One Direction Imagines

If you want a imagines send requests! <3 also I do 5SOS


3. Narry for Lizzy

"Lizzy" my boyfriend Niall shouted as he walked through the door "Niall" I replied back as he walked into the bedroom "I have been thinking and maybe we should have a threesome with Harry" I turend around and thought about what he said maybe it was a good idea? Maybe it was a bad one? "Let me think about it "I told him.

I finally said yes to Naill and he had Harry come round the next day for dinner (and a little bit more) to say I was nervous was a understatement. After dinner I was washing up when suddenly Harry came behind me and started kissing my neck I gasped at the sudden contact and turned around connecting my lips with his I pushed him onto the table and straddled his lap I could feel his erection through his jeans I started to grind on his hard lengthand he moaned when I did so Niall walked behind me and started to undress my top half starting with my top then unhooking my bra instantly his hands found my breasts and started massaging them his manhood pressed into my back Naill stopped what he was doing and pulled down his boxes in jeans I got off of Harry and nelt in front of Niall his cock in line with my lips I sucked the head of Nialls Length when I felt Harry lift my skirt up and lie down inbetween my legsand pushed my panties aside kissing all over my sopping wet pussy he uses his tongue to play with my cilt until I'm moaning on Niall dick Harry pushes his tongue into my tight hole and moves it around feeling my walls "god Lizzy you taste so good" Harry moans out at this piont Niall has given up on my teasing and fucks my face I can feel my orgasnm rising in the pit of my stomach soon enough I'm cumming all over Harry my jucies running down his chin my moaning tips Niall over the edge and he empites himself down my throat we all stay still trying to catch out breath with Niall says "we should do this again" me and Harry agree and get ready for round two

Hope you liked it<3

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