A fanfic filled with drama, full of twists and turns in the tale! It's near impossible to sum it up without giving the story away, but I'm certain that when you read it you'll love it! Full of One Direction, romance, hatrid, rivallry and general drama! Enjoy!


3. Three

Liam’s POV

I lay on his bed in his room in his parents’ house in Wolverhampton. He loved it there in his mum and dad’s house, he loved it so much and he had so many amazing memories there, being a child and dressing up as woody from toy story or getting ready for some pretty big races, or packing for the holiday where his dad made him sing in front of everyone in that talent competition. He had to admit, he had lived an amazing childhood. He rubbed his chin and it tickled a bit, he was still getting used to having stubble there.

 He was sat there in chinos and a superman tee with his hair a mess. It wasn’t how he usually looked, but he was having a lazy day and he wasn’t doing much so there wasn’t any need to dress up fancy or put on smart clothes. He loved his superman tee and chinos always made him feel more comfy.

 He was nearing the end of toy story three, his favourite movie, even though it always made him cry towards the end. He’d just got to the bit where buzz had turned Spanish. He smiled as he remembered Niall translating everything that buzz said for him the first time the band had all watched it together, he’d done it especially for Liam as he was such a huge Toy Story fan.

He got to the end of it and a few tears spilled out from his eyes and trickled down his cheeks. He wiped them away on the cushion that he was hugging as a comforter and then got up to turn his bedroom light back on. He’d had it turned off for the duration of the movie, he always preferred it that way, and it created more of an atmosphere and allowed you to engage more with the film.

He walked over to his desk and pulled out a notebook. He flicked through the pages of scrawled biro, a tonne of different songs he’d written or started or some ideas that he’d jotted down quickly. He kept turning the pages carefully and he eventually came to a clean page. He grabbed a blue biro from his pen pot and began scribbling down the ideas that he’d had for the new song, even though they were on a break, all the boys wrote down any ideas for songs that they had so they could start work on the new album as soon as possible.

 He had almost finished writing down the idea for his song when there was a knocking on his bedroom door. “Come in!” He yelled. Ruth opened his bedroom door and walked in. “Hey Li!”She beamed. “Hey Roo” He said looking at his song book and concentrating on what he was writing. “What you up to?” She asked. “Just song writing for the next album...” “Okay, well mum wants to see us all downstairs, she has some big news or something but apparently it’s a surprise.” She smiled. “Well I’ll be down in just a minute...” He said sounding distracted. “Okay, but please be quick, I really want to find out this news and mum said that she’d only tell us when we were all down there.” “Okay” Liam replied.

Roo left the room, shutting the door behind her and Liam heard her jogging down the stairs. He finished what he was writing and got up. He walked over to his wardrobe and got a hoodie out.  He slipped it on quickly as he was a tad chilly and then left the room. He jogged downstairs and strolled into the lounge. He took a seat on the only remaining space on the coffee brown leather sofa. His parents were sat on the other two seat sofa and he shared the three seat sofa with his two older sisters. They nearly always sat like that, it was most convenient for them, they’d all sat like that when he announced that he’d be going on the X Factor aged just fourteen and they were like that when he told them he’d been dropped, and then again when he was seventeen when he auditioned and when his family first found out about One Direction and when he asked them if they’d be in the Story Of My Life video, in fact every major family event happened in that room.

“Right everybody, on Facebook, I found a lady and it appears that I am fairly distantly related to her, as I’m her second cousin once removed. Now she has two daughters, Brielle who is seventeen and her younger sister Alice who’s fifteen. Brielle’s into music and hanging out with her friends and Alice is very sporty. They quite far away, about eighty miles south of us but hopefully we will have a chance to meet up with them as soon as we possibly can, but that’s got to be arranged first. Liam, I think that you should go and tell the boys as this is fairly big news and a huge part of your life.”

Liam got up and went out into the hall, by the front door. He slipped some white converse on and did them up. He texted the boys and told them to meet him in the studio in London as soon as they could get there. They were all in London anyway, as Louis was with El, Zayn was with Perrie, Harry was hanging out with Ed Sheeran, and Niall was having a weekend break there babysitting Theo. Liam grabbed his car keys and dashed out of the house.

Author's note-

hope you liked it guys! not much else to say really! Enjoy =D

Love Nouis Toran

He unlocked his car, jumped in and slammed the door behind him. He switched the radio on and sped off to London, so eager to tell the boys his amazing news that he was so excited about.

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