Aaaaaaannnndddd here it is, the awards ceremony you've all been waiting for! Wait what?! You've never heard of the prestigious paper awards? Of the glory they bring to movellas? Humph. Well now you have....
Read on to figure out how to win an award, how to nominate and how to vote. Oh yes, and how to TELL EVERYONE THAT THE FUN IS HAPPENING OVER AT THIS MOVELLA! GET ON OVER HERE OR YOURE MISSING OUT!!!! XD
*This awards ceremony is in honour of my one year movellas anniversary :)*


6. Best Historical Fiction Movella


Hannelore by The Fuzz  IIIII III

Her Highness by Damn those Herondale Boys   I

Confessions from a King by Mirlotta  III

Stalingrad by KatieK  I

Viva La Vida by Melinoe    I


In 1st place... Hannelore by The Fuzz with 8 VOTES!!!!  - An extremely popular choice and well deserving first!!!

In 2nd place... Confessions of a King by Mirlotta with 3 VOTES!!  - Um... I'm not really sure what to say! I didn't think I'd even be nominated, especially seeing as it's my own movella, but now I've by some miracle come second!! Thank you!!

In 3rd place... Her Highness by DamnthoseHerondaleBoys  ,  Stalingrad by KatyK and Viva La Vida by Melinoe with 1 VOTE!!!


Thank you to all winners and nominees!!!

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