Summer Love

Dani Keeling just got over a massive depression and is seen as the class weirdo. She is assigned a summer assignment with the class Bad Bad Jeremy Anderson. They have some issues along the way... What will happen?


2. Assignment (Jeremy's Point Of View)

I'm standing in the hallway wondering what just happened. I walk back into class and sit in my seat. 

"Mr.Jeremy, Can you please give Dani this for me?" Mrs.Lee asks shoving a stack of papers in my face before putting them in an envelope. 

"Doesn't look like I have much of a choice, now does it?" I slouch low into my seat, snatching the envelope from her and putting it into my bag.

I could look at it later. I wonder what it is, It's probably just our assignment or something, right? 

The bell rings and i sling my backpack over my shoulder and walk out the doors of the class and the school and straight to my bike. I kick start it and sit there for a moment still pondering about what happened in the hall a moment ago, then just dismissing it. I start off toward the trailer in White Trash Grove (Actually known as White Moss Grove) and lean my motorcycle again our double-wide. I walk right into my normal environment, Mom passed out on the couch and my Dad no where to be seen. I walk to my room and get the envelope out of my backpack opening it carefully, So it doesn't look like I was snooping, Ya know?

"Dear Dani, 

      I can see that the death of your mother and sister is affecting you. Please get help before you do something horrible that you will regret. I emailed Kenny asking when he would be home, He says early August. I'm hoping he really means it, You need someone in your life.

     You know the school will find out eventually that you are alone. How are you getting bills paid? You're a bright kid, and I'm not just saying that because I'm your aunt. I really have hope in you. Please pull through.

     The assignment is to find out the other person's life story, and giving your own perspective, Alright? I gave you Jeremy because he is troubled, and maybe you can help him get over this funk he's in too.

Love, Aunt Sarah Lee."

Troubled? She thinks I'm TROUBLED? Really. Wow, OK. On the outside of the envelope is her address, 20021 Enchanted Living RD. I walk outside to my bike and try to find it and oull up to a huge mansion. 


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