Twice As Hard...

This story is about two girls that just happen to be sisters. They have a big family, and that causes problems. These girls are each others best friends and each others' rock. They love each other, and, no matter how tough life gets, these girls are always there for each other.
What will happen, when these girls, are working, and a few boys just happen to turn everything upside down? These boys will either make their lives worse, or better. What will happen, when these girls, fall and the boys are there to catch them? Will they be trusted? Or, will they let the girls fall?
Find out in Louise and Una's adventures. You will be laughing with them, you will be crying with them, but, most importantly, you will be living their lives with them. Watching as their lives crumble around them, and watch, as a few boys come into the picture.
Can you guess who these boys are? Yes, you guessed it! One Direction! But will their money be enough for the sisters, that, have spent their life wanting it?


5. unas pov

Chapter 5

Una's POV. 

I open the door and walk in with Louise behind me to be greeted by mr.peter " hello girls how are you today " he says in his sickish happy voice I hate " fine Mr.peter " Louise says and I smile "yeah were grand can we start now " I say half moaningly " yes sure just serve the costumers be kind " he says and looks at me and I smirk " and as well make them happy and don't burn the place down I'll be out and about till 5 and you'll get played after no one will be here so.. " yah yeah we get it now go " I cut him off and he smiles as he goes to get his jacket and shoes " goodbye " he says and leaves " thanksgod hhe's gone " I say and Louise laughs "I'll go behind the counter and you go and get the stuff in the back " Louise says and I agreed I make my way into the back and start taking a box of cadbury chocolates to the shelves to hear a whole of shreeking voices at the top of the shop screaming and laughing  " stupid people " I mutter and put the box  on the ground  and start making my way to  the top of the shop to face 5 boys having a laugh and messing around " oi... Stop messing you buy something or he out is that understood " I scream and the stop and start smirking I walk over to the cash register where Louise is standing a boy with blonde hair comes up with 15 chocolate bars 7 cans of coke 10 packets of chrisps " is that all isay half joking "yep " he says and I scan all the items boringly while Louise got the money and gave back some as well next was a boy with tan skin and blackish hair actually good looking to be honest he hands me a bar of chocolate and a diet coke and I scan it " thanks " he says and goes to Louise then a boy with brown hair and tanish skin comes up "would you by any chance might have a carrot flavored chocolate or anything really "he says with a serious face on him I roll my eyes "_ I don't know go look for it yourself like Jesus you have eyes don't you " I say and a guy with curly hair laughs the boy walks away scanning the place the boy with curly hair comes up " hey my names harry " he says and I nod " good for you so what are you buying " I say and he laughs " well your feisty " he says and this time I laugh "thanks " I say and he hands me his items and I scan them " a phone number any chance " he says " zero chance " I say and laugh with His smile fading away as he moves the last boy comes up with his stuff and I can it and he smiles which makes me kinda smile weirdly which I could see Harry turn around with anger hahah just then.........

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