Never Ending Love♥

This is a story about a girl, Casey Smith, her parents leave her to go on life by herself, when she goes for a audition for x-factor, will she meet her long lost best friend, will they get together or never see each other again,will his friends get in the way,what happens when she finds out he is world famous boyband?read to find out!


5. The audition

Today's the day! The big day I have been waiting for, for ages.

I wore my washed out light blue skinny jeans, and a floral baggy blouse tucked in, along with my pink converse.

I was waiting nervously back stage for the contestant to get off, all three buzzes went off, this made me more nervous then I already was!

"5,4,3,2,1, your on" I was immediately shook out my thoughts as my feet were already leading me to the cross in the middle of the stage.

"What's your name love?" Simon asked

"Casey, Casey Smith"

"How old are you and where are you from?" Demi asked

"I am 18, and I am originally from Mullingar but moved to Liverpool when I was little" I explained

"So do you think you could win X-Factor?" Brittany asked

"I hope but that depends whether I am good enough"

"Okay, go on then, the stage is yours" Simon said


I started to sing 'they don't know about us' by one direction, I have no clue who they are but I have heard this song on the radio, so I thought I should learn it.

Once I finished everyone was on their feet, even Simon and they other judges, I was so shocked, was it that good, I guess I was deep in thought!

"That was AMAZING, girl you have some talent" Demi complimented me

"I have to agree with Demi with that" Simon explained

"Should we decide now?" Simon got to the point

I stood there waiting for the 'NO'S'

"Yes" Simon said

"Yesssssss" Brittany dragged on the 's'

"One million times YES!" Demi shouted

At this point I was crying, not any type of crying, happiness, the first I have felt this is years!

"Thank you, thank you so much!" I concluded

With that I ran off stage straight into my new mum and dad(Ethan's parents)

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