Hi.i'm lilac.lilac Irwin.Im 17,a year younger then my brother Ashton.I am different.I have 1 blue eye and the other one is blue that has the bottom left just half brown and a little green.Not a mixture,just there(like cover).Im the schools nerd.I have never once looked up from anything ,and if I do I where sunglasses.I hate my eyes people won't like them;no one knows I'm Ashton's sister,and only he knows about my eyes.I don't want anyone at school knowing I'm Ashton's sister because he and his friends that have never seen me with Ashton before are popular,and I don't want him to be embarrassed of me.Im very different,and I don't like it.So here you have all my horrible life with a odd name weird eyes cool brother bully's a nerd love hate and embarrassment,so read on!


5. the panic

Lilacs POV

After she called the attendance of my name she looked at me questionably.

"I didn't know you and Ashton were related"

"Ya"me and Ashton said at the same time

"How so?"she asked

"Umm I'm her big brother"Ashton stated.

"Hmm that's new"she smiled.The class dragged on like normal,except for the daggers I got sent to me by Taylor;why is she so mad at me?.after class Ashton had me hang around with him.

"Ashton I'm sorry"I apologized

"Why is that love?"

"You know for making you snap at your friends for a situation that's my problem and not yours.Now you probably have no friends!because of me!ashton I'm soooooo sorry I was born!you should have had a cool little sister that can be in your little group and not get a sister who is pathetic and can't save herself!!! Do I even deserve to be walking with you!!!"I started to cry and panic.

"Lilac what are you saying?!"

"I don't deserve a great caring nice lovable brother like you!!i deserve a brother who lives under a bridge!!!you deserve better!!"I panicky ran to the girls bathroom locking the stall door and sat on the toilet rocking back and forth.What didn't help me calm down was Taylor on the other side of the stall saying

"All you said was right bitch!!Go back to the dump you came out of!!!"I started to cover my ears and cry REALLY loudly.

"AHHHHHHHHHH"I screamed there were voices in my head saying

'Listen to her!!you don't deserve Ashton go kill yourself!!!'

"MAKE IT STOP!!PLEASE SOMEONE JUST MAKE IT STOP"I sobbed loudly.i heard Ashton on the other side

"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!MY BABY SISTER IS IN THERE PANICKING AND THERE YOUR LITTLE SLUTTY BITCH ASS HAS TO MAKE IT WORSE!!"I heard her say something like the bitch deserved it or something like that

There then was a light knocking at the stall door

"LI can you open up please?"

"I need to die"I whispered

"No you don't!!i won't have a awesome caring lovable sensitive baby sister I can be over protective of and I need a best friend who is the greatest and I need someone to race down the stairs with on Christmas to see if Santa drank our beer and ate our carrots with!!with out you I won't be whole and I won't forgive myself knowing I could have done something but I was just to blind to even see how bad the problem was!!!"

"R-really?"I stuttered

"YES!!"I slowly got up and crawled under the stall to see Ashton with tears on his cheek staring at the stall with hope in his eyes,he didn't even notice me.I then started crying seeing him cry;especially because of me!!i crawled to his legs and hugged them for dear life

"I love you lilac"he whispered standing me up and he smiled sadly at me

"I love you to!i need a piggy back ride"

He chuckled and said yes.I got on his back and we were off!

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