What happens when Rebecca gets hired as Harry's fake girlfriend by her uncle Simon to fix Harry's image? What happens when Harry doesn't seem to be changing at all and she's forced to go on tour with them? What happens when Rebecca is about to break because all of this is ruining her life? Read to find out.


4. Late late late

[Rebecca's POV]
Breaking up with Reese yesterday was harder than I thought. Truth is, like Harry said, he took it better than expected. Like, he was almost relieved. That hurt me worse.
Today Simon wants Harry and I to hang around town with each other. I'm suppose to be meeting Harry for lunch at 12. Gosh Simon just really knows how to screw up my schedule. I was going to dance for a few more hours today to make up for lost time. Grrr.
I'm at the gym now dancing. I'm trying to think of a routine I can do for auditions. It's got to be perfect. I found a gym near me and they actually have a very nice dance studio. There is me and one other dancer here, she's amazing. Her name is Macey and she's 21 and has been dancing for 16 years. She say's it's her life. I've also been trying to work off my emotions towards Harry and Reese. Two boys I just really don't understand anymore. Well, I just met Harry, but I've known him since the whole xfactor thing because of Simon. Simon used to tell me sweet things about all the boys including Harry. Now, he talks nothing, but what bad thing Harry has done. The fame really got to that boy.
I grabbed my water and phone looking at the time. 11:30.
"Oh shoot." I whispered leaning off the wall. I hurriedly packed my dance bag and slung it over my shoulder.
"See you later, Macey!" I waved quickly before going out the dance room door.
I heard a muffled 'bye' before the door closed. I have to met Harry in thirty minutes. Uhh. Hope he won't cause a scene if i'm a bit late. I need a shower.
I walked quickly to my apartment. I'm so glad the gym is walking distance. Since Harry lives about three doors down, thanks Uncle Simon... really, I looked over too see his car gone. I knitted my eyebrows out of confusion. He couldn't have left already? it's only, I looked at my watch.
Okay, maybe he did.
I went inside my apartment and threw my bag down and ran upstairs to my bathroom. I quickly stripped my clothes off and got in. I ran the water over me and got my hair wet and washed my body. As soon as I was done with that, I got out. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself. I then ran into my room and looked at the clock.
That was fast.
I pulled some clothes on and yanked them on. I ran into the bathroom and dried my hair as fast as I could. It took twenty minutes and I cursed myself for not looking at the time while I was at the gym.

I finished my make-up with a thin line of eye liner. I don't really wear a lot of make-up.
I ran downstairs and grabbed my phone and wallet. I got my purse and keys before I walked out. I called a cab and waited.
I saw the time 12:30. He's going to kill me. I guess ill just text him I'm running late.
'Hey, sorry. I'm running late be there soon.' -Rebecca
Yeah, Simon gave me his number and Louis made sure Harry had mine. I heard a honk and looked up, cab's here. I ran down and got in giving him my destination.
We rode about ten minutes and I was at the restaurant Harry told me to meet him at. I walked in and didn't see him. Weird. Well, maybe I wasn't the only one running late. I sat down at a table and went on my phone. He didn't text back, so either he's being rude, or he's on his way.
I sighed and ordered a drink for myself to wait with. By the time I was actually done with my drink, it was 1:54. Okay, something's up. I decided to sit a little while longer because who knows? it could be traffic.
I stayed till 2:54 and nothing. He hasn't called, answered my text, or even showed up. Uncle Simon is going to kill him, or even worse, Louis.
I got up and exited the restaurant. I decided to look around the stores around here. I walked into a store, like a vintage one, and looked around. While I was looking at a dress, my phone rang. I got it out and smiled. Louis.
"Hey, how's your outing with Harry?"
"I wouldn't know, he never showed."
"What?" he nearly shouted.
He sighed."Alright, tell me if he shows. If he doesn't, call me to pick you up."
"Alright, love."
"Thanks bye."
I hung up and put down the shirt I was looking at. I put my phone back in my bag and walked out back to the restaurant.
I entered the restaurant looking around and he's still not there. I saw the lady that's been working her shift since i've been here. I guess i'll ask if Harry has been here. I walked over and asked.
"Miss?" I asked.
"Yes?" she said looking up.
"Have you seen Harry Styles here at all today?"
She thought for a moment. "No, sorry."
"Okay, thanks." I said going back to the door. I got my phone out and dialed Louis' number.
"Need a ride?" he asked picking up.
"On my way."
We hung up and I waited outside. I kept looking around to see if I saw Harry anywhere, but no. I waited twenty minutes and Louis rolled up. I went over and got in.
"So he didn't show?" he asked pulling onto the road.
"Nope. I thought he might have showed when I was late, but I texted him and he hasn't answered. I also asked the lady at the counter and she hasn't seen him at all." I said.
"Where the hell is that boy.." Louis mumbled.
I shrugged and looked out the window. We got to my apartment and we said our goodbyes. I looked over to Harry's apartment and his car was still not there. Oh well.
I went in and put my bag on my kitchen counter. It's so quiet here. I'm all alone and it's a bit scary.
I went upstairs and changed into some pajama's and then went back downstairs. I'm so tired. I haven't had a proper nights sleep since i've been here. Which is what? three days.
I laid down on my couch and turned on the tv. I watched a couple shows before my eyes started closing. I was almost asleep when my phone went off. I got up and got it from my bag. I didn't look at the ID before answering it.
"Hello?" I asked in a tired voice.
"I need your help." a husky voice slurred a bit.
"What do you want?"
"Come get me."
"You have a car."
"I'm," he hiccuped "under the influence."
"Harry.." I sighed.
"Just come get me."
"Why should I? you blew me off to get drunk."
"Never mind, where are you?"
"Yes another."
"Sorry talking to the bartender."
I shook my head. "Where are you?"
"At a bar."
"Really now?" I rolled my eyes.
"Oh shut up. It's right by the um, flats."
I put my hand in my head. "Which one's?"
"The big white one's."
"You're useless; don't drink anymore."
"Too late." he chuckled.
"I'm on my way."
I hung up and called a cab. Okay, so the bar by the big white apartments... idiot.
I grabbed my phone and slipped on my vans. I went outside and waited for the cab. Ten minutes and it was here. I got up from my steps and walked to the cab.
I got in and asked. "You wouldn't happen to know a bar that is by big white apartments would you?"
He turned around. "The Pub?"
"God, I hope so. Take me there please?" I asked putting my seat belt on.
"Sure thing." He nodded before droving off.
30 minutes later and we were there. Why on Earth would he go so far? I got out and thanked him while paying him.
I went in and scooped the place. People were looking at me, but I shook it off. I went to the bar and saw a bartender.
"Excuse me?" I asked.
"What can I get you?" he asked leaning on the bar.
"Have you seen a tall green eyed male with curly hair, named Harry?" I bit my lip.
"Sure have. He's over there dancing with a girl he met after a phone call." he pointed towards a group of people dancing.
"Thanks." I smiled.
I walked over to Harry and the girl dancing. It started to get dirty, so I spoke up.
"Harry?" I asked crossing my arms.
He smiled. "Oh hey, babe!"
"Babe?" the girl asked.
"My girlfriend!!!" he said cheery.
Great he's drunk.
"You said..." she trailed looking me up and down.

"He's delusional." I whispered to her. She nodded.
"I say a lot of things." He smirked putting his arm around me. He looked down. "What are you wearing?" he laughed.
"You interrupted my sleep." I huffed.
"But it's like 7." he said.
"Yeah and you shouldn't be drunk already." I rolled my eyes. "Let's get you home."
We walked out with him leaning his weight on me. We were walking out when I asked. "Where's your car?"
He pointed over to the left and sure enough his range rover was parked there. We walked over and he just kept leaning. "God, you weigh a ton."
He didn't answer. We got to the car and I leaned him on the car. "Give me the keys."
He grinned and stood straight. "Find them." the winked.
I rolled my eyes and felt around his pockets. When I found them, I unlocked the car. He got in and I went around to the drivers seat. "So where were you today?" I asked turning the car on.
"What do you mean?" he asked rubbing his head.
"Does meet me at 12 ring a bell?" I asked pulling out and driving.
"Oh," he said and looked over to me. "shit sorry."
"Don't sorry me, I just waited 3 hours for nothing." I shrugged.
"Damn." he sighed sitting back.
"Louis knows." I said.
"What? great now he's going to tell Simon." he groaned.
"Yeah, he was my ride home." I glared at him.
He sighed.
We drove to his apartment in silence. When we got there, he had fallen asleep. I sighed and got out going over to his side. I opened his door and shook him awake.
"I'm up." he jolted up.
I giggled. "Come on." I said.
I got him out and he leaned on me again. We got to his door and I said. "Key?"
He grinned again and backed up looking at his pants. I sighed and looked for them. Once I found them, I unlocked his door and got him in.
My phone started ringing and Harry was holding his head. "Answer your damn phone." he growled.
I answered. "Hello?"
Harry pointed upstairs and so again, he leaned on me.
"Hey girl!!!" Sabrina said.
"Oh hey." I said getting Harry up the stairs.
"Well, I thought you'd be happier to here from me." she gasped.
"No I am, really. I'm just helping someone right now." I said finally getting Harry up the stairs.
"Oh, what's there name?" she asked.
"Harry." I said opening the door he kicked.
"Ohhhhh." she said with a singing voice.
"Not like that." I sighed.
"Sure." she laughed. "So, I heard about you and Reese."
I stopped helping to lay him down and sat down beside him on the bed. "Yeah."
"I thought you wanted to stay with him?" she asked.
Harry looked at me while laying down because my eyes were watering. "I did, but it just wouldn't have worked out. We are just too far apart."
"I'm just glad you broke up!" she cheered.
A tear fell down my cheek. "You are?"
"Yeah," she said. "so maybe you and this Harry will end up more than friends." she joked.
"He's not my type." I flatly said.
Harry reached up and turned my face to look at him. My eyes were holding more tears. He looked at me confused. "Listen, I have to go. Call you soon." I said and hung up.
"What's wrong?" Harry asked as the phone left my ear.
I stood up. "Um, nothing."
He really looked at me. "Then why are you crying?"
"Something my friend said. Now go to sleep." I said and left without another word.
I walked downstairs and went into his kitchen to find Advil for him. I wiped my eyes and looked through his cabinets. I finally found some so I got to pills and a glass of water.
I went back upstairs and walked into his room. He was on the phone.
"No, she's my girlfriend." he nodded.
My eyes widened and I placed the two pills and water on his nightstand. That's when I realized it was my phone.
I snatched it away from him and he wouldn't let it go. "Harry, let it go."
"No, I'm still talking to Sabrina." he smiled.
"Harry!" I screamed.
He pulled hard on my hands and he fell backwards on his bed and I fell forward... on him.
We were fighting for the phone. "Let go." I gritted.
He didn't.
Once I finally had it, I flipped over and he turned on his side trying to get it. I put it to my ear.
"You lied to me?" she asked in hurt.
I smacked Harry's hand away from my face. "I didn't lie."
"But he said he was your boyfriend."
I looked at Harry with a pained expression and he stopped. "I ... I gotta go."
I then hung up.
"Why'd you tell her?" I shouted.
"Whoa." Harry said putting his hands up in defense.
"God." I breathed and pushed him away sitting up.
"Sorry." he said.
"Yeah, I'm sure." I laughed dryly.
"Geez... i'm surprised your boyfriend stuck with you for so long. If I was him, i'd dump you fast. I couldn't handle these emotion changes." He said sitting up.
My eyes watered and I looked at him. "You really are an asshole."
I stood up and got the pills. "Take this it'll help with your headache."
"Rebecca.. I didn--" I cut him off.
"Yes you did." and with that I left.
I left his apartment going to mine.
This is never going to work.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Stones Taught Me To Fly♥

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