What happens when Rebecca gets hired as Harry's fake girlfriend by her uncle Simon to fix Harry's image? What happens when Harry doesn't seem to be changing at all and she's forced to go on tour with them? What happens when Rebecca is about to break because all of this is ruining her life? Read to find out.


2. Simon's Office

[Rebecca's POV]

I had just come back from my dance class and my coach told me that I got an audition for my dream school! I really couldn't believe that they chose me out of 50 people to give an audition too. I was so excited I screamed for about a minute straight just staring at the letter I had in my hand. I mean, this really is a once in a life time chance. They give it to only a few selected students and we have to fly to London for the audition. The thing is there is only one day for the audition; they are strict and they mean business. That's why from this day on i'm dedicating all my time into practice. I've got to. I've got to be great in order to reach my dreams.
I just got off the phone with Sabrina telling her the big news and she was screaming her lungs off. She was so happy for me. She said she was coming straight over to congratulate me for real. I told Reese right when I got it; he seems happy, I think. I haven't told my parents yet, but I can't wait to tell them. They know just how much i've wanted this.
"Rebecca can you come down here for a second?" My dads voice shouted from downstairs.
I sighed and got up to see what they wanted. I grabbed the letter and put it in my back pocket to show them once I got down there.
I walked out of my room and ran into Lizzy. I picked her up and said. "What's up munchkin?" I tickled her belly.
She giggled. "The sky."
"The sky? did dad teach you that one?" I laughed.
She nodded. "Guess what?" I whispered.
"What?" she whispered back.
"I got an audition to that London school I was telling you about." I giggled watching her face brighten up.
"Re- Re yay!!!!" She clapped.
I laughed at the nickname she gave me since she could never say Rebecca right. I walked into the living room laughing.
"What's so funny?" My mom asked.
"Re-re go--" I covered Lizzy's mouth.
"I've got news." I smiled.
I placed down Lizzy and sat by my dad on the couch. "So do we, let us go first." My dad said taking my hand.
"Oh god, did someone die?" I asked kinda concerned.
"No, no." My mom laughed.
"Oh good." I smiled.
"Simon called today and wanted to ask you something." My mom continued. "You weren't here so he explained it to us and we accepted for you."
I gave them a weird look. "Well, what is it?" I asked.
"That," my dad said placing his hand on my shoulder. "he will tell you tomorrow in his office."
"Office? as in his office in London?" I asked.
"Bingo." My dad winked.
"Tomorrow? that means i'd have to leave tonight." I said looking at my two crazy parents.
"Right again." My mom said closing her eyes as she pointed to me.
"For how long?" I asked.
"A.. year." My dad said slowly.
"A year? in London?" I asked kinda getting excited. This could actually work. My moms eyes opened slowly not understanding why i'm excited about it.
"Yes my dear." My mom said.
"That's so great, it will be so much easier getting to my audition, this works out great!" I squealed.
"Audition? what audition?" My dad asked.
"The one for my dream school. I got a call!" I smiled.
My dad and mom shared a look before looking down. "What's.. wrong?" I asked.
"Simon wants you to do a job while you're there, and well, I don't know if you can make the audition." My dad said standing up.
"But, it's my dream dad." I said softly.
"I know, just let Simon explain then maybe there could be a way." My mom said scooting over to me.
"What if there isn't't?" I asked blinking before my eyes start to water.
"I'm sorry." She said rubbing my back. "I know how much this means to you an--" I cut her off.
"Then why on earth would you accept Simon's job for me if you knew how much this meant to me?" I shouted standing up.
"There's a reason why." My dad gently said.
"This is horrible." I said with a tear going down my cheek.
"Also, you can't tell anyone about the job or anything, not even Sabrina, or Reese. Just tell them you're visiting your Uncle that's it alright? this stays between the family only." My dad said as I got up.
"Whatever." I said passing everyone. "I'm packing."
I heard sighs and 'I'm sorry's' from the living room as I walked to my room. There has got to be a way to get out of this.
I was packing my suitcase that my mother gave me. I just don't understand. Simon wants me to do a job in London and I can't tell anyone? What the heck? I turned on some music to lighten the mood and began packing my dance stuff. You can't just do this to me; my dreams are on the line. I'm going to that audition and i'm making sure of it.
I heard a knock and two very familiar people walked through my door. Sabrina and Reese.
"Hey babe." Reese said closing the door.
"Hey Becca!" Sabrina smiled then looked at my suitcase. "Look, I know you're excited about the audition, but don't you think it's early to start packing?" She laughed.
I laughed then it faded. "I have to um, visit my Uncle for a while."
"A while? as in how long?" Reese asked.
"Well," I sighed. "a year."
"A year?" He asked getting mad. "What the hell Bec?"
"Reese, I had no choice. My parents are basically shipping me to him." I said biting my lip.
"You can't just leave? you're 18; you're an adult." He argued.
Sabrina kinda just stepped back while letting this play out. Weird she normally stops it..
"It's my family we're talking about, he needs me." I said standing my ground.
"I need you." He fought back.
We heard Sabrina huff and roll her eyes. I looked at her confused.
"Reese, we can still be together. I'll visit here as much as possibly. I mean, it's just like when we talked about the audition. It's just playing out 6 months earlier." I half smiled.
"Bec, you're moving half way around the world." He breathed harshly.
"I know, I just.. I don't have a choice okay?" I sighed looking down.
"Maybe we should--" and before he could even finish that I was fighting back.
"-No, Reese. That doesn't have to happen." I pleaded softly.
"Whatever." He said. He kissed me effortlessly."Call me when you get there." and then walked out.
"What was that?" I asked pointing at the door.
"Becca, I swear, you should have never gone out with him." She said sitting on my bed.
"But I love him." I sighed putting a shirt in my suitcase.
She mumbled something, but I wasn't too sure. Both of them know that my Uncle lives in London. They just don't know who my uncle is. Yeah, he's British, so is my mom. She met my dad here, who is American, and she never really went back. I just hope Reese doesn't break up with me over this. Long distance relationships work.. right?


[Harry's POV]

I sat down in Simon's office ready to be lectured again about my "bad habits" lately. I see no problem going out and having a few drinks, and partying till 4 in the morning. Sure I get with a few girls every now and then, but what's the problem? I don't see one. I'm 18; i'm legally an adult.
I mean, come on, I'm Harry Styles. Who doesn't't want to be with this?
"Ah, Harry I see you made it Sober this time." Simon said sitting down at his desk.
"Yeah." I rolled my eyes.
"It looks like you've been a busy lad lately." He said crossing his hands and looking at me.
"You could say that." I smirked.
"Your image can't handle another blow like last night Harry. A bar fight? really?" He said shaking his head. He knitted his eyebrows while giving me a flared glare.
"What?" I shrugged. "That guy was asking for it."
"I'm sure he was." He said sarcastically. "Listen, you've got to change." wow straight to the point, huh?
"Change? why i'm perfectly fine." I argued sitting up.
"No Harry, you are an arse so to speak." He said sternly.
"Well, what do you want me to do about that?" I asked crossing my arms and licking my lips.
He smiled. "I'm glad you asked. I'm going to say this once, so you better listen."
I blinked. "For the next year, you're going to have a fake girlfriend to straighten up your act. Hopefully when the year is up you'll be back to the Harry we've grown to love. Maybe even your image will be fixed." He smiled.
"Simon, i'm not doing this." I said uncrossing my arms.
"You have no choice to. You've had your last chance and you blew it, so here are the rules. No more getting drunk, sleeping with countless women, fighting, rude behavior, and attitude. Have you got it?" He asked firmly.
I didn't answer.
"GOT IT?" He slammed down his hand on the desk.
"THIS IS COMPLETELY UNFAIR!" I yelled standing up and walking out of his office.
Time to drink this off.


[Rebecca's PROV]

I arrived in London and a cab took me to what I guess is Uncle Simon's office building. I tried calling Reese, but all I got was is voice mail. Guess he's taking this hard. I got out and took my luggage with me into the building looking like an idiot. I walked up to the receptionist and put down my suitcases.
"May I help you?" She asked turning her attention to me.
"Um, yeah. I'm Rebecca, Simon Cowell's niece. He wanted to see me?" I asked hopeful that she knew what I was talking about.
"Right, i'll beep you in." She said going to the phone. "Walk through those doors and turn left. He should be waiting." she said pointing to her right.
"Thanks." I said picking up my three suitcases. It's way harder than you would think.
I walked through the big glass doors and turned left. I walked all the way down the hallway and ended up in front of two wooden doors. I knocked. I shifted one of my suitcases that was in my left hand. About a minute later, my Uncle opened the doors with a bright smile.
"Rebecca!" He smiled taking two of my suitcases.
"Hey, Uncle Simon." I smiled placing my other suitcase next to my other ones that he placed right by the door.
He hugged me and told me to have a seat, so I did. "My mom and dad told me you had this job for me to do?" I asked.
"Yeah." He sighed and sat straight. That serious, huh? "Please here me out on this. I already had to go over this once yesterday and it didn't go to well." he said.
"Um, alright." I said leaning my elbows on his desk and placing my head in my hands while looking at him.
"Well, I have this client of mine who has been acting out of control. Getting drunk every night, sleeping around with countless women, and the night before he got into a bar fight. It's really screwing up his image." He said listing the guys habits.
"Right.." I said confused not really sure why he's telling me this.
"So, I came up with a solution to fix this." He said looking me in the eye.
"And that is?" I asked.
"Now you'll get paid for this no doubt, but it's really important if you can do this for me." He pleaded.

Oh no. That's not a good sign. At all.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Being a fake girlfriend." He said knitting his eyebrows waiting for my answer.
"Excuse me?" I asked.
He sighed. "I need you to be his girlfriend for a year, or less. It will depend on his attitude change. We need him back to normal and with a girlfriend everyone will think he really can settle on one women and cut back his ways. To become what he used to be basically before the big money started flowing his way."
"Simon, i'm not following. Why do I have to do this? there are plenty of other people who can do this." I said leaning back in my chair.
"You are family and so I can trust you not to not tell anyone about this. With other people they'd use us for blackmail and we can't risk that." He said.
"But why me?" I whined.
"I mean, I would ask Drew but he's a boy, and engaged. Lizzy well, she's six. You're my only hope, plus he's your age." He said leaning towards me with a small grin.
"Who exactly are we talking about here?" I asked eying him.
"Harry Styles." He said closing his eyes. The grin disappeared.
"Oh no." I said standing up. He opened them. "No, i've heard about him. He's a complete ass, no just no. I won't do it." I said crossing my arms.
"Please, Rebecca your my only hope." Simon begged.
One thing Simon never does, and that's beg.
"Simon, I can't.." I said sitting back down.
"Why can't you?" He asked not understanding my change in expression.
"I have a boyfriend." I looked at him with sad eyes.
"Right, your mum told me about him. How long have you been together?" He said looking confused.
"For about 6 months now." I said biting my lip. I can't do this to Reese.
"Rebecca, I hate to say this, but maybe you could break up with him? He doesn't seem like he cares about you." He sighed.
"How would you know?" I shot at him with anger.
"Becca, your mum has told me things that he does with you. His gestures towards you and things; he just doesn't seem like a boyfriend. Only a guy wanting to get in your knickers." he said.
"Simon," I sighed."I love him."
"Rebecca, please?" He begged.
"Simon, there's another thing too." I said taking a breather.
"What?" He asked.
"Fixing Harry will take forever and in 6 months I have an audition." I said taking out my letter.
"An audition?" he asked.
"Yes for dance, for a school here in London. It's my dream school and I got a call." I said sliding the letter to him.
He looked at me and then the letter to read. "This is great, i'm proud of you Rebecca. I remember you telling me about it, so what's the problem?" he asked handing me back the letter.
"It's RSD." I said then sighing. "There's only one audition and I can't miss it. Taking care of a pop star; i'm going to miss it and there goes my dreams."
"Rebecca, what if I promised you that'll you make this audition. Would you do this for me?" he asked.

"So, you're basically telling your 18 year old niece to throw away her life? knowing family means everything to her." I said shaking my head.

"Let's not think of it that way." He sighed.

It was silent for a couple of minutes. Am I really going to do this?

"Do I really have a choice?" I asked.

"Your mum already said yes for you, so..." he trailed.

So, no. I really don't. He's just being nice.
"Can you promise this?" I asked holding up the letter.
"I most certainly can." He said nodding.
I gulped looking at the letter then at Simon. "What about Reese?"
"Break up with him." he said then he looked down. "I'm sorry for doing this to you, but maybe it's for the best?" he asked in more of a question.
"Simon.." I sighed.
"Please?" He asked taking my hands.
I gulped. "You are so lucky you're family."
He smiled.
"I'll do it."


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