Im Just The Maid..

My name is Megan, I am very poor and so I had to go work at this guys house. I was stuck as a maid - im 15 yeh really young and im working for this grown up kind of guy. my boss - I guess he could be considered as cute, or handsome - screw it im attracted to him - a little. anyway he is cheeky and a little intimidating since he is so................... mysterious :)


3. Shopping with the 'Boss'


 Harry's POV:

I tried to focus on the road but I couldn't, I kept taking a few looks over at her. we stopped at Starbucks quickly and got two coffees. We continued driving until we hit a red light. I stopped on the road and waited for the lights. I accidently knocked over my coffee.

" SHIT!" I yelled.

" Here!" Megan quickly grabbed some napkins and so did I. We began to wipe up the coffee and the at the same time we grabbed the coffee up. we looked up into each other's eyes. Her brown eyes we entrancing and we slowly moved closer to each other. I didn't notice the lights change. Our lips were now millimetres away from each other I looked at her lips and as I was about to kiss her, a loud 'beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep' was let out from the car behind us. be both sat back and I waited til the lights turned orange and then I drove, leaving the angry person in the car behind us to have to sit and wait again. I laughed then stopped when I heard a prettier, more gentle laugh. I turned and looked at Megan giggling to herself. I smiled warmly and soon arrived at the mall. I parked my car and opened Megan's door and held her hand, helping her out the car.

" Why thank you kind sir " She giggled, I continued the role play;

" Well of course my lady, shall we ronday vou down the hallway ?"

" she stared at me for a bit, very confused then laughed as she took my out stretched hand. we walked hand in hand like a couple. I smiled to myself.


Megan's POV:

I loved Harry's smile, his dimples were adorable and his teeth were pearl white. He tried to pull me into Hollister but I pulled away.

" What's wrong?" He asked, I looked at him blankly the spoke.

" That place is really expensive, I once overheard 2 girls laughing to each other about how they spent £500 pounds in 5 minutes in that place!" I sighed and he lifted my chin up so I was looking directly into his hazy eyes.

" Nothing is too expensive for my girl.. for you" he blushed then smirked at me. I hugged him gently.

" I am your.." I wanted to say I am your girl but I remembered my place on this earth, " I am your maid.." I sighed, as did he.

" Maybe more, " He smirked and pulled me into Hollister, I walked out with 2 jumpers, 5 tops and 3 pairs of jeans.

" That was fun thanks Sir," I smiled at the hour we just had in that shop.

" First of all call Hazza and we are not don't yet!" He smiled and pulled me to a shoe shop.

" Are you sure Hazza?" I giggled at his nickname and he turned to me.

" Of course, Now here are some converse, boots, pumps, sandals, heels - take your time " He beamed and sat down.

~~~~~~~~ 30 minutes later~~~~~~~~

Megan's POV:

I walked out the shop with 4 bags of shoes. I smiled at Harry and we walked to a shopping centre across the street. I stopped as I saw 2 little kids on the street, obviously starving and poor. I ran into a grocery shop quickly with a fiver that Harry gave me and I bought a ton of  food, Harry looked at me stunned as I gave the children all the food I had with me, I ran into a bathroom and got changed into y new clothes, walking out with my old clothes I handed them to the children.

" Here, its not much but it might help," I cried a little as I saw the children dive into the small bit of food that was in the bag.

" Thank you!" The youngest one hugged me. I continued to cry and saw people take pictures of me and video me. Harry came over and smiled at the children, handing them £50 each.

" I hope this is ok?" he smiled and I hugged him. He had a strong heart. the children both hugged us and thanked us and we soon walked away after Harry used the cardboard boxes they used a home and ripped it then placed it until it was a safe little shelter for them. We soon waved and walked off hand in hand.

" Thank you Hazza!"

" For what?" He seemed so innocent,

" For what you did back there, for buying me stuff, for being the best and only friend I have ever wanted!" I hugged him tightly.

" It's fine now come on we have a LOT more shopping to do!" He beamed.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Megan's POV:

I walked out holding 15 bags and Harry held another 15 bags. We crammed them all into his car, I had about 20 pair of new shoes, 34 tops, 15 pairs of jeans, 2 brushes, 12 jackets, 7 items of jewellery and 5 dresses. WOW.That was intense!

" I will pay you back the best I can- don't pay for the maid job! "

" Are you kidding me! you don't need to pay me back! and I am paying you for the maid job!" we argued the entire ride home. we stopped outside his front door and he opened my door, letting me out.

" Go get changed, I'm taking you out to dinner!" he smirked.

" WHAT?! Hazza, no! I'm just your maid - I will cook you something!" I felt extremely guilty but after fighting for 10 minutes I went upstairs and put on some Sparkling heels and a well... little black dress ( no pun intended ;) ).



Hey there my lovelies hope you like this chapter ^-^ :*

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