Hi.i'm lilac.lilac Irwin.Im 17,a year younger then my brother Ashton.I am different.I have 1 blue eye and the other one is blue that has the bottom left just half brown and a little green.Not a mixture,just there(like cover).Im the schools nerd.I have never once looked up from anything ,and if I do I where sunglasses.I hate my eyes people won't like them;no one knows I'm Ashton's sister,and only he knows about my eyes.I don't want anyone at school knowing I'm Ashton's sister because he and his friends that have never seen me with Ashton before are popular,and I don't want him to be embarrassed of me.Im very different,and I don't like it.So here you have all my horrible life with a odd name weird eyes cool brother bully's a nerd love hate and embarrassment,so read on!


4. attendance

Lilacs POV

I squeezed my eyes shut and turned around and took a deep breath and hopped up more so they could see,I opened my eyes and everyone gasped.I blushed and hopped back to Ashton.And sat down.Everyone looked at me,I then thought of something.I got up again hopped to the teacher took her clip board with everyone's names on it for attendance;and I wrote Irwin.after my name and handed it to her

"Ok class attendance time!!,

Cher Lloyd?"


"Eleanor calder?"


"Taylor swift?"


"Michael Clifford?"


"Tom Parker?"

"Was up?"

"Calum hood?"


"Luke Hemmings?"


"Louis Tomlinson?"

"The TOMMO is here"

"Zayn Malik?"

"Vas happenin?"

"Liam Payne?"

"I'm present"

"Niall Horan?"

"Leprechaun in da house!"

"Harry styles?"


"Ashton Irwin?"

"Heddo"me and Ashton talk EXACTLY the same my voice is girlies though

"And last but not least lilac Irwin?"


A/N sorry it was short it's really late and I have school tomorrow and I tried sneaking in this chapter before bed!!love you all my BEAUTIFUL readers!!!!


Goodbye now:)

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