A fanfic filled with drama, full of twists and turns in the tale! It's near impossible to sum it up without giving the story away, but I'm certain that when you read it you'll love it! Full of One Direction, romance, hatrid, rivallry and general drama! Enjoy!


4. Four

Niall POV

I was the third to arrive in the studio, I loved the studio, it had a familiar smell about it and no matter how hectic things could be in my life, I guess the studio was always the one consistency in my life and I liked having that, just something that I could really just have there as a constant thing, and even though it was basically my place of work, it was a really nice place just to hang out and make music in and that is what being an artist is all about to me.

Louis and Harry were already there, we’d all been in London anyway, other than Liam who was in Wolverhampton but driving down to see us as fast as he could make it, to tell us some really important news. I really wanted to know what the really important news was that he had for us all, I was always really excited whenever anyone had any big news, like when Greg told me that he had proposed to Denise and  when she was pregnant and I couldn’t wait for whatever Liam’s big news was. It had to be pretty big too if he had called them all to the studio in London, rather than just texting them, or waiting until the next time that he saw them, it was probably something amazing!

Louis and Harry were sat there on Harry’s tablet, using the One Direction twitter page. Harry was probably in the middle of shopping or something because he was dressed up in a shirt, ripped skinny jeans and Chelsea boots with his hair styled to perfection, so I guess he was dressed smart for the paparazzi sake. He did look very smart though, like the proper celebrity that he was. I guess Louis must have been hanging out with Eleanor though at their flat because he was dressed a lot more casually, with a tight light grey vest that showed off his muscles well and a pair of joggers with ‘Wills’ written down the left leg in white letters and some of his signature navy blue toms on his feet. He had a light grey beanie on his head as well with his long hair sticking out the bottom at the back. I did prefer his hair when it was shorter, but it was his choice I guess, and we were always changing our hair as a band and I’d changed my hair a bit recently too.

I sat down next to the lads and we began to chat. “Hey Niall” Harry beamed with his usual happy smile that showed off his signature dimples. “Hi Nialler!” Louis grinned, talking in his broad Yorkshire accent that the fans adored so much. “Hey lads” I replied with a smile “What have you two been up to recently?” I asked to make conversation and have a quick catch up with them. “Well I’ve just been hanging out with El, we were watching films and just sharing popcorn and chilling out on the sofa all day when I got the text from Liam, we watched tonnes of films, Ted, The Impossible, the first and second Hunger Games and Gravity too! Yeah, we had a lot of fun!” Louis said with a smile lighting his face up. “I just went out shopping in London and met up with Ed... that’s pretty much it really.” Harry said briefly.

Then, suddenly Zayn arrived, with his hair not yet quiffed. He has a pair of white converse on with some chinos and a woolly green cable knit jumper. It reminded me a lot of how we used to dress back in the X Factor, those were the days! He was dressed very casually and it made me smile a bit, I could predict exactly how he’d spent the past few days! “More wedding planning Zayn?” I smirked. “Ugh, don’t even get me started on that, as much as I love Perrie its hell on Earth, it’s all do you like these bridesmaids dresses Zayn? What flowers do you think would complement our colour scheme? Well how the bloody hell does she expect me to know, I’m not an expert on flowers, she’s the one in the floral dresses not me!” He exclaimed which forced me, Louis and Harry to stifle back laughs. “Guys, it’s not funny!” He whines which to be honest just makes it even funnier.

I decide to listen to listen to some Coldplay and play on flappy bird on my phone... I hate that bird but I’m hooked and I can’t stop, I’m addicted and I need rehab! Zayn texts Perrie, complaining to us every so often about the questions that she’s asking him that he has no idea about how on earth to answer. Louis and Harry carry on messing around on the tablet, going on random following sprees and posting selfies. From what I can make out, the fans are going mad for Larry at the moment, ha-ha the bromances, one of the very interesting and slightly mental parts of the fandom, I mean what part isn’t slightly mental? I love our fans to bits but they can sometimes be so insane that it scares me a little, especially if they decide to mob us, that bit terrifies me.

Liam arrives about three quarters of an hour later, we were waiting for a while, but it’ll be worth it to discover his huge news, I hope its good news! Something really exciting maybe! We all sit huddled around on the sofa and Liam sits opposite us, in the middle on a stool. He to is dressed casually and as if we are still in 2010 but I guess today is a lazy day for the band and he dragged us out of what we were doing with very little notice or time to scrub up well, so we all look a tad scruffier than normal, even though we probably could have all had time to change and do our hair as Liam took absolutely ages getting to the studio.

“What is it Li, what’s the big news?” Louis asks with bright eyes. I can see the excitement brewing in those bluey green eyes of his, so maybe he feels that the news is good as I do. I just have a strong feeling that it’s good news, just something inside tells me it is and I think it’s the same for Zayn and Harry too as their eyes are dancing with the foundations of excitement.

“Guys, my mum told me, mum, Roo and Nicola something important today and I am so happy about it. She has discovered a long lost distantly related cousin of hers who is of a similar age. That part probably sounds really dull, but it isn’t the best and most exciting part, the best bit is that this long lost distant cousin of my mum’s has two daughters. Brielle who’s seventeen and Alice who’s fifteen, I think they’re both directioners too, isn’t that great! I’ve always wanted little sisters and with them, it’ll be exactly like having them! Especially with Brielle who’s seventeen. I mean she’s three years younger than us, but we’ll be able to hang out and it’ll be great to have a fan’s true perspective on us and take her shopping in London and everything, Oh my god it’ll be fabulous!” Liam said, his face completely lighten up and I could just tell that he was going to be the best older cousin that he could ever be for those girls, he was just so enthusiastic about it and so genuinely happy about it, I would love to have Liam as my big cousin as he was just so caring, and in a sense I almost envied Brielle and Alice a little bit! Lucky girls!

Author's note-

was this one too short guys? I don't know if it is, but if you think that it is too short, then sorry, and I'll make them longer next time, feel free to leave comments... I will reply to every comment and take all your advise on board!

love you all, Nouis Toran Xxx

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