You & I [Niall Horan]

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  • Published: 23 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Apr 2014
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It all seems to good to be true? Well it's just another dream coming true for me. Walk a mile in my shoes and you'll taste the life of a celebrity or at least that's just one side of it. You will feel everything and you will love and hate it just as much as I've always done.


24. Managers

The next day we went to get my address changed to the one in London it was harder than I thought because I had to go through everything. It took us forever but at the end of the afternoon it was in progress and I would soon be able to get to the place I could now call my home.

“So it’s official.”

“Not until Monday.”

“No but on Monday you’ll officially be living under the same roof as me, or at least on the papers you will.”

“We’re gonna go home together. To our home.”

I smiled by the thought. From on Monday I’d be living with him officially. His home would be mine.

When we got back to my place we sat down and booked our flight tickets back to London. My parents didn’t really appreciate that we would go back Monday afternoon but that was how it was this time. We needed to go back to everything so we could get back to our new normal. It wasn’t because much was gonna change but it was gonna be different because I wasn’t forced to go back to Sweden all the time. I was allowed to live in England, my address was in England.

“Are you happy?”

“Are you?”

“I couldn’t be happier.”

“Me neither.”

“It’s amazing that I can now spend all my time with the girl I love.”

“I love you too.”

We sat at my place just staring at each other, watching some movies and playing some play station. We never really did much together but whenever we did it was always something special. I knew Niall needed some time to relax and so did I.

“I’ve been thinking about something Niall.”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“Are we gonna make it official or?”

“You moving in with me?”


“If you want to tell it you can but I’d be careful and I’d have to speak with my management about it as well. I couldn’t just leave them be about it. They ought to know what’s going on as well. I have a contract to protect as well.”

“Yeah I know that’s why I asked.”

“I can call them straight away.”

“Will you?”

“Yes please.”


He got up and went outside to call his management. To be honest I didn’t believe that they were too pleased to hear what he had to say. Not that they could do much about what was going on but we couldn’t just make it official without hearing what managers had to say.

I was lying in my bed staring on the screen where the intro to my Zelda game was playing. I hadn’t played it in forever and right now I didn’t feel like it either to be honest but I guess it was what Niall thought we should play.

I took my phone and played around with it between my fingers before I called my agency as well as Niall had done with his management. The thing about my agency was that things were way more relax and I was the one to decide most of the stuff.

“Diana! How are you? I haven’t heard from you in forever! You back in London?”

“If you been following me you must know that I’ve been there for the past three months.”

“Yeah sorry, who do you wanna speak to?”

“Casper. We need to talk about something with Niall and I.”

“Girl there are some nasty things going around about you guys. It’s not good.”

“I know, I know but I can’t do anything about it right now. Just get Casper for me.”


I waited for a second and as Casper picked up the phone Niall came back into my bedroom.

“Casper hey, it’s your favourite.”

“Diana darling, hey how are you?”

“Super thanks.”

“So what’s going on? Trouble I sense?”

“What do you think I’ve done wrong this time?”

“You always do things we don’t want you to.”

“True that. No it’s not trouble it’s just… Niall and I are moving in together.”

“But it’s just become official.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. We’ve been dating for months and I can’t keep going back to Sweden all the time because I’m not allowed to stay in England anymore.”

“Diana this is serious!”

“Whether or not I’m allowed to make it official it’s happening and people will find out eventually because the majority of the paparazzi in London know that’s not my apartment.”

“So what are you suggesting?”

“Am I allowed to make it official if it is okay with Niall’s management? It’ll be through the page where I talk to everyone I care about. It’s not really meant for that I know, but it has something to do with someone famous who’s a huge part of my life.”

“Diana I don’t know if this is such a great idea…”

“So what?”

“If you promise me you guys are gonna take it slow you might be able to publish it sometime when you’re back in London. Your phone is screaming Sweden with that bad connection.”

“Thanks Casper.”

“You’re welcome. Now get back to England soon. We have some great people in town you should meet and there’s something down on BBC Radio 1 everyday next week. One of the days your boyfriend is involved.”


I looked at Niall who was really suspicious and wanted me to get off the phone.


“I’ll see what I can do next week then. Would be lovely to meet some more people and especially that way. It seems different from what I’ve done with my crew.”

“Just be careful. Ian and Craig are both going to be there as well and they know you’re coming the same day as One Direction so please behave.”

“I always do. See you back in London.”

“See you sweetheart.”

We both hung up and I turned to Niall who was smiling at me but still looked suspicious.


“My managers weren’t too pleased about us moving in together so I think it’s better if we wait to tell anything. Who’s Casper?”

“I never told you about him?”

“No… and honestly it seems to me like you have quite a few guys in your life.”

“And you don’t have friends who are girls as well as crew members?”

I smirked at him before I stuck my tongue out and then continued speaking.

“Casper is my managers/agent/mentor. He helps me make decisions and make sure it’s the right ones. He’s the one telling me who’s in town most of the time and where I can find them. The paparazzi are with him as well. He’s the one selling the pictures to the magazines for us.”

“I thought you did all that on your own.”

“Oh no, I’ve got people to do that stuff now. I used to do it on my own and I can still do it but I get so much more now.”

“So that party I let you into in the beginning of the year?”

“No that was my own. Or actually it was something Ian told me about. I didn’t really know much about the party.”


“Don’t worry about it. He told me I’m going to be on BBC all week when we get back to London next week. Or we have Monday off otherwise I’ll be at BBC.”


“The one down by Oxford Circus.”

“I’m going there sometime next week.”

“I know and we’re not allowed to go together because first of all I need to be there way before you and second of all you’re going with your band and third of all we’re both on work.”

He smiled at him as he finally sat down on the bed beside me.

“It’s alright. I can live with it.”

“You have me all for yourself when we get home.”

“And I’ll always have you.” 

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