Hi.i'm lilac.lilac Irwin.Im 17,a year younger then my brother Ashton.I am different.I have 1 blue eye and the other one is blue that has the bottom left just half brown and a little green.Not a mixture,just there(like cover).Im the schools nerd.I have never once looked up from anything ,and if I do I where sunglasses.I hate my eyes people won't like them;no one knows I'm Ashton's sister,and only he knows about my eyes.I don't want anyone at school knowing I'm Ashton's sister because he and his friends that have never seen me with Ashton before are popular,and I don't want him to be embarrassed of me.Im very different,and I don't like it.So here you have all my horrible life with a odd name weird eyes cool brother bully's a nerd love hate and embarrassment,so read on!


2. just the beginning

Lilacs POV

Right after Ashton took a shower I made some chocolate chip pancakes witch are his favorite because we still had a good 45 minuets till school. Right when I put the pancakes on his plate he came running in

"I smell food"

"Ya I made you chocolate chip pancakes"


"Ya!you deserve them after you winning your football game yesterday!"

"Aww thanks baby sis!love you"

"Love you too,now sit your bum down"he did right away.i grabbed him a fork,knife,napkins,honey,powdered SUGER,Nutella,peanut butter and syrup.

I didn't make my self any so I grabbed an apple

"Aren't you going to have some too?"

"Nah I'll just have a apple"I smiled

"You sure?"

"Ya"I smiled and nodded.When he was done it was time to go.He got in his mustang about to drive to school;he drives and I walk,our parents are rich.

"Hey umm ash can I have 5 pounds for lunch?"

"Yeah sure"he smiled and handed me the money

"Thanks bye love you see ya at school"

"Ok bye love you too walk safe and text me when your there like always."

"Ok"I smiled and he drove off.I started walking while humming to myself.When I got there I made sure no one could see my eyes.I texted Ashton like he wanted me to

Text convo

L-I'm here

A-ok:)cya in class love ya.

L-k cya then luv ya 2


I started walking to my locker when I saw the 5 boys I'm horrified of.Louis Tomlinson,Zayn Malik,Liam Payne,Niall Horan and Harry Styles.I put my head down and started walking,when I got there I quickly opened my locker putting my bag in and taking out my geometry books and other stuff I will need.I kept my head down and shut me locker and was about to walk away when Louis said

"Where are you going?"

"Class"I whispered.Here I don't talk often but at home I'm more comfortable.i just speed walked to class where I could be safe with my brother

And teacher in geometry to keep the 5 scary bps from hurting me.i walked in class where I saw Ashton talking to his popular friends.I glanced behind me and saw the boys about to walk in and say something to me but before they could I walked quickly to the closest seer to Ashton witch was right behind him,I know a popular mean boy sits here but I took the risk to get away from them.The bell rung and in walked the mean popular boy.Tom.The 5 boys all hate him.So when he walked to me he asked

"Why the hell are you in my seat?"

"S-sorry"I stuttered.Ashton turned his head and I just quickly got up grabbed my books and was about I walk away when he slapped them out of my hands!they fell with a thud and everyone turned their heads,I just pushed my glasses up holding them in place where I bent down and picked the books up.I quickly walked to the nearest empty seat witch was in the back corner of the room.I looked down at my books while every one laughed except for Ashton.I started to get embarrassed and my cheeks turned bright pink and I wanted I cry.I didn't want to cry in front of the whole class so I let a single tear fall out of my sun glass protected eyes and down my cheek.I heard people laugh even harder.The teacher then came in and the room went quiet with a few still recovering from their laughing fits.The teacher was doing attendance now

"Tom Parker?"


"Ashton Irwin?"

"Heddo"I don't have my last name written down on there and I'm the only one who doesn't have it on there


"Here"I whispered


She said again

"Here "I said slightly louder.She sighed and kept going.After class it was gym.I grabbed my gym close from my locker and went to the girls bathroom and changed.When I was done I went outside where everyone was running,I quickly found Ashton and ran behind him where it didn't seem like I was a stalker.While I was running I saw tom come behind me.I still had my sunglasses on thank god.He then ran beside me And pushed me!I fell down and scraped my knee and hit my nose!my nose started bleeding and he started laughing"I couldn't feel my glasses on so I frantically looked around but couldn't find them!I looked at tom and sure enough he had them

"Looking for these?"i gasped.By now there was blood running out of my nose,down my knee.And I has tears In my eyes,my nose and knee are killing me.

"Give it back!"I shouted.Everyone looked at me.Shit!my eyes!i then put both my hands over my eyes from embarrassment and to hide my eyes.Everyone laughed.I started crying.I then started to walk to the nurse when I felt someone's hand on my shoulder,I snapped my head back and there stood Ashton.I then grabbed him and hugged him and his my face in the crook of his neck and cried

"Shh shh.here wear mine"he knew I don't like other people seeing my eyes.I looked up and he put his sunglasses on me.I sadly smiled and said

"Thanks,now go back while I go clean my face"he nodded before hugging me again then running out.

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