Come On Skinny Love

"Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it. Your face isn't a mask, don't hide it. Your size isn't a book, don't judge it. Your life isn't a film, don't end it."
This is what Jenny Rose Smith's life is like on a daily bases


2. Plan

Jenny Rose P.O.V

           My dad left 10 minutes ago to go to a club for his next one night stand. I walk upstairs and into my bedroom. Its just plain white, no décor at all. I reach under my bed and pull out my diary and grab my iPod and put on Skinny Love the Birdy version. I always loved her voice.

Dear Diary,

           Today is the day, my mom's anniversary of death. I also got beat the crap out of today, Thanks dad. He left maybe 15, 20 minutes ago. He does that everyday. I mean, how can you be such a jerk and have the nerve to just leave? Why stop now? Anyways, I'm not worried about my dad. All I care about today is my mom, she didn't deserve to die. We don't know who did it, but I KNOW it was my dad. When your as much of a shitbag as he is, everyone is suspicious of you. R.I.P, mommy. I love you.

         I closed my diary and sighed. "This is going to be a long day,"  I say to myself. "I wonder if I will ever get to leave." I just want out so tomorrow night I will leave when he, my so-said 'father', is out. I mean its not like he cares about me, he just wants to hurt someone who hurt him but I didn't even do anything to him so I am going to get out of here if its the last thing I do.

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