online if I have too. You need to do this.” I told him and she nodded. 

“What about money? Everything I’ve been getting goes right to baby things.” I thought for a second. 

“Well, once the baby is born, I can get a job too. I'm sure our parents would have no trouble helping us out for a little while. You can get in on a scholarship or something. Alex, I don't want you to stop singing just because you don't think you can’t do it or because of the baby,” He sighed and nodded again. “Okay?” he kept nodding. Now that everything was getting closer, we had so much to think about. Baby names, money, school, jobs. We were happy together now, but I don't want things to fall apart again. 

Okay, A lot happened in this chapter… Sorry if it moved really fast, but I think the next chapter might be the last one *cries* I told you it was going to be really short. ​

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