Twice As Hard...

This story is about two girls that just happen to be sisters. They have a big family, and that causes problems. These girls are each others best friends and each others' rock. They love each other, and, no matter how tough life gets, these girls are always there for each other.
What will happen, when these girls, are working, and a few boys just happen to turn everything upside down? These boys will either make their lives worse, or better. What will happen, when these girls, fall and the boys are there to catch them? Will they be trusted? Or, will they let the girls fall?
Find out in Louise and Una's adventures. You will be laughing with them, you will be crying with them, but, most importantly, you will be living their lives with them. Watching as their lives crumble around them, and watch, as a few boys come into the picture.
Can you guess who these boys are? Yes, you guessed it! One Direction! But will their money be enough for the sisters, that, have spent their life wanting it?


2. Louises's start

Hi, my name is Louise. I am part of a really big family, there are  kids and my mum and dad. Its really annoying, because the younger kids are so loud and the older ones are mean to me, just because I am quiet and shy. Well I am shy, but once you get to know me, I can be loud and crazy!

My only friend is my sister, Una. I guess we are best friends because we are both 18. I am exactly 1 month older than her. I am the more kind one and Una can be really snappy. But, we are alike sometimes, I mean, I can be pretty snappy and Una can be pretty nice too! Una just isn't a very accepting person and I am maybe a bit too accepting.

I have long, light brown hair with natural blonde highlights. I have blue-green eyes and I am medium height.

"Una, Louise, for goodness sake, will you come downstairs!?" Mum shouted.

I groaned and Una muttered some very colourful words. I was saying the same in my head, but I am more of the shy girl and I just prefer to keep a lot of things in my head. Whereas Una doesn't mind saying things loud and clear for everyone to hear. We slowly walked down the stairs.

"How many times do I have to  all you two? Are you deaf?" Mum asks angrily.

Una replied with a hilarious comeback and I snickered. Mum glared at us, but continued, she asked us do we wan to work in the newagents around the corner. It pays 50 pounds a day! Hell yeah!

We are going to have a job! Yay! We haven't been able to get a job in a while, because we keep getting fired! Like, seriously, since when was taking a break whenever you want a crime? Or, playing with the toys instead of stacking them? Or, eating the food thats being sold?

Anyway, lets just hope that this goes ok...

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