Aaaaaaannnndddd here it is, the awards ceremony you've all been waiting for! Wait what?! You've never heard of the prestigious paper awards? Of the glory they bring to movellas? Humph. Well now you have....
Read on to figure out how to win an award, how to nominate and how to vote. Oh yes, and how to TELL EVERYONE THAT THE FUN IS HAPPENING OVER AT THIS MOVELLA! GET ON OVER HERE OR YOURE MISSING OUT!!!! XD
*This awards ceremony is in honour of my one year movellas anniversary :)*


36. RESULTS (And other cool information)


The results for each category are on the page named after it. For example, the results for Best Poem can be found in the chapter called 'Best Poem'. I've only listed the top three, but the tallies beside each name show how many votes each person/movella got.




- I'm thinking of making this an annual thing. Can you please comment, telling me what you think of this idea? 

- Kennedy Shadownight, Cambie and Skye Everdeen and Mrs Gabby Payne <3 are all making their own versions of this awards ceremony. They're going to be awesome, so GO CHECK THEM OUT!!

- Ooh, another thing I think would be cool is if, if you were nominated/a winner of a Paper Award, you put it in your profile. (In the about me section) For example, if you were nominated for kindest movellian, you put : "I WAS NOMINATED FOR KINDEST MOVELLIAN IN THE PAPER AWARDS." or something like that :)

- Voting and nominating is over, but that doesn't mean that this movella is useless. I personally am going to be reading every movella nominated, winner or not, and going to the profile of every nominated movellian and if you did the same, that would give a lot of publicity to some lesser known movellas/movellians,as well as making the popular movellas/movellians nominated here even more widely known!!!It will kind of be like a library of movella recommendations/people recommendations!!!

- If you won a Paper Award, (First, second or third) I will definitely fan you. If your movella was the thing that won, I will like, favourite and give CC on said movella. If you came first in any category I will also give CC (and probably like/favourite) on three books, the same for second place but with two books, and ditto for third place but with one book. Tell me which book(s) you want me to critique in the comments please :D

-Oh, and lastly....

- STAY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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