Im Just The Maid..

My name is Megan, I am very poor and so I had to go work at this guys house. I was stuck as a maid - im 15 yeh really young and im working for this grown up kind of guy. my boss - I guess he could be considered as cute, or handsome - screw it im attracted to him - a little. anyway he is cheeky and a little intimidating since he is so................... mysterious :)


5. The ride home!


 Megan's POV:


 Harry opened my door and I went in and sat down. He ran around and got into his side of the car. He began driving and I couldn't take my eyes off him, he may be my boss but I think I'm in love with him... No ! no I'm NOT! yes yes I am! ugh!!! I looked out the window and just thought of him. We came to a stop I did really realise until I felt Harry's arm against mine.

 " Hazza? " I questioned.

 " I I am dreadfully sorry! but I cant help myself I just want to touch you and kiss you and..." I cut him off by kissing his lips gently. what. what was I doing?! His tongue began skimming across my lips, requesting for entry. I let him and our tongues began to dance. Not breaking the kiss, he hauled us both into the back seat. Me underneath him I squealed. he smirked and started hovering above me, making me feel the urge to pull his body down on mine.


Harry's POV:


 What the bloody hell am I doing she is my mid but now she was my baby girl. I loved her and I slowly rested my lips in the crook of her neck and shoulders.

 " Baby be mine " I whispered into her ear. she nodded and moaned. I got what I wanted. I ran my hands through her now messy hair and lay down on her.


Megan's POV:


 I felt him harden and completely forgetting I was just a servant girl, I grabbed his length and he groaned. He moved down against me and began kissing my collar bone. I moaned loudly.

a/n sorry shit chapter I haz writers block!

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