You & I [Niall Horan]

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  • Published: 23 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Apr 2014
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It all seems to good to be true? Well it's just another dream coming true for me. Walk a mile in my shoes and you'll taste the life of a celebrity or at least that's just one side of it. You will feel everything and you will love and hate it just as much as I've always done.


9. Not just another day

I woke up to the sounds of my phone ringing but I couldn't exactly tell where the sound came from, so I got out of bed and started looking for it in the mess I had already made in the bedroom of the apartment I was currently living in. As soon as my phone stopped ringing I of course had to find it. Looking at the screen I could see that it was my good friend Adam who had called me again. 

I hit his name and called him back just to hear him answer the phone straight ahead. 

"Hey, someone's been hard to get a hold on. Fan meeting at Kendra's in an hour be there. The next auction is something about Miley Cyrus." 

"Tell her I can't meet Miley today. I have something I've got to do." 

"And what's more important than meeting Miley?" 

"It's something with the paparazzi. I don't know exactly what it is, but they told me to be there, and its amazing money. Besides I've met Miley twice already." 

"Oh someone's in the bitchy mood today. Tell me what's up girl?" 

"Adam not now okay? Let's meet up soon just not today. I've got to do this. Tell Kendra I'm sorry, but I really need the money so I can stay here just a little longer." 

I hung up and lay back down in my bed. I wasn't feeling well today and the text I had waiting for me on my phone made me feel even worse. I took my phone up in front of my face and started reading. 

Hey, don't really remember much from last night. If I said something stupid I'm sorry, all I remember is you leaving in a hurry. Let me know you're okay, okay?

I didn't know if I wanted to reply already but I felt my fingers glide over the keyboard of my iPhone and it was fast and flawless. 

Don't worry about it. I just really needed to think about some things. Remember when I said I could break you? I really can and I care too much about you to do it, so please consider what you do. Btw I'm fine thanks for checking on me. 

I still don't believe you. I'll be around primrose hill all afternoon. Come say hi?

I'll consider it. Gotta get to work now though.

I sat down by the computer I had put up and started picking out the final pictures from yesterday and sent them to the company I was working for. I told them everything I saw and how everyone had been different places and so on. I loved and hated this job more than ever especially when my next text came into my phone. I couldn't believe someone asked me to do this. Not right now at least. I didn't want to do this, not now and not him. I just needed a break. 

Niall Horan spotted. We really need you down here with the team.

I rolled my eyes and wanted to cry. I couldn't hurt him not now not ever. 

"I'm so sorry Niall." 

The words were a whisper on my lips before I changed into my black tights, light blue cut off shorts with a high waist and a long sleeved grey crop top. My hair was up in a messy bun and I was wearing a cap just to cover myself a little more. My cameras and everything else was soon packed and I was running out to the car and drove my way to Primrose Hill. 

I parked a little away and stepped out of my rented car. I made sure my phones were on silent and in my bags as I ran around the area and made sure no one saw my full face. I didn't want anyone in here to know that I had been here. And Niall was the last person to know that I had been here especially like this. 

I kept walking around the area until I bumped into someone and then looked up to see Andy. I said sorry and so did he and then he looked at me again.

"Hey haven't I seen you somewhere before?" 

I had changed my voice so he wouldn't be able to tell it was me. 

"No I don't think so." 

I ran away and wondered off more around the area. I couldn't see Niall anywhere and I hated it because somehow I wanted to see him and on the other hand I just wanted him to go home. Andy kept his eyes on me and I felt him stare as I ran over to the group of paparazzi just to find them all discussing.

"Diana, where have you been, we've been waiting for you." 

"Sorry got a little delayed on the way out. What's up?" 

"See him over there?" 

I looked to the place my mate Craig was pointing and waited for him to continue. 

"That's Niall." 

I said without doubting and I felt butterflies in my stomach and at the same time I wanted to run away and hide. 

"Rumour is he's seeing some girl he was seen with at funky buddha last night." 


"He's been texting and calling someone for a while without getting an answer, so we're just waiting for her to come, but we have a feeling she's not gonna show up." 

"I don't think she will ever show her face like that." 

"And why's that?" 

"Because I know the girl he hung out with last night. And we're not gonna talk about it. They aren't dating." 

"But they might soon." 

"Stop it okay, they won't. Let's just get some shots and stuff before I've got to go. Miley Cyrus is in town and I'm guessing you all want shots of her as well." 

"But what about Niall's story." 

"Just leave it be. Snap some shots of him if that's what you want. But I'm telling you there's nothing in that story." 

"If you say so." 

We all ran out and started working. But it all seemed so different this time. What was I saying? It was different this time because this was a rumour about me and I hated it more than anything else. 

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