You & I [Niall Horan]

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  • Published: 23 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Apr 2014
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It all seems to good to be true? Well it's just another dream coming true for me. Walk a mile in my shoes and you'll taste the life of a celebrity or at least that's just one side of it. You will feel everything and you will love and hate it just as much as I've always done.


16. Just a silly discussion

I let go of Niall and turned around to face my friends. I hadn’t seen them for quite some time and I was feeling weird about it all. I didn’t honestly know what to do about myself they couldn’t know. How could this happen to me?

“Hey guys.”

I stood there awkwardly with Niall around me. I enjoyed having him close to me but having my friends around like this and him like that wasn’t right it was something that couldn’t go together.

“What’s going on here Diana?”

“Nothing, this is Niall… he’s a… friend of mine.”

“A friend? Girl you ain’t kissing yo friends like that.”

I couldn’t help but smile when Adam spoke. He was honestly the cutest of my friends and so gay you wouldn’t believe it. Not that I hated it in any way or that I was friends with him because of it. I knew Adam way before he knew he was gay.

“Adam I’ve missed you too but really Niall is a friend.”

“I can’t believe you haven’t told us what’s been going on.”

“What are you on about? I’ve told you everything.”

“So when did you tell us you were actually here and when did you tell us you know this guy not to mention that you’re going back to Sweden so soon?”

“Okay I might not have told you everything but Sweden doesn’t count as I haven’t booked my flights yet.”

“You haven’t?”

Niall looked down on me with a joyful expression.

“No but that doesn’t change anything. Also I told Kendra what was going on. I thought she always told you guys everything.”

“Don’t put it on me Diana!”

“Well then stop making such a big deal out of it okay? I know I’ve done a lot of things wrong over the past days but I’ve confessed to a lot as well and right now I just wanna spend some time with one of my friends who I happen to be flirting around with, it’s no difference from this guy, Ian or Andy for that matter. Now can we get over it? I said I’d meet you before I went back.”

“You’ve been with Andy?”

Everyone was staring at me. Niall looked more disgusted than my friends.

“You’ve been with Liam’s best friend? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I told you I kissed him alright? It’s not a big deal.”

“Being with someone and kissing them is two different things.”

“Oh so what we’re doing is nothing? It’s just kissing it doesn’t really matter in the same way?”

I heard my friends stand there and making different sound effect for the discussion that was about to come.

“Of course we’re something different Diana! I like you!”

“Then why would you say that? We’ve only been fooling around and kissing each other but you’re making such a big deal out of me being with Andy? Did you think you were gonna be the first one touching this meat suit Niall?”

“Well honestly I was hoping that I had found one girl who didn’t sleep around with every person she meets.”

I heard Adam say buuuurn in the background and I was just about to turn around to him and say something but right now my focus was on Niall.

“Well I used to like Andy okay?! I was with him yes. But I would never sleep around with every person I meet. Andy and I kissed a couple of times, made out at the club and one night I went home with him ad after that I didn’t see him for quite some time nor speak with him but then he came running back to me and wanted me to go party with him and some of his friends. So yeah I’ve been with Andy. We fucked each other’s brains out that’s it. It’s not there anymore and it’s two years ago. Also who are you to teach about sleeping around when I know for a fact what you’ve done the same with some of your fans not to mention girls in the past? How do you think the world works Niall?”

He looked at me hurt but I couldn’t help but bother right now. At that moment my friends left my apartment and told me they’d call me Monday morning to figure something out with me because clearly Niall and I had some things to talk about. When they had left I turned around to Niall who was still hurt by my words but honestly I just didn’t know what to do about it right now.

We were silent for a while. Niall sat down and watched some TV and I stood out in the kitchen smoking. It was weird how he just felt comfortable almost as if he was home. After a while, where I had been sitting in the kitchen and Niall in the living room, Niall came out to me.

“Look I’m sorry about before Niall. I overreacted”

“I’m sorry too; it’s none of my business what you’ve done in the past.”

“It’s all different now Niall. I’m older and what happened with Andy was a mistake but a mistake I can’t take change because it’s in the past.”

“I know… it’s just… I always seem find someone that some other famous guy has been with and it just bothers me so badly because for once I actually want to be the one who takes care of you and show you this world.”

“I haven’t seen your world Niall. I’ve never been seen with anyone besides the parties where I’ve hung out. I’ve lived in another world and I’ve seen a lot but I’ve been the one snapping the pictures of everyone. I’ve been the ne breaking the law to get information that wasn’t mine to get and now I wanna see it from the other side.”

“So you wanna go with me?”

“I care a lot about you and you said yourself you like me so why not? Why not just do it and try and figure everything out but you will need to come with me to Sweden so we can get to know each other better and you will need to make sure no one knows about it okay?”


“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I wanna get to know you Diana.”

I hugged him tight and kissed him shortly. I don’t know why I kept doing that. I guess it was because I couldn’t forget his lips whenever they had touched mine. I wanted them all the time and I couldn’t get enough of him. 

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