Testing Limits

Seth and Liam are best friends, but realize they are in love with the same girl,


1. Distinguished: Seth

It's not that I don't like work, it's just the people who work here. What I mean is the one person I loathe the most, that doesn't make work a joy is Liam. Just a little run down on him, he's just a tad shorter than me, and though he's shorter, his build is bigger. Muscles, what does he need them for? I forgot to mention he's the star athlete, he's quarterback of our west coast sharks. I'm Seth by the way. 

     One pretty ironic thing, Liam and I, we used to be best friends, for the past three years of West Trenton High. His attendance record is perfect, his family was perfect, with both parents, and a little brother. His whole life was perfect, compared to mine. My parents separated when I was in seventh grade. That's when Amber appeared in my life. The name fit her perfectly. Her amber eyes, and black silky hair, just guided me into trusting her. By freshman year, she was the most beautiful, and popular girl, everybody wanted to be like her.

     That's when Liam stepped in, as we all know the popular guy, goes for the popular girl. I almost forgot how me and Liam met. It was eighth grade, and a kid punched me in the face. Liam squares him in the jaw. That's how are friendship started. Anyhow back to Amber, she didn't pay much attention to him. Eventually I noticed, she spent more and more time with him. Less and less time with me. Finally, I brought it to her attention. 

     I strolled up to her, "Hey Amber, I need to talk to you."

     She continued to gather her things, "Sure. What about?"

     My expression turned more serious, "It's about Liam. Also it's about us."

     Her smile dimmed, "What's to worry about? I know you think that I like Liam, but we are just friends. Is there anything wrong with us?"

     I smirked to lighten the elephant feeling, "I know you and him are friends, but you never have time for me, you always off with him. I feel like I'm losing you as a friend."

     She knew I was right. I knew she felt the same way I did. Her endearing smile had been long gone. 

     "How about you come over tonight, and go to the movies?"

     Finally, she understood, and to make it more casual I acted not surprised, "Okay, sounds great be there at eight."

     I bent over and kissed her soft cheeks. Her skin was like silk against my lips. I walked her home that night, and felt relieved. As I turned her smooth voice called out my name.

     Her lips mesmorized me,"Seth? Where are you going? Can't you stay?"

     Those words gave me confidence, "If you want me to."

     Her face said it all, she didn't need her voice to tell me to stay. It was nice to help her with homework, and just relax with her. As she went to sit on the couch, I don't know if she meant it or not. Her beautiful body just plopped itself down on me. Her curves fit me, like a glove fits a hand. She was lighter than I thought, and she leaned back on me. 

     Her voice spoke to me again, "Why can't it always be like this? Easy to be with you?"

    The words stung, but I understood what she meant, "Because of Liam."

     Her voice grew weary, "Is it my fault you guys aren't friends anymore."

     Amber twisted her body around to that she straddled my hips. I shook my head no, and her voice sounding like that, just vulnerable, made my heart break. I don't know if I had permission to do this, but I couldn't resist. I put my hands on her waist. She never said anything, or made any movement against it. Rubbing my thumbs over her hip bone, and her cotton t-shirt. She put her hand against my face. Shivers ran through my spine, giving me goose bumps. I sat back up. My face inches away from hers. I didn't want to push it too far. Right then she pressed her silky lips against mine. Blood rushed to head. Telling me where to move my lips. How to move mine to hers.

     The door opened and Amber's weight lifted off of me. 

     "Oh, hey mom, Seth was helping me with homework."


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