What happens when Rebecca gets hired as Harry's fake girlfriend by her uncle Simon to fix Harry's image? What happens when Harry doesn't seem to be changing at all and she's forced to go on tour with them? What happens when Rebecca is about to break because all of this is ruining her life? Read to find out.


3. Meeting the "boyfriend"

[Rebecca's POV]
So after I agreed, Uncle Simon and I went over almost everything I may need to know. For starters, he bought me an apartment close by Harry's. Oh joy. I'm suppose to go over there every time he's there. Just fantastic. He said something about going out and doing things, so people see use together, so they start getting an idea. Then he's going to have us go on a big date, so people start thinking we're together. Whatever that means. Over the course of a month he is going to monitor us and when the month is up if Harry has changed some what, then i'll be staying here for tour. If not, then i'm going with them. He's really got this all planned out. I still yet have broke it off with Reese, I just can't. He still hasn't called me and i've been here for day. I guess, he's just upset. I hope.
I'm currently signing my contract with Uncle Simon. He say's he's really sorry for making me do all this, but he just doesn't want to risk getting blackmailed by some teenager. Whatever.
"Alright, that's it." Simon said sliding the papers away from me.
"Yeah." I sighed sitting back in the seat.
"Have you called Reese yet?" He asked sitting back in his seat.
"No, he hasn't called me back yet. I called him yesterday when I landed, but that's it." I said.
"Maybe this break up thing is for the best." He said thinking aloud.
"Can't you see my heart is breaking over here?" I asked getting watery eyed. "I have to tell the man I love that I don't love him anymore."
Simon sighed and leaned forward. "Becca, please don't cry. I mean, the lad hasn't even called you back. He hasn't showed he loves you back. Has he even said it to you?" He asked.
"Yes." I sniffled.
He sighed. "I just have a bad vibe about him and I haven't even met the lad. That's got to say something."
"Whatever." I looked out the window.
Simon's phone rang and he picked it up. I blocked out whatever he was saying to whoever. I just can't believe I really have to break up with Reese. All for a jerk that doesn't give a shit.
Simon hung up and I looked at him. "So, Harry didn't pick up his phone. Go figure," he rolled his eyes. "but we got you the next best thing to bring you to his flat."
"This should be good." I said sitting up.
"You'll like him. I'm sure you two will be great mates." He smiled standing up.
"I'm sure." I mumbled standing up along with him.
We heard a knock and then a head popped in through the doors. "Knock Knock."
"Louis, you've been alright?" He asked walking me over to Louis. He looks just like in the photo's.
"Yes Sir, how about yourself?" Louis asked while smiling at me.
"I've been well, this is my niece Rebecca." Simon said.
"Hi." I waved.
"Hello." He smiled.
"Well, I'll leave you two to it. Make sure Harry treats this one right. She is after all family." Simon said giving me a hug goodbye.
"Will do, alright Rebecca, ready to go?" Louis asked sticking out his arm.
"Ready as i'll ever be." I sighed. "Bye Uncle Simon." I smiled and linked arms with Louis.
We walked out of Simon's office and out of the building. Louis led me to his car and opened the door for me. "Thanks." I smiled and got in.
"No problem, love." He smiled and closed the door. He went around and got in himself. "So, how's London treating you?"
"Alright, I guess." I said buckling up.
"You'll love it here." He smiled pulling out onto the road. "Now, i'm Louis if you didn't already know."
"Yes, I know you. I know all of you; you're kinda in a world famous band." I joked.
"So you have a sense of humor." He chuckled. He turned his head facing me. "We," he turned back to the road. "are going to be best mates."
"Well, as long as you're not an ass like Harry, I can't see why not." I giggled.
"Trust me, Harry isn't all bad. He has a good side too; you just have to find it." Louis half smiled. "He's a really great lad."
"Say's the countless news articles Simon has shown me." I winked.
He smiled catching my joke."Yeah, he's had a weird strike lately. He's really not like this at all." He knitted his eyebrows. "Just whatever you do, don't let him charm you. He's got that effect on women."
"Trust me, not planning on it. I just got out of a relationship, well will be anyway." I sighed.
"You've got a boyfriend?" He asked.
"Yeah, but since i'm Harry's new 'girlfriend' I have to break up with him." I said using air quotes around girlfriend.
"How long have you been dating?" Louis asked taking a glance at me.
"Six months." I said.
"Ouch." He sucked in a breath.
"Tell me about it, but Simon said I had too, so whenever he calls me I have too." I said holding back the urge to cry.
"He hasn't called you, how long?" He asked turning into a neighborhood.
"Since i've gotten here. He told me to call him when I landed so I did, but he didn't answer." I sighed.
"Oh." Louis nodded. "Really sorry about all this."
"No, it's fine. My parents and Uncle Simon just really know how to use my love for my family against me." I looked out the window.
"Well, Simon has that effect on people." He chuckled.
"Yup." I said.
Louis pulled up next to an apartment that was slightly bigger than the rest around here.
"We're here." He said getting out.
I got out and followed Louis to the front door. Louis knocked twice and no one answered. "He better not." Louis mumbled under his breath digging around in his pockets.
He pulled out a key and unlocked Harry's door. He let me and in. "Harry?" Louis called.
I followed Louis around the place like a lost puppy. His temper seemed to be climbing each time we went into a new room and Harry wasn't in it. "I swear to god if he's in that room of his.." He mumbled as we walked up the stairs towards to what I guess was Harry's room.
Louis didn't even knock he went straight in and believe it or not, Little Harry Styles had a bed mate.
"For heaven sake." Louis groaned. "Harry get your arse up!" Louis shouted hitting him with his pillow that he took from under his head.
"Lou, what the.." He was blocked with a pillow being smashed into his face. "Stop!"
"Then get up!" Louis shouted.
The female Harry was laying with woke up and didn't even know how to interpret the scene being played out right beside her. "As for you," Louis pointed at her. "get dressed and get out."
"Um, no." She dryly laughed. She then leaned on Harry rubbing his chest with her head on his chest. It was a sight I wish I hadn't seen. I think I might have thrown up a bit in my mouth.
"Get out." Harry muttered.
"What?" She asked Harry confused. "but we just ha--" she was cut off by Louis.
"The man said get out, so if I were you, i'd get your arse up and out." Louis glared.
She rolled her eyes and huffed. "Fine." She stood up and gathered her clothes; she was in her undergarments. She walked past me giving me a weird look while I just waved bye as she walked out of the room.
"Louis, why are you even here?" Harry asked while sliding out of the covers. He was so close of showing me his everything if I didn't see Louis' eyes widen an look at me, so I covered my eyes with my hands.
"Because your girlfriend is here." He spat.
"What are you even talking about?" He asked.
I decided to speak up. "So the whole different chick every night thing was true."
"Oh, so Simon actually went through with it." Harry said obviously annoyed
"Yes, he did and this is not what he wanted her to see on the first meeting." Louis huffed. "Now put some clothes on."
I heard movement and a hand take my forearm while leading me out. Once we were out of the room, Louis pulled my hands down and looked apologetically. "Sorry about that."
"It's alright, I expected it." I shrugged.
He sighed and we walked downstairs into the living room. We sat down and Louis made a big sigh letting everything out. "So, your boyfriend, do you love him?"
That caught me off guard. "Yes." I smiled thinking about him.
"Oh, sorry." He looked away. "I'll get you some tea." Then he hopped up and went towards the kitchen.
I looked around the living room and just sank everything in. This is going to be my life for a year. Day one and I already had to shoo a girl away, well Louis did, but you get my point. I took out my phone and checked if there were any messages. None. I sighed.
I guess I didn't hear Harry come in because once I sighed, I felt the couch sink in next to me. "Who are you texting?" Harry asked.
I put my phone in my lap. "No one."
"Now come on, if we're going to start this relationship off right then we shouldn't hide things from each other." He smirked.
"Off right? I just barged in on you with a girl." I shot at him.
"Hey, I told Simon I didn't want this." he put his hands up in defense.
"Well, it looks like we're both in for hell this year." I glared. He glared back.
"God, I did not sign up for this." I breathed under my breath.
"Well neither did I, sweetheart." He winked. "You're just stuck with someone who is actually appealing to the eye while i'm stuck with," he looked at me up and down with a grimace. "you."
My phone started to ring and the caller ID read.. Reese.
"Who's Reese?" Harry asked looking at my phone.
"None of your business." I spat standing up.
"I got your tea..." Louis looked at me weird while I walked pasted him.
I mouthed 'boyfriend' to Louis and he nodded.
"Day one and you're already cheating. I am hurt!" Harry shouted while I walked out.
"Ass." I shouted back.
"Bitch." He shouted back to me.
I shook my head and answered the call. "Hello?"
"Hey." Reese said.
God help me.

[Harry's POV]
"What the hell Harry?" Louis asked.
"What? she's the one on the phone with a guy; not me." I rolled my eyes.
"Do you know who is on the other line?" He asked setting down a cup on the coffee table.
"Reese." I said looking at him.
"Do you know who Reese even is?" He asked sitting next to me.
"No.." I trailed.
"God, Harry you need to learn to not open your mouth and say things that will hurt people." He sighed sitting back.
"How did I hurt her?" I asked not understanding.
"She's not cheating, so to speak." Louis said.
"I was joking." I said.
"Well, that joke wasn't funny. She's in there ending a relationship with a guy that she loves all because of you." Louis said harshly poking my chest.
"Like I care, Simon shouldn't have chosen someone with a boyfriend. That was a bad move on his part." I said removing Louis' finger off my chest.
"Mate, you don't even know why they chose her do you?" he asked.
"No, I may have walked out before that part." I said biting my lip.
"She's family; Simon's her Uncle. They chose her because he didn't want to risk blackmail and all that stuff with some random teenager. With her this little 'relationship'" he said with air quotes " is a secret to the whole world except us, and her family. She had literally no choice, like you, but she has to sacrifice so much more for someone who doesn't even care." Louis finished glaring at me.
"So?" I shrugged.
"Unbelievable." Louis swore. "Have a heart Harry."
"I have one! Just not one sympathetic to her. I have to take sacrifices too." I rolled my eyes.
Louis didn't say another word he just sat back after giving me a look of disbelief and turned the telly on. Louis is really the only one who still thinks of me as a brother really. I mean, the others do just not as much as Louis. I don't know what's with everyone, i'm my normal self. I don't see anything that has changed. Maybe a few more tattoos, but that's it.
After about 10 minutes, we heard cries from in the kitchen. Guess the deed is done. Louis and I leaned to our left and saw her sitting on the stool. Her head was buried in her arms on the worktop in the center of the kitchen, crying.
"Go help her." Louis nudged me.
"No," I whispered. "I don't even know her."
He looked at me like I was dumb. "She's crying in your kitchen."
"I didn't cause it; not my problem." I smirked.
"Technically, you did cause this because of your--" he was cut off.
We heard the screeching of the stool being backed up. We looked in the kitchen and she was getting off the stool. We straightened back out and turned our gaze on the Telly.
She walked into the living room and leaned against the door frame.
"Um, I think i'll just go home." She said softly.
"Did lover boy take it better than expected?" I chuckled.
That earned me a fist in the stomach by Louis. "Shut up." He gritted.
She looked down. "Do you want me to drive you, Rebecca?" Louis asked calmer.
"No, i'll just walk. Thanks though." She said while walking to the door. Not a smile in sight.
"Alright, be safe." Louis said as the door shut. "Seriously Harry? 'Did lover boy take it better than expected" he copied me. "like seriously, have a fucking heart." He yelled standing up.
"Where are you going?" I asked.
"To make sure she makes it home safe." He said shaking his head at me.
"She said she was fine." I said.
"Well unlike you, I actually care about her feelings." and that was the last thing he said before slamming my front door closed.
I didn't ask for this, so why should I care?


Stones Taught Me To Fly♥

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