Never Ending Love♥

This is a story about a girl, Casey Smith, her parents leave her to go on life by herself, when she goes for a audition for x-factor, will she meet her long lost best friend, will they get together or never see each other again,will his friends get in the way,what happens when she finds out he is world famous boyband?read to find out!


9. The surprise

*2 weeks later*

Casey's POV/

Its been 2 weeks since that kiss me and niall shared. We exchanged numbers, we have been texting none stop, we have arranged a 'get together' more like a date tonight, but first I have to go to the studio to write and record a new song for my album,yes you read that right, I am making an album, Simon wants 13 songs by the end of the week, I am currently working on my 10th song which leaves my 5 more days to write 3 more, this should be fun! Note the Saracasism.

I am currently wearing: My blue washed out Hugh waisted skinny jeans, my green comic tight top, my Nike blazers in white with green diamonds on the tick, my hair is thrown up into a messy too knot, just something comfy since I will be there for a couple of hours, it is currently 7:30 best start heading to the studio.


*skip car journey*

I have just arrived at the studio, and I'm am 20 minutes early, wow I must of drove like 80 mph, anyway, Simon was on the 10th floor in his office.

"Hey Meg, I'm here for my 8:00 recording with Simon!" I said to the receptionist

"Hey Casey your rather early, someone's eager!" She asked concerned

"Well actually, I must if drove like 80 mph, only took me ten minutes, and yes I am still very eager!"

"Okay, Just start making your way up" she said pressing the buzzer for me to leave the room

I thought I might as well get something from the vending machine on my way up, so once u found on the 10th floor outside Simons office, I bought two waters,one for me and one for Simon, and a ham and cheese sandwich, just in case I get peckish

I knocked on Simons door once I was finished 

"Come in!" Simon said with enthusiasm

"Hey, I'm a bit early" I said lookung at the clock on the wall

"Yes, means we gave more time to record some songs, come on let's Get started" he said eagerly

*four hours later*

We have finished writing and recording two songs we are currently recording my last song,

"One more time please, has to be perfect!" Simon said looking into the booth

"You said that half an hour ago!" I moaned

"Yes I know, but it has to be perfect!" Simon stated being the serious one he is!


I started to sing, let her go

"Well you only need the light when its burning low

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow,

Only know you loved her when you let her go,

And you let her gooo"

I finished the song

"Perfect, okay you can go now, might book some photoshoots in a couple of days! Till then your free to go!"he explained

"Thank you uncle so, see you then!"

I quickly ran out the studio to be welcomed by hundreds of fans and paparazzi, soon as I reached my I quickly drove off out if the mayhem,

I soon reached home to find, red roses?

"And who are these off?"


Dear beautiful Casey,

Can't wait for tonight, wear something suitable for a beach, bring a bikini,

Can't wait to see you,

-Nialler Xxx

PS/ got something important to tell you, be ready


At this point I couldn't wait, I unlocked my house door and went to find a vase for these roses, soon as u found one! I out them in the fireplace! Before you ask, yes I have my own house, its a six bedroom, uncase if the boys want to stay or I have friends over, and yes Demi bought it for me, I kept telling her no, but she wouldn't listen,oh well

I looked at the clock in the wall and it was 5:30, I'm leaving at 7, better go start getting ready

I picked out my High waisted white skirt, with my pink 'I will love you for infinity' crop top, and decided on a blue and white bikini to go underneath, along with his my white and purple stars converse (I'll let you imagination run wild) I quickly got into the shower and started to wash my hair with my Aussie, grape shampoo and conditioner, and washed my body with my strawberry soap and glory body wash, I then shaved my legs, and got out and wrapped myself in my white big fluffy towel, I walked into my makeup room and started to blow dry my hair, straight of course, then I put on the clothes I chose, I left my hair down, and decided in waterproof makeup, in case we go into the water, it was still sunny out as we are in summer at the moment,

I look at my watch 6:59 good just in time, grabbed my phone and keys and threw them into my purse along with some packs of chewing gum, and my waterproof makeup, then the door went! 

I opened it to see Niall in his white cut off shirts, and a green tank top, with a pair of puma suades in green as well, he looked hot

Niall's POV/

Casey looked stunning, I couldn't wait for tonight,

"Ready love?" I asked still in shock in his stunning she looked!

"Yeah, let me just lock the door!" She said


 After that we walked down to my car, I opened the door for her,

"Ma lady" I said poshly

"Why thank you kind sir" she said clicking on

We just laughed it off, I then jogged around to the other door, I started to drive

"So what beach we going to then?" She asked full of curiosity

"Its a surprise!"

"Yet I LOVE surprises!" She said fullnof Saracasism

"It us worth it trust me" u said not taking my eye off the road!

Soon we made it there, I put a blindfold in her, we then made our way down to the towel and umbrella I set up for us

Casey's POV/

Once he took off the blindfold, u adjusted to the light, it was beautiful, I started to tear up!

"Is it too much, I'm sorry!" He said looking down

"No! Its perfect" I said 

And with that his smile appeared from ear to ear

He intwinded our fingers together as we walked to the picnic, I looked down at our hands and smiled to myself

"What?" He asked

"This" I said looking at our hands

He went to pull away I out I pulled him in front of me

"No one has ever done this for me" I said, standing on my tip ties and kissing him on the lips, I pulled away making him want more

"Well let's eat, I'm starving!!" He said moaning

"When aren't you" i said

We started to eaypt what Niall prepared

It was all so nice

"So you wanted to say something?" I asked concerned in case if it was something bad

Niall's POV/

This is it I was going to tell her how I actually felt

"Casey I understand if you don't feel the same way, don't say a word until I finish!" I said and she just simply nodded

"Well, since the very first day we met I fell hard for you, your looks were outstanding, your personality took me off my feet, but when you left to live in liverpoolni cried myself to sleep every night, I missed you so much, I never heard from you, u trued to forget but that didnt work! Then when you came to our hotel 2 weeks ago in LA, your looks were more than outstanding now, your personality stayed the same, bubbly and never let anyone down, Casey what I'm saying is, will you be my girlfriend?" She was sat there, shocked shown on her face, didnt she like me, I was dragged out my thoughts by her lips on mine, I suddenly reacted by kissing her back

"Does that answer your question!" She said happily

I nodded

"Race you to the water" she shouted

Casey's POV/

Omg I now have a perfect boyfriend!

As I was undressing into my bikini, Niall had noticed he was in deep though, sou snapped him out of thought

"Race you to the water" I screamred

His eyes grew big when he realised I was in my bikini, he quickly shit of His topnand shoes and started to run, I heard His footsteps behind me, soon I was in the water, I turned to see Niall's hands around my waist, he leaned in for another kiss, but I splashed him

"What was that for?" He said pouting

"For losing a race to a girl!" I said

He was still pouting soni just kissed him


"Happy" he grew a massive smile

After an hour in the water we ran to our towels and cuddled, after ten minutes of trying to tet warm we just went back to the car



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