You & I [Niall Horan]

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  • Published: 23 Feb 2014
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It all seems to good to be true? Well it's just another dream coming true for me. Walk a mile in my shoes and you'll taste the life of a celebrity or at least that's just one side of it. You will feel everything and you will love and hate it just as much as I've always done.


15. Unpleasant surprises

I packed my bags as soon as I had been in the shower and had gotten something to eat and drink. I was getting ready for the day and the pictures I would take. I was going to look like such a tourist but for once I didn’t mind. My cameras where secured in my bag and I went outside with my phone on me in case someone actually wanted to meet up with me. It was still rather cold outside so I was dressed in long dark skinny jeans and a crop top with my jacket over it. I couldn’t wear scarf of gloves when I needed proper pictures so I didn’t bother taking it with me.

I took the tube to Hyde Park and took a walk through the park snapping hundreds of pictures of the nature and taking it all in. Everyone looked strangely at me for working with such cameras but I didn’t mind. I just enjoyed what I was able to do right now.

“You sure those flowers will do something interesting that will give you a story you can sell so some magazine can share it with the world?”

“Maybe, otherwise I could always sell the one to your fans about that one time we made out, I think I still have some pictures lying around. I’m sure your girlfriend would love to know about that.”

I stood back up and faced Andy as he was standing there and looked at me as I was taking pictures of the nature.

“You know about that?”

“Niall told me.”

“So you’re going for him now?”

“Just because I spent a few hours with him to tell him the truth doesn’t mean I’m going for him. Besides… I’m going back to Sweden anyway.”

“Why did you do it?”

“Why did you cheat on your girlfriend and give me hope? We all do stupid things Andy and mine happened to be the thing that has paid all of my flights to see you guys not to mention all the parties and so on.”

“But why did you do it?”

“Because I’m good at it or I was until yesterday at Primrose Hill. Have you ever seen me before? No, no one has, not even Liam who sees every fucking thing.”

“It still doesn’t make sense to me. Why didn’t you come to me and said you needed a job. I could have gotten you something.”

“Because I do have a job Andy! I sell stories to the magazines, and I make enough to make a living of it.”

“It’s not a job Diana!”

“It is for me. It gave me the friends I have today and stalking people gave me the best of my friends and it will never be able to be taken away from me.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive you for what you’ve done Diana.”

“Well do you think I can forgive you for what you’ve done to me?”

“What have I ever done to you that have hurt you this badly?”

“Maybe that time when I actually fell in love with you because you started making out with me in the club! I fell for you Andy Samuels and you broke my heart so badly because you didn’t put anything into it! You just used me and now I have pictures of it lying around and I can sell that story and break you further but I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to put that pain on you and now you’re putting pain on me again because you’re mad at me for having a job that I care about. Can’t you see it? We will never stop hurting each other if we don’t forgive and forget about what’s happened? I just wanna go back to speak with you all the time and hang out at the club, even though you’re all angry that I lied.”

“Give it some time… Make yourself come back.”

“Don’t you think I’m trying?”

“Try a little harder princess.”

He left after that I continued walking around. He always ended up confusing me and I honestly never knew what to do about it, so I ended up texting Niall to meet up with me at the apartment. I felt like I needed him right now and as long as he was off and just doing nothing he could as well come and hang out with me and make me feel better about everything going on.

When I got back to the road I lived on I saw Niall leaning against his car and standing with his keys in his hands.

“Where have you been?”

“Hyde Park”

“Playing around with the paparazzi again?”

“No for once I tried this thing where I took pictures of the nature until Andy decided to come around. I think word was that I was there, quite a few people greeted me.”

“Oh is it?”

“Yeah quite annoying.”

“Someone might have told them you were there when they saw you.”


He smirked at me and pulled me in for a hug.

“I just needed to test you once more.”

“You just wanted to know if I said something about you right?”


“Was that why Andy was asking about you?”

“I guess.”

He kissed my forehead and followed me up to the apartment.

“I’m not gonna brag about you Niall, because I don’t know what we are and I’ll be going back to Sweden sometime next week.”


“Because I need to come home again.”

“But you should stay.”

He turned me around to make me face him in the doorway of the apartment.

“I can’t.”

I looked down at my hands which he was holding.

“But why?”

“Because I just need to go back to my parents for a short time. I’ll be back soon but I can’t stay here for much longer.”

“Let me come with you then.”

“It’s more complicated than that Niall.”


He just said my name as he put his hand under my chin and looked into my eyes. I didn’t feel much smaller than him but I did have to stand on the tip of my toe to kiss him and that’s what I did. I kissed him passionately and moved him with me into the apartment and closed the door behind us but it wasn’t a pleasant surprise when I heard some of my friends behind me whilst I was standing there with no other than Niall Horan in my mouth and all over me. 


Hey y'all <3 So I'm back again after another crazy weekend. Been an amazing time but I'm so glad to be back. I'll try my best to upload every day but with everything I have planned it might be hard some days but I really will try. 

I made an account for those of you who wants to ask me questions or maybe get to know me better. My user is: as my name was taken already. You can talk to me there from now on. 

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