Im Just The Maid..

My name is Megan, I am very poor and so I had to go work at this guys house. I was stuck as a maid - im 15 yeh really young and im working for this grown up kind of guy. my boss - I guess he could be considered as cute, or handsome - screw it im attracted to him - a little. anyway he is cheeky and a little intimidating since he is so................... mysterious :)


7. Maybe.... In The Mood?

Megan's POV:

I knocked on his door, I heard footstep travelling towards it, I shivered then thought: ' WTF am I doing?!?! He is my boss!! '

I turned to quickly tip toe away when the door opened and I hear a loud moan. I turned back around and saw Harry in just a pair of tight, black boxers. My lips trembled.

" so 'maid' why are you at my room this late? " he smirked wickedly, looking me up and down, I walked towards him without answering him and puts my hands on his chest and began to kiss his chest going lower and lower then stopped just under his belly button, I then went back up and saw him eyes closed smirking.

" let's tKe this inside " he smirked.

" yes, sir " I smirked back and he laughed.

Harry pushes me down on the bed, his hands freely touching my body. I felt one hand progress to my leg and he strokes it up along my thy, he kisses in the crook of my neck making me shiver more. I wanted him now, but he couldn't know that. He hooked a finger around my panties and dragged it down.

" if you ain't gonna pleasure me I can leave " I smirked, his eyes widened then he smirked again and put his hand to my 'are' he rubbed it hard and oh god it was hard not to moan, yet I didn't he go mad, he got furious.

He began putting his finger in slowly then another, rubbing them in and out faster and harder each time- I gently moaned, that made him pissed!

Harry's POV:

Wtf this girl wouldn't moan for me?!?! I got pissed like seriously pissed. I unbuttoned her bra after removing my fingers and she gasped. Then I removed my boxers, she looked down at my length then smirked back up at me.

" protection Mr styles " I took out a packet and put it on then flipped her over to face me and kissed along her neck again, sucking it and leaving love marks, I heard little pathetic moans then I inserted myself in her. She moaned loudly. I got what I wanted but now I wanted more.

" my name baby moan my name! "

" h h h " she was struggling I guess, I went in harder and tongues her a bit then got back up going faster she was so wet now.

" HARRY! " she screamed/moaned. I smirked and we both fell back on the bed moaning and panting.

" Megan. Mmmm I I "

" don't Styles just. " she kissed me hard and loving then laid down and fell asleep in my bed.

( onfgggggg I haven't updated this in ages I'm soooo sorry!!!!!! I hope this is okay please no hate ! )

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