Im Just The Maid..

My name is Megan, I am very poor and so I had to go work at this guys house. I was stuck as a maid - im 15 yeh really young and im working for this grown up kind of guy. my boss - I guess he could be considered as cute, or handsome - screw it im attracted to him - a little. anyway he is cheeky and a little intimidating since he is so................... mysterious :)


4. Dinner, Date?


  Harry's POV:

 She came down the stairs, dazzling, her hair curled at the ends and her lips were so plump and kissable. it was really hard not to show my feelings towards her. she was perfect - just perfect! I felt like a million dollars around her. Forget everything, forget being famous, being alive, breathing, forget everything - everything but her, I am in love with her but she shall never know.


Megans POV:

He is literally staring at me, his big eyes full of lust and longing. he seems lonely but why? our lips so close that one breathe could have us kissing. I felt alive with him - he was my destiny, he was the guy I would love forever. but he shall never know...

" S..s so where are we going Hazza?" I giggled at the nickname I was told to say to my ' Boss '. he didn't feel like a boss but a well.. he felt like a boyfriend...

" UH umm oh yeh we are uh .." He broke from his day dream then continued, " We are meeting my friend Darcy at this fancy place. "

I felt almost sad that we were meeting up with another girl who was probably much prettier then me...

" Oh ok uh cool!" I tried to sound happy but I don't think he bought it..

Harry's POV:

I didn't buy it. She didn't want to go but I really wanted to, luckily she came. we got in my car and drove.


*************************** 30 minutes later*********************************


Harry's POV:

We got to the restaurant and I saw Darcy sitting at a table, her red dress I bought her for her birthday looked great on her. she was a gorgeous girl I admit. We have been friends since forever! I took Megan's hand and walked over to the table.


Darcy's POV:

I had been waiting for Harry for like an hour now, I had to tell him something personal but I soon saw him with a girl. A beautiful girl, she was gorgeous! My heart began beating a little more as I saw her smile in my direction. Her eyes were doe like, they were beautiful. Her body was nice, big chest, perfect height. I think im in love!

" Hey Hazza! and who is this ? " My eyes widened when I saw her lovely lips smile at me and say " I am Megan ".

" Megan? what a pretty name ! " I said to the girl who looked a little younger then me. This would be fun I liked the idea of being with her for hours.


Megan's POV:

The girl I was guessing was Darcy was pretty, I think we will be great friends. I kinda think she likes me though I mean she is acting the way I do around Harry? I mean don't get me wrong this Darcy girl is hot - I am Bi sexual but I never told anyone - I am just not completely for her as I am with Harry.

We sat down at the table.  We spoke for what seemed like hours.

" haha I will be right back I need to go to the ladies' room " I laughed, standing up. Darcy stood up as well.

" I need as well here lets go " She walked to the bathroom and I followed.

" So you and harry eh? " I said sadly

" What you talking about?"

" you guys are a couple? " I asked even sadder.

" NO WAY! " she burst out laughing. My heart beat some more. I felt happier now that I knew that. We pushed open the bathroom door. No one here? well the restaurant was kinda empty..

" So you straight?" Darcy said out of the blue.

" Me? no, im BI" I said with confidence.

" oh have you ever had your first kiss ?" Darcy asked with a smile.

" NO, ok I haven't... its a little embarrassing !" I looked down. Darcy put her hands on my chin and lifted it up. I was looking into her baby blue eyes and suddenly her red painted lips crashed into mine, he tongues slapping my lips and begging to enter. Not thinking I let her in and we began to tongue, her tongue playing with mine. We spun into a cubical and Darcy locked it. am I really kissing her?! Her hand began to run up my top, she clutched by boobs and I let out a little whine, her smirk was sexy.

" G...get off Darcy! " I cried thinking about Harry.

" FIne " Darcy pulled away wiping her lips with her tongue. I sat in shock then quickly made my way back to the table where Darcy slowly followed.

Harry's POV:

it was kinda late and I had already payed for the dinner.

" Shall we go then Megan? " I asked, she nodded.

" OK one second x " I went to get my jacket.


Megan's POV:

I froze, Darcy had her hand wrapped around my thy, her finders rubbing gently I flinched then Harry returned and we said our goodbyes then walked out. I could still feel her lips on mine even though they weren't...

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