Aaaaaaannnndddd here it is, the awards ceremony you've all been waiting for! Wait what?! You've never heard of the prestigious paper awards? Of the glory they bring to movellas? Humph. Well now you have....
Read on to figure out how to win an award, how to nominate and how to vote. Oh yes, and how to TELL EVERYONE THAT THE FUN IS HAPPENING OVER AT THIS MOVELLA! GET ON OVER HERE OR YOURE MISSING OUT!!!! XD
*This awards ceremony is in honour of my one year movellas anniversary :)*


28. Best Coauthor


LeopardStar32   I

Hellooooooo!!!!!!   IIIII

NightStar13   II

MahoganyPumpkin  II

Emma Bird  III

HeartTaunter   I

Hermione Katniss   II


In 1st place... Helloooooooo!!!! with 5 VOTES!!!! - Wow. I'm guessing you've coauthored a lot of books? XD

in 2nd place... Emma Bird with 3 VOTES!!!!

In 3rd place... Nightstar13Mahogany Pumpkin and Hermione Katniss with 2 VOTES!!!!


Well done to the winners and all the nominees!!!




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